Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 45 - I Want Both

Chapter Ch45 - I Want Both
The birthday boy Han Yuran had been called away by the head of the Han family halfway through his birthday banquet.
After he closed the door and ensured that no one was around to listen in on their conversation, Han Wuyun anxiously said, “Yuran, since when have you had this kind of tryst with Yuan young peak master? How come I’ve never heard you mention it?”
Han Yuran’s complexion didn’t look good, he lightly said, “It was an accident. I had intended to annul my engagement with Lin Xuanzhi first, then wait for awhile before announcing my relationship with Yuan Tianwen. But I didn’t expect Lin Xuanzhi to catch me completely off guard today! Someone might be pulling some strings behind our backs and instigated him to do so.”
“He might not have been instigated, that Lin Xuanzhi does have something wrong with his brain after all. Ever since he became a good-for-nothing, he’s become a complete idiot who doesn’t understand how to act appropriately1!” Han Wuyun really couldn’t understand, what right did Xuanzhi have to come forward and annul the engagement!
But, right now, Han Wuyun didn’t care about Lin Xuanzhi in the slightest. The person he was most concerned about was undoubtedly Yuan Tianwen!
“Is Yuan Tianwen serious about you?” Han Wuyun asked.
“He has already proposed to me, how could he not be serious.” Han Yuran furrowed his brows as he said.
Han Wuyun was stunned, then broke out into raucous laughter and clapped as he said, “That’s good, that’s good ah, I really gave birth to such an amazing son. Yuan young peak master has brilliant prospects, after you marry him, we’ll become in-laws with the Yuan family and won’t need to worry about becoming a first-class family anymore!”
Han Yuran still felt uneasy. He felt conflicted, but in the end, he didn’t talk about how he got acquainted with Yuan Tianwen, nor how he got Yuan Tianwen to be so head over heels over him.
After all, if one more person knew his secret, it meant one more chance of it being exposed.
It didn’t matter even if that person was his dad.
Han Wuyun kept his smile, then glared at Han Yuran and said, “You foolish child, when he proposed to you just now why did you reject him? You should have agreed immediately on the spot!”
Han Yuran shook his head and said, “Father may not know this, but the more upset I show myself to be, the more his heart would ache for me. Also, I had just annulled my engagement with Lin Xuanzhi today so my reputation must have suffered. If I agree to his proposal too quickly, you don’t know how those other cultivators would talk about me behind my back.”
Han Wuyun thought for a bit and agreed with his son, then said, “You managed to upkeep your reputation and get the guy, not bad. But you should know that after rejecting him today, Yuan young peak master definitely won’t be too happy. You need to know when to push and pull and feed him a sweet jujube later. Even if you’re just doing it for the sake of appearances, you can’t go overboard lest you upset him.”
Han Yuran nodded, then said, “Haier2 knows what to do, Father need not worry too much.”
He wasn’t worried about how devoted Yuan Tianwen is to him, what he was worried about was another matter altogether.
Ever since they left the Han family’s territory, Yan Tianhen still hadn’t heard Lin Xuanzhi speak.
Thus, he felt even more uneasy. He brisk walked a few steps to stand in front of Lin Xuanzhi and blocked his path.
Yan Tianhen gathered up his courage, closed his eyes and said, “Dage, I’m sorry, I acted of my own accord today. If you’re angry, just hit me ba.”
Lin Xuanzhi stopped walking. He looked at the Yan Tianhen who was looking up with an expression that said that he was waiting for a death sentence, then said, “You really were extremely audacious to have acted of your own accord.”
Yan Tianhen felt a bit upset, but his sense of self-reproach was much stronger.
If this was just half a month ago, he wouldn’t even dare think of doing what he had done today. But ever since he heard about what Han Yuran had done from someone else, he couldn’t withstand the thought of this despicable person occupying the title of his Dage’s ‘fiance’.
Thus, he collaborated with Duan Yuyang to teach Han Yuran a lesson that he would never forget.
1. Original phrase is 拎不清 which means to muddle-headedly act as one wishes without consideration of their circumstance/social customs. Basically Han Wuyun thinks that since LXZ had turned into trash, then he should be clinging onto the Han family for support like the good-for-nothing he is, but he’s only been doing the opposite by pushing them away so he thinks he’s an idiot for not grabbing onto their big thigh↩
2. Haier = kid; Han Yuran is just referring to himself as his Dad’s kid↩