Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
Chapter 41

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Shu Heng felt a bit regretful, the little one didn’t take the bait, if he teased him more it would be obvious he was trying to tease him, he put the cake on top of the table:”I’m going to go change my clothes.”
Before this he left whenever he wanted to, he had never explained himself, this was an improvement. Shu Ning opened the box and paused for a moment, the appearance was very beautiful and the shape was good, it doesn’t seem to be a cake you would normally find in a normal cake shop, could this be custom made? It must be, brother is so considerate. It must be hard on him to go to work everyday, maybe he should massage his shoulders at night.
“Let’s wash up together?”
A sound suddenly came from behind him, giving Shu Ning a big shock, he hurriedly turned around:”Brother!”
“The two of us, let’s bathe together.”
Again? Last time he nearly got traumatized, Shu Ning hurriedly shook his head:”I like to play with the water!”The meaning between his words couldn’t be clear for the moment, but Shu Heng was so smart he definitely knows when to back down.
“You can.”
“……”Shu Ning blinked his eyes, what is he trying to say? I’ll play with the water while you help me wash up? Shu Ning rejected him resolutely:”I’ve already washed.”
“Wait for me before washing up tomorrow,”Shu Heng was unwilling, but he lifted his hand to give Shu Ning’s little face a touch before he left with satisfaction.
Shu Ning was flustered:”……”
Fine, there’s still a cake, Shu Ning gave it a taste, the sweet fragrance filled his mouth and he finished it in a few bites……It’s great but not enough!
At night the two brothers ate together, after Shu Cheng had found out that the strange call from yesterday came from Qin Yu Lan, in the afternoon he brought Qin Yu Zhuo to go on a business trip together, he wanted to let his wife relax a bit as well, Shu Gao invited his old friends out for a fish, bringing Sun Lin along as well, the four of them would not return before a few days had passed, Shu Ning was about to enjoy a world of only two with Shu Heng again.
Whether Shu Heng went to the office or not he was the same as before, he would read a book at night, it did not have to be a certain genre, he was extremely focused and he would never be working.
And so Shu Ning felt rather puzzled, he barely worked hard at all how did he defeat me in my past life? Could it be talent? If that was the case Shu Ning might as well just give it up.
“What’s wrong?”The little one stole a few glances at him and Shu Heng felt slightly pleased.
Shu Ning:”……”
“Just between you and me you can say whatever you want.”
“I was just thinking that dad was so busy, why is big brother……so relaxed,”Are you bored to death? If not why do you like helping me bathe so much, humph.
“I’m not involved in much since I’m still in the learning phase, it will be like this for you in the future too.”
“Hold it right there!”Shu Ning disliked the office the most, he wouldn’t work there even if you beat him to death:”Our family will be fine with you around, I think it’s better for me to just become a freeloader, free and easy, and besides the eldest son will inherit the company, big brother you’re so smart and wise, there’s no need to be so modest!”
Shu Heng wrinkled his brows and put down his book, he walked to the side of the sofa and picked up the Shu Ning who was trying to run away into his embrace, his other hand lifted up the little one’s chin:”Has anyone been telling you anything?”
“Nope!”His eyes were bright, look, I’m quite serious:”Brother, I have no interest in the company.”
“Let’s make a promise okay?”Shu Ning was filled with expectation, Shu Heng promised him, if they could really do a pinky promise he would definitely commit to it:”Brother will inherit the company and I will fulfil my duty at dad and grandpa’s side how about that?”He didn’t dare say that he was just going to lay back and be merry, because there was a poisonous look in Shu Heng’s eyes.
“Have you spoken about this to your mother?”
Shu Ning lowered his head, a hint of emotion flickered past his eyes:”I haven’t been growing up by her side since I was young, I can feel that towards me she’s quite……courteous, she would always preach to me like a slate pressing down in my heart, I don’t have that kind of ambition, I just want to live my days happily.”
“Did something happen?”
Shu Ning was slightly unhappy, his little face had a grieved look.
With the milk case before this and the other, Shu Ning understood well in his heart, and naturally Shu Heng did as well, with a sympathy filling his gaze he rubbed the little one’s head, who didn’t crave for their mother’s love? And besides he as just a small child:”It’s fine, brother is here for you in the future, you can do whatever you want.”
