Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
Chapter 1934 - For The Time Being, Do Not Put Them On The Alert

Chapter 1934 - For The Time Being, Do Not Put Them On The Alert
News of Chu Jingnan misappropriating company funds was reported by the media, attracting worldwide attention. Wave after wave of scandals erupted from the Xiao Corporation, and anyone with half a brain could see that something fishy was going on.
When Chu Jingnan was controlling the Xiao Corporation, he had completely suppressed Xiao Zhiyuan and the Lin Family. Now that the Xiao Family had withdrawn from the power struggle, the Lin Family had taken over and were clearly after Chu Jingnan with a vengeance.
Chu Jingnan was a smart and cautious man with great foresight. According to what Wen Xinya knew of him from her two lifetimes, he would never do something as foolish and risky as misappropriating company funds.
The Xiao Family and Lin Family were merciless. To eradicate Chu Jingnan, it was totally easy for them to fabricate some evidence pointing toward Chu Jingnan's misappropriating company funds. Meanwhile, Chu Jingnan had no power and no financial resources. It was impossible for him to clear his own name. He was going to jail for sure this time.
"You look much better today. How has your appetite been like lately?" Zhou Huiyan held Wen Xinya's hand as she looked over her carefully. She felt much more at ease after seeing her looking healthier than before.
Zhou Huiyan had two sons. Perhaps it was because she had no daughter of her own and she felt a certain affinity with Xinya, so she treated her as if she was her own daughter.
"Still the same. Mother He and Mrs. Tan have made many delicacies for me, and I managed to eat some."
Since getting pregnant, her appetite had been poor and she struggled to keep her food down. She felt exhausted every day and slept a lot. Whenever Si Yiyan was around, he would patiently coax her into eating just a bit more food.
"Are you experiencing morning sickness and other such symptoms?" Zhou Huiyan asked in a gentle voice.
Xinya's hands were cold and damp. She was obviously not well and didn't know if she could persevere through the next grueling 10 months. Her heart once again filled with anxiety.
Wen Xinya shook her head. "Nope!"
She experienced some bouts of nausea and vomiting when she first got pregnant, but these symptoms disappeared thereafter. She didn't think much of it as she thought that everyone's pregnancy experience was different.
"You must take good care of yourself, especially as this is your first pregnancy. If you do so, your future pregnancies will go much smoother." Zhou Huiyan patted her hand and smiled benevolently. She exuded a calming presence.
But actually her heart was full of anxiety.
Xinya had been pregnant for close to three months and still didn't exhibit any morning sickness symptoms. This meant that her condition was not yet stabilized and there was a risk of miscarriage.
Wen Xinya nodded. "Okay!"
Since her pregnancy, Grampy and Grandpa had been over often to visit her and shower her with concern. Zhou Tianyu and the rest also took turns to accompany her at the hospital, as they were worried that she would be bored. Even Yan Shaoqing and gang would sometimes come over to visit her.
Everyone was very concerned about her health.
But Aunt Zhou gave her a motherly type of care and love. It warmed her heart.
"Does your tummy feel sore, swollen, and heavy? Did you experience any minor cramping pains in your lower abdomen?" Zhou Huiyan continued to ask her. The first pregnancy was not an easy affair for a woman. Moreover, Xinya was young and ignorant. She just felt very worried.
"I no longer feel any minor cramping pains in my lower abdomen. But my tummy area still feels a bit sore and swollen."
This was already a big improvement. As long as she continued to rest and take good care of herself, she no longer felt that ill.
Zhou Huiyan finally smiled. "This means your baby has become more stabilized. You still need to take precautions. With regards to food, you need to pay more attention to nutrition. Eat more nourishing foods. Avoid foods that have a cooling or heaty effect."
When Yunyao was pregnant, she had also met with similar difficulties. In the end, she had slowly managed to overcome them.
"Grandpa Du also said the same."
Si Yiyan had listed down all the foods that she should eat and should avoid, spanning over a dozen A4-size pages long. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tan and Mother He would also pay close attention to the recommended foods and restricted items. Grandpa had even found a lady to help her taste her food first. This lady was able to detect anything bad within the food.
Zhou Huiyan nodded and finally relaxed. She changed the subject. "There's something I want to tell you."
Her face looked rather grave.
Wen Xinya's own face also turned serious. "Is it regarding the Zhishan Club and the Boya Pavilion?"
After the second Heiress' Gala, she and Aunt Zhou started investigating the links between the Boya Pavilion and the Zhishan Club. Although they uncovered some evidence, they failed to make much progress.
Now it looked like Aunt Zhou had made a major discovery.
Zhou Huiyan nodded. "I found out that not only is Tang Xiaowei linked to the Boya Pavilion, but there are also problems with the accounts of the charity programs under her management. I surmise that she could have made use of the Zhishan Club to commit money laundering in the name of charity."
She had long ago felt that there was something fishy about Tang Xiaowei. But Tang Xiaowei had been president of the Zhishan Club for so many years and was very well-respected. She held a very high status within Capital city's upper-class society and had a good reputation in the hearts of the general public. Even if she had her suspicions, she didn't dare to reveal them.
All these years, she had been investigating Tang Xiaowei and had gathered some evidence but failed to make much progress. Recently, she noted that Tang Xiaowei was behaving rather slyly, and so she took the investigation to the Boya Pavilion and the charity programs under her management and finally discovered all this.
Actually, she had never even thought about the possibility of money laundering.
But recalling the Wen Corporation's Entertainment city case, she somehow linked the two together and was momentarily shocked.
Xinya's pregnancy was still unstable and she hadn't wanted to tell her of this new information in case it caused her undue stress. But she knew this issue with the Zhishan Club was very serious and Xinya might be unwittingly dragged in if they were not careful. Hence, after mulling over the matter, she still decided to tell Xinya as a precaution.
Wen Xinya was obviously stunned. "Aunt Tang…"
No wonder when she first sought out Aunt Zhou after the second Heiress' Gala incident. Aunt Zhou would always speak to her in secret, away from the Zhishan Club. As the deputy president of the Zhishan Club, Aunt Zhou's authority was only second to that of Tang Xiaowei. Now that she thought of it, apart from Tang Xiaowei, there was no one else that Aunt Zhou would have to go out of her way to avoid.
Further, over the entire process, although Aunt Zhou didn't say anything explicitly, she had always maintained a secretive attitude. This clearly showed that the person linked to the Boya Pavilion was from Zhishan Club's senior management level.
Aunt Zhou even claimed before that "The only person I can trust in the Zhishan Club is you!" Aunt Zhou's words showed that she had already started to suspect Tang Xiaowei then.
But she didn't have enough evidence and so didn't voice it out explicitly.
Zhou Huiyan nodded. "I currently have some evidence at hand, but I feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg. She must have some major secret plan in the works."
As the president of the Zhishan Club, Tang Xiaowei made use of the club to carry out illegal activities in the name of charity. The entire Zhishan Club would be implicated.
Wen Xinya held Zhou Huiyan's chilly hands. "Aunt Zhou, this is no small matter. For the time being, you must not put them on the alert."
No matter what, she wanted to hear what Si Yiyan thought of this first.