Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Chapter 1172 - Grandchildren Are the Bosses

Chapter 1172 Grandchildren Are the Bosses
When she heard that her daughter carried the babies before she did, Miao Jing was extremely upset. “It’s all your fault. You have to be away for a business trip. Why does it have to be you when there are so many other people? I’ve already said that I want to stay by Nan Nan’s side. When Nan Nan gave birth, there were no elders with such experience to keep her company by the side. She must have felt so scared and nervous. I don’t care. I’m going to buy a flight ticket now to go home. You can handle the subsequent matters alone!”
At this moment, Miao Jing’s resentment toward Zhai Yaohui was extreme.
It was not just Miao Jing. Even Zhai Yaohui’s face, which was as calm as a steady mountain, revealed an astounding smile. “T-two grandsons and one granddaughter?”
Zhai Yaohui was considered an open-minded elder. If two granddaughters were born, he would have some regrets but that would certainly not affect his love for them.
He was aware of Qiao Nan’s family and life in the past. If Qiao Nan, like her mother, was destined to have only daughters, Zhai Yaohui was also prepared to treat these two granddaughters as treasures. He would love and care for them until the end of his life.
Perhaps it was because Zhai Yaohui could already accept the worst-case scenario calmly. When he heard that two granddaughters had become two grandsons, and a granddaughter also came into his family, Zhai Yaohui felt himself going into a daze due to this huge and unexpected surprise. It was heaven’s blessing.
Granddaughters were good. Nevertheless, grandsons were even better!!!
Zhai Yaohui’s happiness and excitement were not any less than Miao Jing’s. Zhai Yaohui, who had started growing a mustache, was so affected that his mustache was curling up. Unfortunately, no one else had the chance to see such an interesting scene. Miao Jing, the only one who had the opportunity to do so, did not notice it at all.
“Okay, let’s go back. We’ll go back together.” Moments later, Zhai Yaohui made this decision.
“Go back together?” Miao Jing was packing her luggage. She had even pressed the hotel’s service call button and was waiting for the line to get through. Upon hearing Zhai Yaohui’s words, Miao Jing paused what she was doing. “Are you sure? Have you finished your work?” If she did not remember wrongly, there were two or three more days to go before the end of Zhai Yaohui’s work schedule.
Zhai Yaohui flung his hands without a care in the world. “The subsequent itinerary is not important. It’s just showing face and saying a few polite words. If I am present, I can motivate people more. If I don’t, it’s not going to be a big issue either.”
Nothing was more important than going back to see his grandchildren!
Walking the talk, Zhai Yaohui took the phone over from Miao Jing’s hands. “Pack the luggage. I will make the call.”
The husband and wife collaborated and divided the labor. Miao Jing finished packing the luggage at her fastest speed, and Zhai Yaohui got someone to reserve two flight tickets with the earliest departure time to the capital.
When the couple received the boarding pass and entered the boarding gate, the timing was just right. They boarded the flight half an hour before the departure.
After boarding the flight, Zhai Yaohui requested for a blanket from the air stewardess. He then used it to cover Miao Jing. “You’re tired. We should take about four hours to reach home. Take a nap, lest you have no strength to carry your grandchildren when you arrive at the hospital.”
“That’s good too.” After thinking, Miao Jing agreed.
Miao Jing, whose heart was still unsettled, could not fall asleep when she first shut her eyes. She only nodded off after fifteen minutes.
When the exhausted and drained Qiao Nan finally woke up from her deep and sweet dreams, she could hear a few people conversing by her side.
“My grandsons and granddaughter are so good looking. They look more beautiful than the average children. At first sight, I know they are very smart, just like their parents.”
“Intelligence is secondary. Look at their tiger-like manners. At one glance, you know they are soldier material. They will definitely become more promising than their father in the future. My great-granddaughter will be a top student material when she grows up too!” Old Master Zhai was bright and perky, his voice loud and booming. It was as if he had taken a pill made with a concoction of ten powerful tonics. He was full of enthusiasm. Even his tone sounded energetic.
“Good. Our family’s offsprings are definitely good.” The two grandsons and one granddaughter were lying on the bed together. This was the first time Zhai Yaohui discovered that he could not see enough of them despite having once been part of the special forces with perfect eyesight.
Qiao Nan, who had woken up, panted with pain when she moved.
It was a kind of pain that was associated with overexerting of strength, draining of energy, and being torn apart.
Fortunately, this kind of pain would be gone after enduring it for a while. When Qiao Nan moved again, she did not have other major reactions. The only thing that sent Qiao Nan into a panic was the feeling of hollowness in the once swollen and heavy tummy. It felt so light, as if it was weightless. Qiao Nan felt very uneasy and empty at heart.
Whoever held something that weighed more than ten kilograms in the tummy and had it suddenly taken away would feel the tummy was now extremely light, as if it was floating up in the air.
“Nan Nan, you’re awake?” Zhai Hua had already ‘occupied’ the three babies for a few hours. With the appearance of the three elders now, as the junior one, Zhai Hua had to move aside obediently. She left the best seat to the ‘top superiors’.
As such, naturally, Zhai Hua was the first person to discover that Qiao Nan had woken up.
“Nan Nan, you’re awake. How are you? Do you feel unwell anywhere?” Miao Jing was seated beside Qiao Nan. That affectionate and caring look was more intimate than when she looked at her own daughter. “You have to tell Mom if you feel unwell. Don’t endure it. You’re very good. Too brilliant. Now, our family has both grandson and granddaughter. Don’t worry. These three babies are our Zhai family’s precious bumps. We will treat the three of them equally and love and dote on them all.”
Zhai Hua, who had been squeezed away by her biological mother, had imaginary black lines all over her face. “Mom, aren’t you being too exaggerated? Mom, I am very curious. After the birth of the three babies, what is my ranking in your heart now?”
She dared not even squeeze with the rest to be near the three babies. That was why she guarded Nan Nan by her side. Who would have known that her mother also wanted to snatch her place as soon as Nan Nan woke up?
The three babies and Nan Nan—there were a total of four of them, yet her mother refused to let her have any.
She had gone overboard.
“What is your ranking? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I can’t count clearly.” Miao Jing very carelessly lost count. She said it so casually and was not afraid of hurting her own biological daughter with this attitude.
Her daughter was good in all ways. In particular, she was very big-hearted and would not take issue with such small matters.
Zhai Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry. Her mother did not mince her words. “Nan Nan, do you feel hungry?”
“Children?” Qiao Nan, who had regained her senses, recalled the scene before she fainted. “I remember that there are three children?” After giving birth to two, she was so exhausted that she just wanted to have a good sleep.
Thereafter, she seemed to have heard Sister Zhai Hua saying that there was another one in her womb, and she had to urgently give birth to the third one. Otherwise, the child would die in her womb.
Holding on to her breath, Qiao Nan then sobered up after much difficulty and exerted her last strength. After vaguely hearing the soft cry of a baby, she lost consciousness.