Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
Chapter 27

Shu Ning could not comprehend it, he was pondering about what Shu Heng had done, could it be that he hired people to keep watch on Qin Yu Zhuo? For him to suddenly ask, immediately he was blank because it didn’t fit.
Little brother is very adorable and dazed, Shu Heng could not resist moving his hand over to rub that head of lustrous black hair.
Shu Heng’s inner being……is in pieces, what on earth did I miss huhhh?
It’s better to change the topic:”Brother, how were your exams?”Definitely not bad right? Starry eyes.
“The usual.”
What on earth does the usual mean? He performed normally? Then that means very good, but the usual is usually said by someone who did not perform well wasn’t it?
Shu Ning was “rubbed” till he truly felt sleepy, he yawned, Shu Heng was also done wiping his hair, he took the initiative to hold Shu Ning’s little hand, and walked towards his own room.
Shu Ning held no suspicions, he drank the milk in his brother’s room with the special ingredient, and immediately fell onto the bed, he didn’t want to move at all. Shu Heng laid down by the side, feeling slightly distressed, such a small child and he’s already starting to work so hard, I was studying martial arts when I was thirteen, and casually opened up a martial arts dojo outside of the country to test the waters, and now more than fifty chains were opened, the results were still acceptable.
A shimmer appeared on the corner of Shu Ning’s eye, while blinking in his drowsiness naturally tears flowed out, Shu Heng stared at that droplet of water, and lifted a finger over:”If you don’t want to go then don’t go tomorrow.”
“I have to go.”
Shu Heng supported his head with one hand, his gaze lingered atop the little one’s face, silently, until Shu Ning had fallen asleep, he still maintained this posture for a long time.
On the following noon, the ten man group were eating bread while holding their meeting outside a shop, Shu Ning listened quietly, and ate slowly, his movements were graceful.
This group of fools, he’s already told them the plan, they’ve actually only settled thirty nine houses! Only half a day was left, you’re asking for my life. Shu Ning saw a pig moving truck go by, and casually chatted with the aunty from the shop, appearing extremely curious. The people rearing pigs and cattle here aren’t many, they earned a lot and lost very little, after all not everyone was suitable to enter that line.
Ji Tu stared as the two chatted, she was suddenly struck by a brainwave, how did I not think of it! We can buy farms!
Before this all the credit had gone to Shu Ning, he was only thirteen! It made a group of talents extremely ashamed, what’re they gonna do? They wanted even more to display their ambitions, the chance is here. Ji Tu trotted away to a desolate place, and gave Qin Yu Zhuo a call, Qin Yu Zhuo was in bad shape too, thirty some houses, it’s too much of a trifle, but why was it so difficult? The difference between the expected small investment of a thousand houses was too big.
Farms are doable, there’s hundreds of them, this is too great!
Ji Tu had been praised, her whole body was filled with giddiness, the sister of the shop also understood the situation, Ji Tu chatted a bit with her, and immediately ordered a meeting, two in one group, contact each other through the phone. Qin Yu Zhuo was originally Shu Cheng’s executive assistant, she worked all year round and knows a lot of people, and the road she’s taking is the Shu family’s path, the procedures were done with ease, before the evening, they managed to settle five poorly managed farms, and they were acquired at high prices!
in Yu Zhuo’s resources had been hollowed out, this was her first time making such a big bet, it was hard to imagine. Qin Yu Zhuo’s savings that had come from her caution and meticulation, so naturally her heart ached, but she had already become the rich wife of a wealthy family, she had to adapt to it. Fortunately the rectification would happen immediately, she would be able to take back her investment very soon, if not she would have to return to the days before liberation, it was too hard to bear.
Shu Ning just so happened to reach home before dinner, he took a seat after washing his hands, Shu Gao, Shu Cheng, Shu Heng, and Qin Yu Zhuo were all present, in a few days his middle school finals would arrive, Shu Gao asked about it, and Shu Ning answered perfectly without flaws, making Qin Yu Zhuo feel very happy, from time to time she would take a few looks at him, and pondered in her heart, should I treat him a bit better?
This child was more useful than she thought, her hand subconsciously touched her stomach, Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze flashed, the younger one might not necessarily be smart, and the elder one might not necessarily be a fool, you could tell by taking a look at Shu Heng, smart and wise yet cold as ice, arrogant and domineering, he never puts anyone in his sights, if Shu Ning grew up to be like him……It wasn’t neccesarily bad, as long as he respects me, and obeys, that is fine.