Ha ha ha ha, that’s what I like to hear, my golden thighs, dazzling golden shiny thighs~
He had just finished feeling good and he nearly exposed himself, Shu Heng who did not follow the general rules once again stretched out his finger and strongly lifted Shu Ning’s chin, and his thumb gave the little petal of his lips a touch, a fire flashed in his gaze, but it was not one of anger:”Stay away from her in the future.”
Shu Ning who was in a hurry to conceal his expression did not suspect anything of his words, but he felt flustered and he was still drunk on happiness like before, Shu Ning who couldn’t nod his head due to the hand steadying his chin could only blink his eyes in reply, it seemed slightly naughty, the colour in Shu Heng’s eyes became even deeper, he did not even think before he lowered his head according to instinct and gave Shu Ning’s forehead a kiss.
Maybe the rock in his heart had finally fallen, but Shu Ning actually gave him a smile simple-mindedly, he lifted his short little hands and held his forehead, and he looked straight at Shu Heng’s eyes without turning away, this was the first time that Shu Heng turned his gaze away:”Charlie says your English has been improving, you have quite the talent in languages, he suggested that I……”
Before he finished speaking, Shu Ning jumped on it first:”Hold on, you know why I’m studying so hard.”
Shu Heng started to feel displeased:”It’s rude to cut other people off while they’re talking.”
“You’re not other people!”
He stopped himself after speaking, what if big brother gets unhappy? But on the contrary, Shu Heng had moments where he was speechless too, ha ha ha ha, he seems to have found a way to deal with him →_→ Light a candle for my brother~
“There will be a party tomorrow night, I’ll take you.”
“Not going.”
“You don’t even know what party it is and you’re already refusing?”
“It’s a party for all the youngsters in the Shu clan, you’re the second young master from the main family, you have to attend!”
Ah……Something Qin Yu Zhuo had been racking her head over wanting to do, but Shu Heng had already casually decided? Shouldn’t Shu Gao be the first one to mention this? This is unscientific ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Does this brother really have no selfishness at all? Does he really desire brotherly love above all else? Damn it, why am I being suspicious of him?
Didn’t the lesson from his past life teach him anything?
Shu Heng had always had the power to cover the sky with one hand, he had exceptional ability, if he really had the thought of doing anything to me I’m afraid I won’t even last a day.
Such a sentimental little person~ Are you afraid? Or nervous? Shu Heng gave the little one’s tender face a touch, and lowered his head again to give him another kiss as if to comfort him, that finally dragged Shu Ning’s soul back into his body.
Damn you, I’m the one being kissed alright? The day was really hot and he slowly started to sweat:”Brother, how about we go out for a jog? The stars in the summer night sky are very beautiful.”
So easygoing? Shu Ning had just obtained his freedom and his little hands were pulled by the young man again, he was holding it as if they were a pair of siamese twins.
The night sky was naturally beautiful and dazzling, a light breeze brushed against them, it was very refreshing and comfortable as if it brought their worries away with it. The two did not speak as they walked on top of the narrow footpath, a variety of flowers surrounded them, even the darkness of the night could not conceal their brilliance. Shu Ning’s playful heart sprang up as he plucked a little red flower to place between his brother’s ear.
This was considered one of his most bold maneuvers, he also wanted to challenge Shu Heng’s limits, sticking a flower between a man’s ear is no different from scratching the buddha’s head, he could drop dead at any moment.
Shu Heng was frozen for a moment, after regaining his senses he lowered his head to look at him, Shu Ning was laughing without end, he couldn’t understand his brother’s expression so he ran away with his guilty conscience. The sound of footsteps came from behind, Shu Ning had a bad feeling about it, he ran left and right through the forest, Shu Heng had been following slowly at first but the situation was different now:”Stop running, there’s a dangerous slope here.”
