Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being
Chapter 46 - Settling Scores at An Opportune Moment

Chapter Ch46 - Settling Scores at An Opportune Moment
But now, Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but worry. What if his Dage still had lingering feelings for that Han Yuran, then wouldn’t he have committed a grave sin?
And…it seems like he had ruined Lin Xuanzhi’s reputation as well.
“Dage, it’s all my fault.” Yan Tianhen said dispiritedly.
“It was your fault.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then lightly said, “You fed me a Sleeping pill, that’s the first fault; you didn’t consult me for my opinion, stole the marriage contract and came here to annul the contract by yourself, that’s the second fault; when you publicly denounced Han Yuran and annulled the engagement, your reason was inadequate and not impressive enough, that was your third fault.”
Yan Tianhen quickly opened his eyes and explained, “That Sleeping pill, I’ve tried it before. It would only lull people into a deep sleep for six hours, it didn’t have any other side effects.”
“So it was okay for you to slip me a drug?” Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows.
Yan Tianhen withered, then drooped his head and didn’t dare to say another word.
What he did would definitely make Lin Xuanzhi feel like his rights had been infringed upon. And maybe because of this, Lin Xuanzhi would seal off the heart that he had just begun opening up to himself.
At this moment, Yan Tianhen deeply regretted his actions.
Lin Xuanzhi examined Yan Tianhen for a moment, then said, “The cultivators who came here today are all stronger than you. Before you do anything, you need to consider your actions thoroughly first and think about whether or not you would be able to leave unharmed.”
Yan Tianhen nodded, then in a small voice he said, “Ah Bai and Hu Po will protect me, and also, with so many people watching, there shouldn’t be someone who would dare do anything too vicious to me.”
“That may not be true.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “You may think you know people based on their exterior, but you don’t know what they’re thinking. You will never be able to guess what kind of person would secretly strike a vicious blow against you in the next second. Ah Hen, I wish that you can stay safe, and not attract attention in this kind of public place with so many people present.”
Those who are noticed, will be remembered.
Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but recall the scene in his past life where Yan Tianhen was pursued by a countless number of cultivators.
But, to request this of Yan Tianhen, was actually quite unfair towards him.
When all is said and done, Yan Tianhen had done all of this because of him.
Lin Xuanzhi let out a long sigh, then said, “It’s all because your brother isn’t strong enough and have no way of guaranteeing your safety. From that perspective, it looks like I’m in the wrong.”
Yan Tianhen turned pale with fright, then quickly shook his head and said, “This has nothing to do with Dage, I’m the one who shouldn’t have caused trouble for Dage.”
When Lin Xuanzhi realised that his marriage contract was missing, he really had been scared to death. And because Yan Tianhen actually dared to hide this from him and chose to do everything behind his back, Lin Xuanzhi felt like he was being excluded from Yan Tianhen’s world.
The moonlighting Yan Tianhen had completely disrupted his original plans, so he was a bit upset, and because he didn’t have a good grip on his emotions, he blamed Yan Tianhen.
And now, Lin Xuanzhi only felt a deep sense of self-reproach.
However, self-reproach didn’t have much use, so Lin Xuanzhi quickly calmed himself down and said sincerely, “What Ah Hen did today can’t be considered wrong, it’s just that Weixiong1 hopes that whenever Ah Hen has anything in mind in the future, you can discuss it with me openly first. Even though we may have different opinions, at the very least I am a few years older and will be able to analyze more pros and cons for you.”
Yan Tianhen forcefully nodded his head, but his eyes had already turned red.
All of a sudden Lin Xuanzhi didn’t even have the slightest intention of commenting on his actions any further. He stretched out his hand and pulled Yan Tianhen to his side, then pinched his sharp chin to lift up the little face that had always been facing the ground.
“I haven’t even said much and yet you already feel wronged?”
Yan Tianhen pursed his lips, then said with teary eyes, “Is Dage angry because I forced you to annul your engagement with Han Yuran? You, you still like Han Yuran, don’t you?”
Lin Xuanzhi: “……”
1. Another way of referring to oneself as an elder brother. Can be replaced with “Brother hopes that…”↩
T/N: Requesting YTH to quickly change channels, you’re on a different frequency from your Dage. Also, this chapter highlights a few reasons why I particularly like this xianxia novel. The MC is not completely OP; he understands that his current level is too weak and that he’s unable to provide a foolproof protection for YTH through his own efforts, so he chooses his battles wisely and changes his tactics when necessary. This maturity of his continues to show throughout vol 1. All in all I just like mature/sensible MCs haha. Plus he doesn’t fully indulge YTH, he reprimands YTH when necessary and tries his best to explain why he does so.
Of course, MC isn’t perfect and they do fall out bc of a miscomm. But it’s their imperfections that make them human <3