“I’ve mentioned before that your examination results aren’t everything, so don’t give yourself too much pressure,”Shu Cheng passed a piece of fish to Shu Ning, he felt very concerned about him:”Eat more, you’re too thin.”
Shu Heng ate his meal coldly, looking steadily forward, just that his movements were a bit slower than usual, nobody noticed it.
“Mm, I know, thanks dad,”As soon as examinations were mentioned, Shu Ning naturally crawled along the pole:”After the exams I’d like to go and take a look at uncle, dad, how about we go together?”
Before this Shu Cheng had mentioned bringing Shu Ning out to play, now that Shu Ning has mentioned it, naturally he would put it to heart, and immediately agreed.
At this moment Qin Yu Zhuo started to panic, the villa hasn’t been bought, this damn child, simply spouting off, he didn’t even ask me! Qin Yu Zhuo hurriedly passed some dishes over to Shu Cheng’s bowl, and moved this topic out of the way. Once Shu Cheng agreed, he had already put it to heart, Shu Ning’s goal had been achieved, he ate his meal honestly, his stomach was his own, there’s no reason to let it sing conquer╮(╯▽╰)╭
Thirty minutes after the meal, drink his medicine on schedule, Shu Ning returned to his room to shower, waiting for Qin Yu Zhuo to come look for him, she was an expert at pretending, Shu Ning had just made a success in the matter of buying houses, but he had foiled her plan again during dinner, Qin Yu Zhuo was definitely very upset, but couldn’t find a good chance to deal with Shu Ning, she definitely felt very grieved in her heart.
If she’s feeling bad, I’m feeling great.
Qin Yu Zhuo arrived, dressed conservatively, graceful and open, looking very easy on the eyes, coupled with the black and lustrous curly waves, she had exceptional femininity.
Not enticing, nor luscious, gentle and considerate, anyone who could be considered a man would like such a petite woman wouldn’t they?
“Mom, why didn’t you knock the door?”Shu Ning’s face did not look good, it was intentional.
Qin Yu Zhuo smiled tenderly, she stepped forward to give Shu Ning’s little face a pinch:”Hoh, you’ve grown up, you know how to be embarrassed now?”But she felt differently in her heart, I can’t even see my own son? Where on your body have I not seen before? When you were young and not even the length of an arm, crying incessantly, I could almost die from the annoyance.
When she was carrying Shu Ning, Qin Yu Zhuo thought she could fly to the top branch and become a phoenix, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep. But who knew that Mou Ying would actually live for so long, at the end of it, it was still just Shu Ning’s bad luck, if he really was a lucky star he would definitely be able to bring her wealth, why would she need to be an executive assistant for so many years and endure hardship. Speaking about it, Shu Yao was still the blessed one, he was already the rightful third young master before he was even born.
Poor life, rich life, the difference between heaven and earth.
Shu Ning sat on the sofa, and took out his geometry book, he hadn’t even looked at it before Qin Yu Zhuo pressed it down with a hand:”Look at the data first, this is extremely important.”
They were basically all people he knew in his past life, there weren’t many worth noting, but the ones relying on their family to pass the days is a dime a dozen, He Ran had the most accumulated data, even his favourite foods, and drinks were all described, he had a grumpy character, and likes for everyone to follow his ideals, you could tell he was a spoiled rich kid with one look, typical. Shu Ning did not have the ability to skim through ten lines in one glance, he flipped the pages quickly one by one, not paying much attention.
Speaking of befriending the sons of the other families, his spending would definitely be high, the allowance given to him by Shu Cheng was within reason, he doted on Shu Ning, but he did not coddle this child. Who’s going to pay these expenses? Shu Ning did not mention, and waited for Qin Yu Zhuo to mention it herself, Shu Gao had only given him a red envelope once, Shu Ning got distracted, and wondered about how much allowance Shu Heng gets.
Hearing that he had known how to invest since a young age, he had an idea about it……He wouldn’t have his own company outside would he?
Qin Yu Zhuo saw how focused Shu Ning was at looking through the data, he seemed to be quite diligent, the fire in the pit of her stomach finally calmed down a bit:”You have to pay attention in the future when you’re talking or doing things, the Shu family is not an ordinary family, your father still has Shu Heng the elder child, as much as possible try not to leak anything, make it so that nobody can pick any faults.”
