Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
Chapter 1935 - Tang Xiaowei Alone Will Be Accountable For Her Sins

Chapter 1935 - Tang Xiaowei Alone Will Be Accountable For Her Sins
After Aunt Zhou left, Wen Xinya felt extremely fretful.
Aunt Zhou asked her to not think too much and to take care of her health first. But this was such a major matter, it was impossible for her to not mull over it.
She was not close to Tang Xiaowei, and only addressed her as Aunt Tang because of Grampy. Nevertheless, this did not impede her respect and admiration for her.
She thought of this woman who had dedicated her entire life to charity, of all her contributions to charity and how respected and admired she was—but this woman was actually a central figure to the Korean-Chinese Alliance's operations in Country Z. She had been making use of the Zhishan Club to carry out illegal dealings. Wen Xinya shuddered at those thoughts and felt a wave of nausea rising from the pits of her stomach.
She had behaved sanctimoniously and deceived everyone, making use of the Zhishan Club's hard-earned reputation as an instrument to let the Korean-Chinese Alliance enter Country Z. She had leveraged upon the people's trust in the Zhishan Club and made use of the name of charity to carry out illegal operations.
How could Wen Xinya stay calm in the face of all this?
"What are you thinking about?"
Si Yiyan saw her pale face and sitting in a daze on the bed. She hadn't even realized that he had entered the room. His own face darkened and he reached out to hold her hand. It was indeed cold and clammy.
Wen Xinya was startled back to reality. She looked up at him. "Have you finished your work? You're here earlier than usual."
Si Yiyan didn't allow her to participate in Plan S and refused to even tell her about what was going on with the plan now. She had been unhappy and grumbled at the beginning, but had now slowly gotten used to the situation.
Recently, Si Yiyan had been very busy with work. Even when he was keeping her company at the hospital, his cell phone never ceased ringing.
"Gu Yuexi has come over and I am able to pass on some matters over to him. From now on, I will have more time to accompany you."
During this period of time, she had been constantly consuming anti-abortifacients, donkey-hide gelatin, birds' nest, and all sorts of other medicinal herbs. However, she continued to become skinnier by the day. Old Mr. Du had said before that if her weak physical health and poor appetite didn't improve, she would have to endure more suffering as her baby grew. Her body might even collapse from the strain.
For the first time in his life, Si Yiyan started having doubts about his own judgment.
If he had known this would happen, he should have aborted the fetus while Xinya was still unconscious, so that she wouldn't have to suffer like this.
Wen Xinya was very happy.
"Don't think so much, it will harm your health and in turn affect the baby. That's a big no-no." That was also the reason why Si Yiyan had confiscated her cell phone and refused to tell her anything about Plan S.
Wen Xinya said, "Aunt Zhou came to visit me today."
She then told Si Yiyan everything that Aunt Zhou told her.
Si Yiyan's face darkened slightly. "We have uncovered Tang Xiaowei's identity and she is indeed the big boss behind the Boya Pavilion."
This was undoubtedly good news for Si Yiyan.
During this period, he had been racking his brains on how to resolve the issue concerning the Zhishan Club without dragging the club's reputation through the mud and implicating Xinya and Zhou Huiyan.
Now that Zhou Huiyan had her own doubts about Tang Xiaowei and had evidence against her illegal doings—with the help of this vice-president of the Zhishan Club, it would be a piece of cake to get rid of Tang Xiaowei, as well as any other Korean-Chinese Alliance member hidden within the club.
But Wen Xinya gasped. "This… how is this possible!"
The first time the Boya Pavilion had invited her to the Heiress' Gala, she had asked Grampy about the owner's background. But he didn't know much about her.
She heard Aunt Zhou say before that the owner of the Boya Pavilion had been a stunning woman when she was young. But she was so mysterious and secretive that even Aunt Zhou, who had interacted with her, didn't know much about her.
Si Yiyan answered in a mild tone, "We have already confirmed this beyond any doubts."
During that time, Ren Yuqian was Capital city's number one It girl.
While Old Mr. Mo was the most desirable bachelor.
They were a completely compatible golden couple and gained the admiration of everyone.
Meanwhile, the owner of the Boya Pavilion had attracted the attention of everyone with her mask and incredible painting.
The owner of the Boya Pavilion had once mentioned in a press interview of her admiration of Old Mr. Mo. She had even expressed her love intentions, igniting a public furor and much gossip. Meanwhile, the owner of the Boya Pavilion herself gained even more public recognition because of this link to Old Mr. Mo and Ren Yuqian.
Her so-called love declaration toward Old Mr. Mo and challenge against Ren Yuqian was just a way to make use of their name to garner public attention for herself. From then on, she truly emerged into the spotlight in Capital City and slowly gained the reputation of being one half of the Capital City Dynamic Duo.
But in reality, there was completely nothing linking her to Old Mr. Mo at all.
Meanwhile, Old Mr. Mo knew exactly what her true intentions were, and so didn't pay her any attention.
Wen Xinya was momentarily stunned. She then sighed softly. "No wonder the identity of the Boya Pavilion owner is so mysterious that even Lucifer couldn't figure her out—she is under the protection of the Zhishan Club. No wonder during the second Heiress' Gala, the Korean-Chinese Alliance was so confident of being able to stir up controversy in Capital City and interfere with the Parliament. It's because they have the support of the Zhishan Club…"
There were many things that could now be linked and explained.
After Tang Xiaowei got married, the owner of the Boya Pavilion gradually quietened down.
As Tang Xiaowei got older, she gradually stopped caring about the Zhishan Club operations. Meanwhile, the Boya Pavilion started getting more active in Capital City.
This was no coincidence.
Si Yiyan raised his brows slightly and gave her palm a gentle pinch. "Stop thinking so much. I will handle this matter. You concentrate on your health."
Actually, he hadn't wanted to tell her about this matter, but it seemed like there was no way he could keep it from her. To avoid letting her thoughts run wild, he had no choice but to come clean.
Wen Xinya said rather uneasily, "Will this matter implicate the entire Zhishan Club and Aunt Zhou? Although Tang Xiaowei made use of the Zhishan Club to commit multiple illegal acts, there are many other club members who have contributed out of good faith. The Zhishan Club is still a truly excellent charity organization."
All these years, the Zhishan Club had been aiding the poor, building schools in rural areas, offering support to handicapped children, and taking part in all sorts of other charitable projects. It had indeed done a lot for society.
The Zhishan Club also had much influence over the upper-class society. Their fund-raisers always successfully attracted large donations and their operating model had already become the best in the charity sector. It would take a massive infusion of manpower and resources, as well as several decades of hard work in order to come out with a similar platform.
There would not be another similar charity organization to replace the Zhishan Club in Country Z.
Si Yiyan understood her meaning and clasped her hands. "Don't worry. Tang Xiaowei committed those crimes on her own accord, and so it's only natural that she alone be held accountable. The rest of the Zhishan Club and Zhou Huiyan will not be implicated."
Zhou Huiyan had always been good to Xinya.
And Xinya was also full of respect and love for Zhou Huiyan. She had even turned her unquenchable thirst for maternal love toward Zhou Huiyan.
As a result, he also held Zhou Huiyan in relatively high regard.
Wen Xinya was very pleased. "In that case, I can be rest assured now."