Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei
Chapter 222 - Feng Yi Xuan Abusing Power for Private Interest

Chapter 222 Feng Yi Xuan Abusing Power for Private Interest
Lan You Nian wanted to return to the capital with Feng Yi Xuan earlier because Feng Xia Qi them already sent a letter saying he and Yue Bai Lian’s wedding was in the next few days. Lan You Nian thought if they hurried on the road and go back early, they’d be able to attend their wedding. It’s a pity that Lan You Nian’s monthly poison relapsed came upon them.
Feng Yi Xuan was unwilling to bear Lan You Nian hurrying on the road while she’s weak and being tormented by poison. Thus, he wrote a letter to Feng Xia Qi to tell him the reason. Feng Xia Qi and Yue Bai Lian expressed they understood. After all, the health of Lan You Nian’s body was most important. Feng Xia Qi and Yue Bai Lian didn’t want to see Lan You Nian during their wedding ceremony, because it will only make them feel sorrow, because the girl they loved wasn’t theirs.
After Lan You Nian protested several times and was kissed breathless by Feng Yi Xuan, she could only obediently stay and rest in Jiangnan’s courtyard. Lan You Nian didn’t feel any pain from this poison relapse but her entire body was extremely frail. Her internal energy has nearly almost dispersed. She felt weak doing anything. But in comparison to before, she was much happier.
These days she’s suffering from poison, she relished in Feng Yi Xuan’s constant concern. If she was to go anywhere, she was carried there. If she wanted to eat, she was fed. If she wanted something, she only had to reach out her hand. Lan You Nian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Feng Yi Xuan completely regarded her as a newly born babe as he took care of her. More importantly, Feng Yi Xuan enjoyed such a life, eager to take care of Lan You Nian everyday, not feeling annoyed at all.
After a day of poison relapse and two day’s rest, Lan You Nian finally ran out of the courtyard while Feng Yi Xuan was handling his duties.
“Hu, finally escaped!” Lan You Nian wore a veil as she stood on the streets of Jiangnan, sighing out loud. The last few days she was forced to shack up in the courtyard by Feng Yi Xuan. Though she wasn’t bothered, Lan You Nian didn’t like this weak feeling. Now she was feeling much better, Lan You Nian naturally wanted to walk around in Jiangnan.
Lan Qu and Lan Wu followed behind Lan You Nian giggling, “Young miss don’t be like this. If Ming wang was to know, how much would his heart ache?”
“Yeah, even we can’t compare to Ming wang’s care for young miss these last few days. He practically holds you in the palm of his hand!” Lan Wu said. Even though they were young miss’s maidservant, their care for young miss wasn’t so meticulous.
Lan You Nian stopped her footsteps and looked at the two of them, “What? Do you want to tattletale on me to Xuan? Want to betray me?”
Lan Wu and Lan Qu shared a look and snickered. Lan Qu said, “We don’t dare. We are happy for young miss. Seeing Ming wang treating young miss so well, we are happy as well. In the past, Lan Wu and I were quite worried concerning Ming wang.”
Lan You Nian smiled wordlessly. She knew Feng Yi Xuan’s customary cold face and brutal reputation was quite alarming. Lan You Nian wasn’t dissatisfied with Feng Yi Xuan’s reputation, for such a reputation made many women shrink back at the sight of him. Lan You Nian didn’t want there to be a lot of women wanting to enter Ming wang manor. Though Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t do so, no one wants to bring vexation to themselves, right?
“In a few days, we’ll be returning to the capital. If there’s something you like, buy it!” Lan You Nian said scanning the merchant shops on the sides of the streets. Many little knickknacks made in Jiangnan were very beautiful. Lan You Nian was going to buy some to give out as gifts to friends in the capital.
Hearing this, Lan Qu and Lan Wu were overjoyed. The saying that women all liked going shopping was not said incorrectly. Though Lan Wu and Lan Qu were maidservants, they weren’t any different from young ladies of prominent families. Hence, they followed their young miss in shopping. When they saw something they liked, they would buy it.
“Lan Qu, why are you buying these for?” Lan You Nian asked curiously when she saw Lan Qu buy satin cloths and such things. Lan You Nian has never seen Lan Qu taking these things.
Lan Qu put the things in the carriage that followed them, slightly embarrassed as she muttered, “Lan Ren’s shoes are a little worn. I’m going to make him a new pair!” Though she and Lan Ren couldn’t have children, their feelings were sincere towards each other. As such, Lan Qu felt very happy.