“What’s wrong?”Shu Ning did not even lift his head, he deliberately made her talk to find anything out of the ordinary.
“……”You still had the face to ask, Qin Yu Zhuo truly wanted to scold Shu Ning, her tone was still soft as usual:”I spent a lot of money for your reputation this time, and some of the turnovers aren’t working out well, don’t mention about your uncle again in the future.”
How obedient, Qin Yu Zhuo finally breathed a sigh of relief.
However Shu Ning turned the topic back around:”Father has already promised me on this matter, it’s no secret, if we let Shu Heng grab hold of our weaknesses, we’ll be left in an unfavourable situation.”
These words were like a slap going “pa” on her face, Qin Yu Zhuo’s expression did not change, but a sudden sharpness appeared in her eyes as she watched Shu Ning closely, but Shu Ning was quietly looking through the data, as if his words were just casual, and not intentional.
During this confrontation, like a needle hidden in a ball of cotton, the words Qin Yu Zhuo had warned him about normally, was used against her by Shu Ning, give her a taste of her own medicine, refreshing.
The diversion canal was announced at three in the afternoon!
Chen Xiang Dong flew into a rage, his eyes were poisonous like a snake, and his evilness was soaring, that damn Shu clan, they definitely changed their target because they had known about this in advance, so what if a part of the third plot of land was lost? Your second plot wasn’t any better, humph, it’s filled with the smell of pig and cattle’s urine and feces, it was not necessarily easy to sell off the houses after the reconstruction, I hope you die of the stench.
Early the next morning, the news of the rectification of the villages beside the second plot of land were also announced.
Chen Xiang Dong who did not have heart problems had a hard time breathing, it was like a fire breaking out in his heart, he nearly couldn’t raise his breath, he had been scammed!
Losing to a junior, he had lost all face, and made a fool of himself, he’s afraid that everyone under the heavens had already found out that the Chen clan had been played, how can he still face anyone after this? He had lost too tragically this time, if he can’t handle it well he would receive serious damage, the Chen clan was overcast, his prideful attitude had lessened considerably, he tried to salvage through his contacts, hoping to find a chance to turn things around.
Actually Qin Yu Zhuo was also quite fortunate, if perchance the Shu clan had really obtained the third plot of land, then it wasn’t hard to know what situation she would be in, she would be done for as well. The Shu clan had at the very least dabbled in it for quite a few years, but with no results. However, Qin YU Zhuo still hated it, if you had insider information, why didn’t you tell me? If I took down the second plot of land, wouldn’t that be even more perfect?
The old man had such a big opinion, Shu Cheng was clear on it!
Shu Heng, Shu Heng again, if not for him, would everything be different?
Everyone knows that Shu Heng had went to see Shu Gao, and sent a big sealed envelope to his desk, the information Shu Ning had obtained was just a small bit of it, now that the evidence was conclusive, it was even more convincing.
Who would’ve thought that Shu Heng would report?
At least Shu Ning would never believe such an aloof, and indifferent to everything person, he was petty like a child going to his parents to complain!
Shu Gao had taken his medicine before looking through the data, the old steward was also watching by his side, but Shu Heng did not speak a single word, he sat silently for a while then went out expressionlessly.
Sun Lin had been working for several decades as the steward, he was a confidant, he had taken a look at it as well after Shu Gao was done looking through the information in the letter, he immediately took a deep breath, his face was ashen:”This……this is a confidential letter!”
That’s right, a confidential letter about the collaboration between the Mou family and the Shu family, there was no direct evidence, the speculations contained in the letter could also be considered as coincidences, For example, the incident with Qin Yu Zhuo at the back, her son had started renovations right after he had just bought the land, even if there was no evidence this was still too intriguing wasn’t it? Or maybe it was leaked through the old Mou telling Shu Cheng, Shu Cheng telling his wife, and the wife telling her son.
Some word, were good to say but not good to hear, once you mistake it for the truth, after investigation, even if you were innocent in the end, the people would not necessarily buy it, it was considered to be skipping stones.
“This restless woman,”Shu Gao clutched his chest, and after relaxing he leaned back on his chair, the look in his narrowed eyes was that of coldness, and ridicule, things are appearing to be even more unpredictable:”Pass this matter on to Shu Cheng to handle.”