Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
Chapter 1670 - Update at 9 Tomorrow!

Chapter 1670: Update at 9 Tomorrow!
Wen Haowen’s face darkened as he read the news report about him. As he read, he clenched his fist tightly out of anger, crushing the newspaper he was holding.
Yang Ziyu sat beside him, carefully sizing him up.
The issue of Ning Shuqian suing Wen Haowen had been made public, revealing Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair as well as Wen Haowen’s abusive tendencies which almost cost Ning Shuqian her life.
In a few days, Wen Haowen’s reputation had been ruined.
These few days, reporters had been following Wen Haowen around, as if they were bees and he was honey. Wen Haowen’s home, the Wen Family’s bungalow, the Wen Corporation and even Wen Haowen’s condominiums in Tianjing City had been surrounded by reporters.
Wen Haowen did not even dare to return to the Wen Corporation and stayed by her side the entire day.
After all, the villa she stayed in had tight security. Initially, when she got together with Wen Haowen, they were very cautious whenever they came over to the villa. Ever since she got pregnant, they became even more careful. As a result, the media had not discovered the villa as of now.
“Haowen, if you do not go to work, such a major organization would not have a leader, it would be in chaos.”
Yang Ziyu knew that Old Mr. Wen was still unconscious in the hospital, so she knew that the only person who could take over his role in managing the company was Wen Haowen.
Wen Haowen laughed coldly and said, “The old man values Wen Xinya so much, even the Board of Directors regard Wen Xinya as the rightful heir. The stakeholders only have praise for her. Wen Xinya seems to have made the company her home, who would even take me seriously as the chairman of the company. Since the situation is as such, I do want to see if Wen Xinya would step up at this time and resolve such a major crisis of the company.”
After the case with Ning Shuqian was made public, the media widely reported negative news on him, resulting in disastrous impacts on the company. The stock prices kept falling, and even reached a new low today. The entire company had suffered great losses.
The stubborn old men on the Board of Directors gathered all day and night to hold emergency meetings, just to openly express their displeasure about him and complain about him.
Those at the stakeholder meetings were even worse, they pointed directly at him and criticized him to his face. They were so angry that they were jumping out of their seats, forcing him to find a solution to resolve this problem, and threatening that if he did not find a solution soon, they would oust him from his position as president.
The workers at the company spent all their free time gathering and gossiping about him, looking at him in a different light and criticizing him. They did not respect him as the chairman of the company at all.
Wen Haowen had had enough.
As such, he’d rather seek refuge with Yang Ziyu and not go to the company. He did, however, want to see how the company would manage without him.
Yang Ziyu placed her hand on her eight-month-old pregnant stomach and said, “However, you hiding here indefinitely is not a solution. Ning Shuqian is determined to ruin your reputation and life. If you do not find a way to resolve this soon, the media would definitely get crazier.”
Yang Ziyu did not look too pleased.
She thought that when Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian split up, he would marry her.
However, she never would have thought that Ning Shuqian was so scheming, suing Wen Haowen. Now, the court was already in the process of obtaining evidence and would hold the trial soon.
If Wen Haowen really went to court, the company would be able to request to take back Wen Haowen’s shares of the company legally on account of him ruining the reputation of the company. In the future, Wen Haowen would not even have a chance to rebuild his life.
Wen Haowen’s face darkened, and a flash of immense hatred showed on his face. “Hiding is just a temporary measure. If Ning Shuqian is determined to ruin my reputation, I’ll make sure to ruin her life, then we will see who is eviler.”
Talking about Ning Shuqian filled Wen Haowen with so much hatred.
He changed lawyers twice just to negotiate with Ning Shuqian to drop her changes. However, since Ning Shuqian was determined to ruin him, he had no choice but to look for a good lawyer and prepare for the worst.
Yang Ziyu opened her eyes widely. “Haowen… are you going to…”
The only reason why Ning Shuqian was able to ruin Wen Haowen so greatly was that she painted herself as the weak victim.
What if everyone knew what a promiscuous woman Ning Shuqian was?
What would everyone do?
Even if this was not able to save Wen Haowen’s reputation, at least it would not make it worse.
“I have already ordered my man to publicize her video. By tomorrow, everyone will know what a promiscuous woman Ning Shuqian is. By that time, the focus of the people will shift from my domestic violence issue to Ning Shuqian making a cuckold of me, and my actions will be justified.”
Wen Haowen had asked his lawyer previously, if he went ahead to fight the case, he had a high chance of winning.
The conflict between a couple was never about who was in the right or who was in the wrong.
In his hands, he held evidence of Ning Shuqian cheating on him, and at this moment, this evidence made the strongest case against her.
The conflict between Ning Shuqian and him only happened at the moment, when he found out that Ning Shuqian had been cheating on him. This would mean that he had premeditated intention to harm her, there would also be insufficient evidence for attempted murder. It would then be easy to argue against her.
What rights did Ning Shuqian have to criticize him for cheating when she was no different?
He knew this and so was calm, and he was able to seek refuge with Yang Ziyu.
Yang Ziyu unclenched her face and said, “I wish this will blow over soon.”
Only after this blew over could Wen Haowen successfully leave Ning Shuqian. Only then could she marry Wen Haowen and become the wife of a rich man and lead a luxurious life.
With her having a son, she was sure that her position in the Wen Family would be solidified.
Even Wen Xinya would not be able to remove her from her position.
Wen Haowen said, “I have planned it all out. When this incident becomes too big to handle, I will hold a press conference and openly cut ties with her. It will then be easier to resolve this.”
He did not plan to deal with Ning Shuqian like this initially.
However, Ning Shuqian did not know her place. She did not want to take the easy way out and chose to make a big deal out of this.
If he was not able to lead a good life, he would make sure she would not be able to either.
Yang Ziyu slowly entered Wen Haowen’s embrace and said hesitantly, “I really hope that after this incident, nothing else happens. I don’t want our child to be an illegitimate child for the rest of his life. He is the Wen’s family only hope. Even if he is accepted into the family afterward, being an illegitimate child is something he will never be able to get rid of.”
Ning Shuqian was too harsh, it made the blood in others run cold.
Wen Haowen was resolved to be harsher than her.