“Can’t they be bought? It would be so bothersome making it yourself!” Lan Wu picked up those satin fabrics, saying. She and Lan Qu only ever made things for young miss, since many things young miss needed were in a class by itself and can’t be bought.
Lan Qu smiled, continuing to buy some other things, “Though the ones that are sold are pretty good, I am now Lan Ren’s wife. Of course I should make some clothes and shoes and such things for him. This is a wife’s responsibility. When you’re married, you’ll understand!”
Lan Wu wanted to refute, but remembering she hasn’t married, she wasn’t in the position to say anything.
“So it’s like this? Then do you think I should make some clothes and shoes for Xuan?” Lan You Nian considered it. Feng Yi Xuan did so much for her, even making the monthly pads that the men in the world avoided like the plague. Shouldn’t she do something for Feng Yi Xuan?
“Don’t!” Lan Wu and Lan Qu hastily stopped her, “Ming wang cherishes you so much. If you do these things, Ming wang will be distressed. Besides, these needlework hurts the eyes. If young miss wants to make clothes or such for Ming wang, young miss can draw it and we’ll make it!”
It wasn’t that Lan Qu and Lan Wu were to excited but that, though young miss was skilled in both martial and scholarly pursuits, as a woman, her needlework was really unbearable to look at. Lan Qu and Lan Wu both have seen it once and didn’t wish to see it a second time, fearing it will be a blow to young miss’s self-confidence.
How could Lan You Nian not know of Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s thoughts? On a whim, she wanted to embroider a handkerchief, but in the end, besides being able to embroider spider lilies that were lifelike, other things she embroidered looked as if they’ve been gnawed on by dogs. When Lan Wu and Lan Qu saw the things she embroidered, they laughed out madly.
“Alright, I was only saying it!” Lan You Nian helplessly spread her hands. Inside, she still wished to embroider something for Feng Yi Xuan. As a man, Feng Yi Xuan was able to personally carve a hairpin for her; she should make a personal item for Feng Yi Xuan as any ordinary woman would.
The three of them entered a jade shop. Lan You Nian strolled around and took a fancy to a transparent green bracelet, feeling it wouldn’t be bad to give it to Hua Mu Qing. Just as she was about to have the shop owner package it up, a voice snapped, “Shop owner, wrap that bracelet up for this young miss!”
Lan You Nian lifted her head and looked over. She saw Qian Jing Han standing at the doors of the shop, pointing at the bracelet in her hands as she spoke, her attitude overbearing and didn’t allow for refusal. Lan You Nian glanced at the bracelet in her hand that wasn’t particularly good. She only thought to buy it on a whim, so she nonchalantly put it down, not wanting to fight over it, for in a few days they were going to return to the capital.
But Lan You Nian’s nonchalance didn’t make Qian Jing Han restrain her arrogance but became even more haunghty. Qian Jing Han pointed at Lan You Nian demanding, “What have you done to Young Master An? Give Young Master An back to me!”
Ever since that day she drank tea with Jing Wu An, Qian Jing Han hasn’t seen Jing Wu An since. Even if she wanted to search for him, she wasn’t able to find his whereabouts. She didn’t know Young Master An’s real name, didn’t know where he loved, even didn’t know where he was from. Qian Jing Han felt angry inside. When she saw Lan You Nian, Qian Jing Han knew she’d be able to find Young Master An, for Young Master An was following this woman that day. Could it be that this woman forbid Young Master An from finding her?
Lan You Nian’s eyes narrowed. Picking up the jade bracelet, she used internal force to throw it at Qian Jing Han’s index finger pointing at her. In an instant, Qian Jing Han’s index finger was smashed to the point it drooped over. Lan You Nian was certain Qian Jing Han’s finger was now useless because the bones in the index finger were shattered by her internal force.
“Ah!” Qian Jing Han gaped at her unbearably painful and drooping index finger, hurling insults, “You slut! I will have my father kill you!”
Lan You Nian picked up another jade ruyi put out by the shop owner and threw it at Qian Jing Han, using her internal strength. Qian Jing Han wanted to dodge but wasn’t able to. She could only watch helplessly as the jade ruyi smashed into the side of her face. Qian Jing Han screamed out in pain. The side of her face that was smashed rapidly swelled and her teeth were bloody as she spit out blood. Qian Jing Han couldn’t even able to speak. She could only use her eyes to glare at Lan You Nian.
Lan You Nian didn’t look at Qian Jing Han’s veiled poisonous eyes. This woman must be taken care of, but it couldn’t be done publicly. She definitely won’t keep an enemy, because a woman’s hatred was sometimes even more terrifying than a man’s.
