Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
Chapter 1884 - Let Xu Zhenyu Participate In Plan S

Chapter 1884 - Let Xu Zhenyu Participate In Plan S
Wen Xinya was not in a good mood.
Although she was in the wrong, she had already apologized to Si Yiyan and even decided to set aside her work to placate him. But he made no response at all. This was the first time she had tasted failure when dealing with Si Yiyan.
She bit her lips, feeling rather grudging toward Si Yiyan. She had been finally feeling somewhat composed but now started to feel angry again. She raised her brows slightly and suppressed the frustration inside her heart.
"Actually, I specially came to find you today because of the Entertainment city money laundering case. The police will soon close the case, whereby it will be secretly transferred to the military to take over. And the person-in-charge is Xu Zhenyu."
Wen Xinya told Si Yiyan everything which Xu Zhenyu had told her earlier.
She had really stirred the hornet's nest this time. Although Si Yiyan didn't expressly indicate that he was angry, his imperious attitude clearly showed that he would not forgive her so readily.
Although Wen Xinya felt sad at this, she could not afford to overlook anything regarding the Korean-Chinese Alliance.
As expected, Si Yiyan's face turned serious. "Plan S is already in place, just waiting for you to destroy the Li Corporation and let the Xiao Family regain control over the Xiao Corporation. We will then be able to completely disrupt the Korean-Chinese Alliance's operations in Country Z and remove them by the roots. But if the military interferes, this matter will become even more complicated. The slightest bit of carelessness might alert the Alliance to our plans."
He had already guessed that Ghost Snake and the Korean-Chinese Alliance were linked. However, as the situation in the Middle East was very complicated, it was decided that Lucifer could not be too deeply implicated in this matter. Otherwise, in the best-case scenario, Lucifer might suffer a devastating blow and be destroyed; while in the worst-case scenario, the entire world might be changed.
Helping Xu Zhenyu accomplish his mission was already his limit.
He guessed that Xu Zhenyu would suspect Ghost Snake and would probably start the investigation from that arms organization that he had disrupted. Actually, that arms organization was just a guise. The true source of their ammunition was still in Ghost Snake's hands.
He believed that with Xu Zhenyu's intelligence, he would have already vaguely realized there was something going on, which was why he had applied to participate in the Envoy's Mission. He could carry out the mission and secretly investigate Ghost Snake at the same time, and he did it so discreetly that he was able to deceive even him.
Preparations for Plan S was already on its final legs and was just missing one final crucial element.
The military's interference would be very disadvantageous to them.
Wen Xinya's face turned somewhat grave. "What should we do then?"
Actually, apart from worrying that Plan S would go awry, she was even more worried about Xu Zhenyu. The more she knew about the Korean-Chinese Alliance, the more she feared it.
Xu Zhenyu was no match for this alliance.
Si Yiyan said mildly, "All we can do now is to let Xu Zhenyu participate in Plan S and stall him for the time being."
He knew very well what Wen Xinya was worrying about.
Since things had already progressed to this stage, they might as well cooperate with the military. In this way, they could gain some control over what the military was doing and prevent them from causing any unintentional damage.
Wen Xinya nodded. "Let me assemble a dossier of information regarding the Korean-Chinese Alliance first, to pass it along to Xu Zhenyu."
Since they were letting Xu Zhenyu participate in Plan S, they had no choice but to let him know of all the things regarding the Korean-Chinese Alliance.
"Mmm, make up a comprehensive set of information for him. I will find a chance to discuss this with him face to face."
After working with him in the Middle East—although they had their scuffles—on the whole, he quite respected and admired Xu Zhenyu and his talents. Si Yiyan was not against working with Xu Zhenyu again.

In the end, Wen Xinya didn't manage to gain Si Yiyan's forgiveness. She left Jiayuan Club with a despondent and grievous heart.
Si Yiyan remained placid the entire time.
He couldn't help remembering how Wen Xinya had said she wanted to break up with him and cancel the wedding. His placid face instantly darkened again as he recalled clearly that moment of panic when he seemed to have lost all reason in his fit of rage.
This was the first time in his entire life that Si Yiyan had ever lost his head!
At that moment, all he could think about was destroying her and breaking her wings, to make her wholly dependent on him. If not, he wanted to lock her up and have her forever unable to escape.
This strange and scary emotion took over his once-prided self-control and nearly made him a slave to anger. This was the first time he realized that his feelings for Wen Xinya had already descended into a type of twisted obsession.
Just as he was preparing to make his move, the sadness and fragility in her eyes touched his heart.
"Knock knock…" Someone was knocking on the door.
Si Yiyan drew his demonic thoughts back into the deep recesses of his heart. He shut his eyes before opening them again. His churning emotions had already been hidden away, leaving behind a cold calmness.
"Come in!" He instructed mildly.
The door was pushed open by An Feiya, who was feeling anxious, jittery, agitated, wildly gleeful, and timid all at once. She entered the office slowly. "Boss, I'm An Feiya. I will be your secretary and will help you with all work matters. I seek your kind guidance in the future."
At this point, An Feiya was very happy.
She had liked Ninth Young Master for many years. When Ninth Young Master had been in Italy, she had not dared to be too obvious in her feelings as she was young and was still in school. She would only appear before him when her father had to meet with him.
After graduating, she joined the Xiasi Group.
She wanted to make use of her own abilities to gain his acknowledgment.
This was because she believed that only a truly exceptional woman would be worthy of the flawless Ninth Young Master.
Just as she was fretting over how to get close to him, her outstanding performance was recognized by Gu Yuexi, who let her come to Country Z's Capital city to become Ninth Young Master's secretary.
No words could describe the joy and excitement in her heart.
She had just arrived at Capital city last night at 2 am and was already at work early this morning. She had spent the entire day fantasizing over how she and Ninth Young Master would develop feelings for each other after working closely together over time.
Si Yiyan slowly turned around and his cold face was devoid of any emotion. He appeared exceptionally imperious and profoundly chilly. "I don't want a secretary."
His icy words could pierce through one's bones.
An Feiya stiffened as fear enveloped her entire body. She stammered. "Ninth Young Master… why… why… Gu Yuexi, he…"
She was at a loss for words. She had been so full of hope and passion that she could hardly believe how dismal things were turning out.
"Get out!"
His merciless order for her to leave left no room for resistance.
An Feiya staggered backward. As unwilling as she was, her reluctance was forcibly melted into a sense of helplessness. Faced with Ninth Young Master at his present state, there was no way she could voice any objections.