Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Chapter 1266 - Don’t Make Foolish Remarks

Father Deng and his son were all ears, waiting for the broadcaster to report the overall outcome of the event.
The broadcaster reported that the Sino-Foreign Exchange was a success and they had reached a good outcome. The foreign guests stated that China was known as a state of etiquette and ceremonies, and it left them with good memories. If there was a chance in the future, they would visit China again to enjoy the scenery and sights in China. Father Deng did not have much response after watching the news. Deng Wenchang’s jaws dropped as if he could swallow a goose egg. “H-how could this be?”
Even if the news tried to cover up the blunder or exaggerate the positive outcome, as the state-owned television channel, it would not go to the extent of fabricating news. It would not turn a disastrous event into a positive outcome and sing praises for it, saying that the foreign guests had an enjoyable experience.
Most importantly, when the camera zoomed in on the foreign guests, they had a genuine smile on their faces. This must be real. What they said was not part of post-production or dubbing. Deng Wenchang was certain that from the way the guest’s mouth moved that he was saying exactly what he had heard. There was no mismatch.
Did it mean that what the broadcaster said was the truth?
Father Deng switched off the television. “Are you satisfied and convinced now?” If they were to describe the exchange with the foreign guests, he could only say that the guest had a good fortune. When one had good fortune, there was no way that one could stop it.
The man did not use to have such a high position. It was another American who was in this position. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had more exchanges with him and they were familiar with his working style after several interactions with him.
He might be crafty and cunning, but they would not fall for it and allowed China to be taken advantage of.
Human fortunes were as unpredictable as the weather.
He Yi’s former opponent had a heart attack when he was at the height of his career and passed away from it.
It was because of his passing that another man was given the chance to be on the television.
It happened too suddenly. The Americans were caught unaware, notwithstanding the Chinese people who found out about it at the last minute.
One who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is invincible in every battle.
The experiences of the forefathers would never be wrong.
However, the newly appointed officials seldom attended such exchanges, so there was not much information regarding him. Furthermore, they had to understand his background, his habits, his faith, and customs that he had, as well as what was considered as a taboo to him. They had to come up with a strategy to deal with him.
The ministry was in a complete mess because of that.
“Convinced? It was because of Uncle He that the exchange was a success. If Uncle He did not have the ability, he would not have become the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I know that Uncle He is very capable.” If Uncle He was not so outstanding, he would not have dreamed of becoming his disciple.
Uncle He had yet to acknowledge him as his disciple, but given his family background, his educational qualifications, and his ability, apart from He Yi, many other people were willing to take him under their wings.
However, all these people could not be compared to He Yi.
Since Deng Wenchang had his goals in mind, he would make sure that he was the best in what he did. He would only go for the best mentor and master. He would not opt for the next best alternative.
Even if other people were willing to mentor him, he might not be willing to accept them.
Father Deng poured a cup of tea for his stubborn son. “Didn’t you say that the young lady was the one who researched and compiled the information? He Yi had performed very well today. Do you really think that it had nothing to do with the young lady?”
He was lying to himself.
There was no way that he could deceive himself or other people.
“So what if it is the truth?” Deng Wenchang was driven to desperation by his father. “Let me tell you. If Uncle He assigned the task to me, I would be able to do a good job as well. I will not lose to her. I am just as good. It’s just that I am not given the chance!” If he was assigned the task, he would do a better job than Qiao Nan.
“You are boasting.” Father Deng was harsh. “I am sure He Yi still has the documents that Qiao Nan prepared for him. If you have the ability, I will give you a chance to be wise after the fact. You shall prepare the documents as well. I will think of ways to get the documents that Qiao Nan had prepared. By then, we shall compare the documents that both of you prepared. I can tell who is better among the two of you. Let me tell you beforehand. Even if you insist that you are better, I will be fair and judge accordingly.”
If his son was indeed outstanding, and he was just as good as the young lady, he would talk to He Yi, even if it meant that he had to swallow his pride.
Wenchang was his only son and it was his passion to work at this particular ministry in the central government. Many other places welcomed him, but he refused to work there.
He was his son. He had to make use of his connections at the opportune time to help him.
“Fine, I will do it!” Deng Wenchang slammed the table. He was not bragging or boasting. He did not believe that he would not be able to do what Qiao Nan was capable of. He graduated from a first-tier university and went for overseas study for two years. He did not believe that he would be defeated by a third-year student who was still in the university. He could not afford to be shamed.
After making a promise with his father, Deng Wenchang shut himself up in the room. He did not leave the room at all and he did not have dinner. Mother Deng had to bring the food into his study room and watched him as he ate.
Deng Wenchang could not win against his mother, and he finished his dinner within a minute.
Mother Deng came out from the room with an empty bowl, a sullen expression on her face. She directed her anger at Father Deng. “You should know Wenchang’s personality. From a young age, he is intelligent and studious, and he refused to admit defeat. If he did not do well in the exams, he would make sure that he studied throughout the night and worked hard to catch up. Is Wenchang your son or is the younger daughter in the photo your daughter? Why did you favor an outsider instead of someone on your own side?”
Mother Deng took a close look at the photo. “The young lady is able to join the ministry at such a young age. Wenchang must be right. She must have engaged in indecent deals. What is with society nowadays? There is the notion in society that it’s better to get ahead in the world by abandoning one’s scruples than to suffer poverty. Wenchang has worked hard for so many years and he finally has the long-awaited chance. However, it was taken away by the young lady. It was no wonder that Wenchang refused to admit defeat. If it was me, I would react more strongly than him.”
He had worked hard and took one step at a time to achieve his goals. However, he was denied a chance because of the young lady who got in through the back door.
If she was him, she would not have such a mild reaction. She would have blown things up and sought justice for herself.
Father Deng smiled. “Fortunately, you are not in our field. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail. We are not allowed to do as we please.”