“Lan Wu, pay for all losses of the shop owner!” Lan You Nian said, leaving the jade shop.
Because they’ve pretty much bought all the things they needed, the three of them got back into their carriage to return to their residence. Lan You Nian instructed Lan Qu to put those things away to give it to everyone when they’ve returned to the capital. Though those things weren’t worth a lot of money, they were all Jiangnan’s characteristic knicknacks, as well as her sentiments. She finally has a home.
When Lan You Nian walked into the room, she noticed Feng Yi Xuan was still looking through the booklets. When hew saw Lan You Nian had come back, he cracked a smile, very naturally as he pulled Lan You Nian onto his lap and continued to look through the booklets, but clearly he was in a much better mood.
“Did you have fun shopping?” Feng Yi Xuan held a brush as he read the booklet. He knew he has been too strict with Nian Nian the last few days, but he was really concerned with Nian Nian’s body.
Lan You Nian recalled all the novel objects she bought that day and felt quite happy, so she nodded, but remembering Qian Jing Han, her face wasn’t so pleased, as she pouted and tattletaled to Feng Yi Xuan, “Xuan, someone bullied me!”
If the people on the streets were to know Lan You Nian say this, they would definitely vomit blood. Did you see the bully be beat up into a pig?
Hearing this, Feng Yi Xuan dropped the booklet in his hand, his face ice-cold as he demanded, “Who?”
Lan You Nian felt pleased inside, hearing Feng Yi Xuan’s words. This man always spoiled her. Without concealing anything, Lan You Nian spilled the incident with Qian Jing Han to Feng Yi Xuan, and told Feng Yi Xuan she was going to get rid of Qian Jing Han.
Hearing this, Feng Yi Xuan was enraged. A mere daughter of Jiangnan’s wealthiest man dared to treat his precious Nian Nian like this! Feng Yi Xuan it was about time to sort out the entire Qian family; otherwise, they will really think they are the rulers of Jiangnan.
“Nian Nian, hand this matter to me!” Feng Yi Xuan pecked Lan You Nian’s forehead.
“You’re going to make your move on Qian family?” Lan You Nian asked without surprise. Feng Yi Xuan’s temper, most of the time, were to the extreme. He never left a hidden danger for himself. Most of the time, the basis of striking first gains the advantage is correct.
“Hn.” Feng Yi Xuan never hid any of his matters from Lan You Nian, even if many things were political affairs of the imperial court, “Jiangnan is held in the palm of Qian family. The taxes submitted to court is falsely reported every year. If this continues, Qian family will really become the rulers of these parts. More importantly, since Qian family has offended you, they must pay the price!”
As for Qian family’s situation, Feng Yi Xuan has been aware of it for a while. He’s simply never taken it seriously. Qian family just happened to run into the line of fire. Naturally, Feng Yi Xuan will settle things. He was merely using the imperial court as a hat to vent for Lan You Nian.
“You’re going to use the court’s power?” Lan You Nian grinned. She thought Feng Yi Xuan would use his own forces.
“Hn, finding some stuff for imperial brother to do!” Feng Yi Xuan said indifferently. If Feng Xia Qi was to know, he would vomit blood from anger.
“Tsk tsk, you, as Feng empire’s war god wangye, you really like to abuse your power for personal interest!” Lan You Nian picked up Feng Yi Xuan’s booklet from the table, bored as she flipped through it. Lan You Nian was certain, if it wasn’t because Qian family made her unhappy, Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t bother with managing Jiangnan’s matters. Most of the time, this man was apathetic as if all the things on this earth were nothing in his eyes, only putting her in his heart.
“Wu…” Feng Yi Xuan allowed Lan You Nian to look at these confidential booklets and said, “For Nian Nian…”
After discussing it with Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian sent Lan Feng to silently kill off Qian Jing Han. It wasn’t that Lan You Nian couldn’t wait but this Qian Jing Han didn’t simply offend her, more important, this Qian Jing Han knew of Jing Wu An. She couldn’t allow Jing Wu An’s life to be filled with an unknown danger.
Two days later, as Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian were about to leave Jiangnan, Jiangnan’s Qian family, because of charges of bribery and controlling the officials, was exposed. Over the years, Qian family has done many lawless things, making the entire Jiangnan’s common people only dare to rage but not to utter it, so when the court was ordered to capture Qian family, the richest family of Jiangnan for an unknown number of years, Qian family, became prisoners in the course of a night, lost the entire Qian family.