YOur balls are dangerous, I’ve been living here in the ancestral home longer than you have, you little child~
“Ah!”Shu Ning slipped and fell, luckily Shu Heng pulled him, if not it would be troublesome if he rolled down. His ankle had been sprained and it was very painful, his tears came pouring down, Shu Ning could not endure it at all, he has really embarrassed himself thoroughly this time, but at the same time his heart relaxed, he didn’t have to participate in whatever damn party that was anymore, peh.
This strange combination of circumstances was still a blessing.
Shu Heng touched him all over, when he tried to touch Shu Ning’s ankle he gave a yelp. Shu Heng had an extremely gloomy expression as a rush of anger filled his eyes, he reprimanded him fiercely:”I asked you not to run but you still did, how naughty of you.”
“Did you hear what I said?”
I am a man, I am an adult man, but……the oppressive feeling alongside the pain on his body made Shu Ning’s eyes water up, his tears fell like scattered pearls along his face. His soundless crying made others feel even more pained and anxious.
Shu Heng held his breath, those words weren’t meant to scold him but to care about him instead, it came out wrong and the little one is sad now. Shu Heng gave a long sigh, after reflecting on it he held the little one’s face and landed several kisses on him, his tears were salty and his voice was extremely hoarse:”Don’t cry~ Don’t cry~ Don’t cry anymore, brother’s tone wasn’t good, I won’t do it again.”
Shu Ning was still crying, he didn’t want to cry either, really.
He carried the little person horizontally in a gentle sweep, Shu Heng had never been so flustered before, he would rather the one being hurt to be himself, when he rushed to the villa the doctors had already arrived. Shu Ning’s ankle was swollen, it was shocking to look at, after the doctor’s inspection they were informed that he had no injuries to the bone, and he will recover in several days.
Shu Heng went out with the doctor to have a talk, Shu Ning pouted and did not pay it any mind.
When Shu Heng returned he picked up Shu Ning to go wash up in the bathroom, he personally helped him wash and when he reached his face his movements were even more careful, this made Shu Ning feel a bit awkward, it would be great if my mom was half as nice as Shu Heng. After that, Shu Heng supported Shu Ning over to lay down, covered him with a blanket, and lifted his injured ankle to place down a cold compress.
Shu Ning gave a few whimpers, he seemed to be feeling somewhat uncomfortable, after all Shu Heng had never taken care of anyone before, after some thought he went off to look for his phone, he was thinking that if he were to play some games that would definitely be able to distract the little one. Shu Heng was extremely wise with himself as his own master he cared for Shu Ning very thoughtfully.
Before long, Shu Ning’s breathing calmed and he fell asleep, the phone was resting on his chest, it looked quite comical.
On this rare occasion Shu Heng laughed, he held the little on in his embrace like a precious thing, and gave his forehead a kiss, then touched his little face and ears, it’s time to change his cold towel, the doctor said that for the next twenty four hours it would be the best to give him a cold compress once every half an hour, Shu Heng did not trust anyone else and stayed up the whole night.
Early the next morning, Shu Ning slept until he woke up naturally, he had just opened his eyes and he was faced with his big brother’s cool and sharp eyes, they were staring steadily at himself.
“Brother……Morning~”If you’re hungry then go eat, his stared at him so hard they looked like they were filling with envy, what are you going to get out of staring at me? As he thought of that Shu Ning sobered up, he got up and stretched his body, his leg didn’t hurt anymore:”I’ll need three or four days to recuperate huh, that’s too long.”
Shu Heng did not get up, he supported his head with one hand and he gazes leisurely at him:”Within the next few months you need to be careful, you can’t jump around alright?”
Eh, my leg is sprained not broken, isn’t it? But it wasn’t so bad to be cared for like this, he felt so sweet that he could fly, Shu Ning curved up the corners of his mouth:”Brother, is there still cake today?”
“If you want some.”
“A mandarin flavoured one,”Let’s give him a hard one!
“Alright!”As Shu Heng finished speaking, he pointed to his face.
Shu Ning slanted his head in confusion, what does this mean? Shu Heng’s face started to look worse and worse, it changed as fast as the weather of May, Shu Ning’s eyes immediately glittered, he tactfully hugged his brother around the neck and gave his cheek a kiss~
Shu Ning who thought his work was done here was surprised to see that Shu Heng finger……was pointing to the left side of his face!!!