Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Chapter 2379 - Already Not Bad (2)

Chapter 2379 - Already Not Bad (2)
The problem was that she hadn't even managed to get to that question before Qiao Nan. Of course, if Qiao Nan could not even handle this matter for her, she would have carried Qiao Nan for ten months for nothing. Qiao Nan was obliged to do so.
"I've already thought about it. Her temper isn't very good, and caretakers aren't professional psychologists. They'll make her angry too easily. No matter how I think about it, I think that the most suitable person to take care of her is you, Qiao Zijin…"
"What-what do you mean?" Qiao Zijin was stunned. Was Qiao Nan joking about having her take care of their mom? It was already a stretch for her to take care of herself. How could she possibly take care of her mom? Besides, even if she had the ability to do so, she wouldn't have bothered waiting for Qiao Nan's call if she had the heart to take care of her mom.
Now, Qiao Nan had only one function in the Qiao family and her: to support the two elderly people in the family. No matter what happened to them, it was Qiao Nan who had to pay for them and take care of them. They had better not think of getting her to take any responsibility.
Anyway, Qiao Nan was loaded. No matter how troublesome the matter was, she could simply fork out more money for someone else to settle it for her. There was no need for her to handle it personally. In that way, it was a win-win situation for both sisters.
Even her mom knew that she couldn't take care of her. Qiao Nan was proving just how stupid she was by making this call. People said that women got stupid for three years after giving birth. Had all of Qiao Nan's intelligence been snatched away because she had given birth to triplets?
Before giving birth, Qiao Nan would never have made such a call or proposed such a ridiculous suggestion. Don't forget that she would take all the benefits, while Qiao Nan had to bear all the burden. It had always been the case.
"Don't be in such a hurry. I haven't finished my sentence." If it was so easy for Qiao Zijin to agree, Qiao Nan wouldn't even have needed to make this call. "The caretaker that I hired previously was an award-winner. I paid her twenty thousand yuan a month. You aren't as highly educated as her and aren't as skillful either. She's a professional while you're nothing. Of course, that means that there's no way I'll pay you twenty thousand. But I'm willing to pay you ten thousand yuan for you to take care of her. Do you agree?"
It was only right for a daughter to take care of her mom when her mom was being hospitalized. Why was there even a talk of money? No matter who the money was from, Qiao Zijin would probably not be able to accept it. If she did, it would seem as though Ding Jiayi wasn't her biological mother and that she was denying her blood ties with Ding Jiayi.
But who was Qiao Zijin? Would she ever care about such things?
Qiao Zijin had always felt that Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi should be Qiao Nan's responsibilities alone since she was so well-to-do. Since she was lacking nothing, it was shameless of her to ask Qiao Zijin to share that burden with her.
Since the two elderly people were Qiao Nan's responsibility alone, there was no reason for Qiao Zijin to refuse the salary that Qiao Nan was offering her to take care of her mom. It was only right for Qiao Nan to pay her. Qiao Nan had some conscience, at the very least. "Only ten thousand?"
Qiao Zijin was not particularly pleased with that number. She had not internalized a single word about how impressive the previous caretaker had been. If she had not known about that caretaker's salary, she might very well have accepted Qiao Nan's offer. But Qiao Nan had explicitly told her about it.
That caretaker was an outsider but she was Qiao Nan's sister! Qiao Nan was going overboard by paying an outsider twenty thousand and her own family half of that. "Qiao Nan, I think we can't look at the situation this way. You must know that I've always been the one taken care of since I was young. When have I ever needed to take care of others? Our statuses are different. We shouldn't be comparing our skills but our sincerity. Don't you think so? I'm not asking for much either. Since you paid her twenty thousand, I'm asking for twenty thousand as well. That'll be good for everyone. If anyone else asks me to do this, my price would definitely be much higher!"
Qiao Zijin, who had her head up in the sky, had completely forgotten that no one else in the world would have hired a pampered princess like her to take care of Ding Jiayi other than Qiao Nan.
"Alright." This word excited Qiao Zijin. She had already made her plans to go to Thailand. She could leave at any time. It was the end of June and the weather was scorching now. For a tropical country like Thailand, it was better to head over in winter.
Besides, her mom was already so old. Her internal organs had probably suffered quite a bit this time. As such, her mom would probably need a caretaker for more than a month. It would probably be for half a year. If anything happened to her mom in the future, it was natural for her to be the one to take care of her mom since she was the closest to her mom. It was common for elderly people to fall ill, especially during the change of seasons.
She wouldn't work for twelve months. She would give herself a break of two months and take care of her mom for ten months. Then, Qiao Nan would have to pay her two hundred thousand yuan! Given her mom's condition, she might even have to take care of her for ten years, at the very least. She would do that so that Qiao Nan could remain comfortably in the capital as the chief's wife. Then, she would be able to earn two million yuan in the process as well!
Because of Qiao Nan's reluctance to cooperate with her on the Zhu family's inheritance, she had lost at least five million yuan. But now, two million would do too.
Unfortunately, Qiao Nan's next words brought Qiao Zijin to the realization that one should not get their hopes up too high. "You're used to being taken care of, not taking care of others. The caretaker that resigned today has high educational qualifications and won many awards. That's why her price was higher. If you don't want to do it, I can always hire another caretaker at ten thousand yuan a month."
If Qiao Nan allowed Qiao Zijin to take advantage of her, she would have wasted so many years of life.
She mentioned the twenty-thousand salary because she knew that Qiao Zijin would be greedy. She wanted to use it to provoke Qiao Zijin and to remind her that she couldn't even match up to the previous caretaker. Did she think that ten thousand yuan was too low? Then, she had better not take a single cent. How could she feel wronged even after taking that sum of money?
"Don't…" To Qiao Zijin, who had no income, she would never be willing to work for a salary of four to five thousand. Wasn't this the job that she had always been dreaming of? Not only was it easy, but she would also be paid twice the salary!