Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
Chapter 1156 - You're Just Taking Revenge

Chapter 1156: You’re Just Taking Revenge
The courage and energy that Wen Xinya had painstakingly gathered seemed to have been sucked out of her all of a sudden. She fell onto the ground as fatigue overwhelmed her. She lied on the ground beneath the sun.
What’s wrong with Xu Zhenyu?
Cold and harsh resentment!
She noticed the emotions in Xu Zhenyu’s eyes and she almost thought that she had seen wrongly. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me. How could I have seen those emotions?
Be it in her previous lifetime or the present, Xu Zhenyu had always been the one she trusted the most and the one who treated her the best.
However, she still remembered the chilliness of Xu Zhenyu’s gaze which made her freeze and stiffen.
Is this all just an illusion?
Wen Xinya was perplexed.
At the same time, Wen Xinya was also a little worried about Xu Zhenyu. In the past two days, she had been trying to find a chance to speak to him properly and ask him if something had gone wrong. However, she had yet to find the chance to do so. It was as if he was intentionally trying to hide from her.
An ominous feeling filled Wen Xinya’s heart.
There was a gap between her and Xu Zhenyu that neither of them could cross. At last… they would only drift further and further away from each other.
That discovery made Wen Xinya feel anxious all of a sudden.
As soon as Xu Zhenyu left the field, Ye Feiyu scurried towards Wen Xinya and helped her up. “Xinya, hurry and get up.”
Wen Xinya’s legs were so sore and achy that she felt as if they did not belong to her anymore. She allowed Ye Feiyu to drag her along and help her to the bottom of the tree. “Feifei, don’t care about me. I don’t want him to use this as an excuse to punish you too.”
For the past few days, Ye Feiyu had already been punished by Xu Zhenyu more than one or two times. Hence, Wen Xinya felt extremely guilty towards her.
Ye Feiyu opened a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Wen Xinya.
“He can go ahead and punish me if he wants to. What else can he make me do? He’s at most going to make me stand at attention beneath the sun. I’ve stood at attention for more than three hours before. There’s nothing for me to be afraid of.”
Ye Feiyu sounded extremely nonchalant. It was as if the punishment did not bother her at all.
Extremely touched, Wen Xinya grabbed the bottle of water and chugged half of its contents rapidly. After replenishing the fluids in her body, she felt much more energetic.
Ye Feiyu wiped the sweat off her face with a wet towel and said, “It doesn’t matter to me! However, there was no need for you to talk back to him in front of everyone else. Who knows what he might do to you to punish you later?”
Xu Zhenyu had been putting Wen Xinya through the harsh and strenuous training with the excuse of making up for the training that she had missed out on during her leave. All the other students found it difficult to understand and many of them felt unjustified for her. They even began spreading rumors of Wen Xinya offending Xu Zhenyu and that Xu Zhenyu was treating her that way because of a personal feud.
The mention of it made Wen Xinya feel miserable. “He can go ahead and punish me. Whatever! Well, he’s the commander and I’m the student. I don’t have a choice!”
Given Xu Zhenyu’s character, he would definitely punish her for provoking him. Just like Wen Xinya, Xu Zhenyu loved bearing grudges.
Ye Feiyu asked softly, “Xinya, did you actually offend Commander Xu or not? Otherwise, why is he so biased against you?”
Although his excuse seemed reasonable, they all felt that he had gone overboard. However, none of them could say anything.
Wen Xinya smiled wryly and said, “Beats me.”
Yeah, I’d like to know why too. Weren’t we just getting along fine? Why did everything change after I took a break? It feels like we’ll never be able to go back to the past where we bickered with each other merrily.
Wen Xinya felt rather sad.
Noticing the wry smile on Wen Xinya’s face, Ye Feiyu knew that she really did not know what was going on. “He didn’t treat you that way earlier on. That means that something must have happened recently. Try and recall carefully, did you miss out something?”
Wen Xinya found Ye Feiyu’s words to have made sense. After giving it some thought, she realized that Xu Zhenyu’s attitude changed after Si Yiyan visited her at the base camp.
Her friends knew about the relationship between her and Si Yiyan and, although she did not go out of her way to tell Xu Zhenyu about it, she did not hide it from him either. She reckoned that Xu Zhenyu must have already found out because of how big-mouthed Han Mofeng and Ling Qingxuan were.
Hence, she did not think too much about it.
Since Gu Junling and the rest are all so concerned about my relationship, Xu Zhenyu should be concerned too! However, he had never once mentioned about it during our phone calls, so that means that he didn’t know about it previously.
Xu Zhenyu must be upset after finding out about me and Si Yiyan.
After all, the rest of them already know about this. He must be angry because I didn’t tell him about it.
I kept thinking that Xu Zhenyu was angry because of the leave that I applied. Yet, it turns out… I didn’t even get the reason right. That’s why he got even angrier.
After thinking about how prideful and petty Xu Zhenyu was, Wen Xinya felt that it was very likely that he had gotten angry at her because of the fact that she hid her relationship from him.
Wen Xinya felt a sense of relief and said, “I think I’ve offended him before, but I’m not too sure about that.”
After hearing her words, Ye Feiyu began to grouse. “So it’s true… I felt that he was really handsome and a good commander even though he treated us a little harsh at times. However, I didn’t expect… that he’d be such a petty person. How annoying.”
Anger was written all over Ye Feiyu’s face and she felt rather embarrassed for fancying Xu Zhenyu after thinking about the unfair treatment that he had subjected Wen Xinya to.
After feeling much more relieved, Wen Xinya began to get into the mood for jokes. “So you actually know how annoying he is. You were so obsessed with him previously and you even said that he was the most handsome and charismatic man in the world. Why did you change all of a sudden?”
As red as a tomato, Ye Feiyu answered, “So what if he’s handsome and charismatic? His good looks can’t cover his shameless and despicable nature.”
Wen Xinya snorted and said, “That sounds a little too harsh! He didn’t do much to me other than put me through stricter training.”
Wen Xinya subconsciously defended Xu Zhenyu.
Feeling that she had gone overboard too, Ye Feiyu gave it some thought and realized that he was indeed a good commander regardless of what he had done to Wen Xinya. “No matter what, you didn’t commit a grave mistake to warrant that. Even if you’ve offended him, he can’t take it out on you personally.”
Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Help me back to the dorm. It’s too warm out here.”