Renegade Immortal
Chapter 1860 - Uninvited Guest!

The moon hung above the Extreme Sky Prairie and there stars were thin. The bright moonlight shined on the earth, causing the prairie to be enveloped in a silver light. It looked very beautiful from afar. There was an unspeakable sense of peace and nothing to indicate that a great battle between tens of thousands of cultivators had taken place here during the day.
There were no corpses remaining on the earth. The bodies and souls of the dead cultivators had been devoured completely by the fog. It looked no different from before.
Only the trace of a bloody aura showed how devastating the battle was.
The moonlight could shine on the earth but was unable to penetrate the underground palace. Wang Lin was sitting inside a cave that was dark without any light. Even Wang Lin’s figure seemed to have become one with the darkness.
Wang Lin had paid a big price to kill Liu Zhiyuan, from calculating everything before the battle to the final blow. Right now, his face was pale and he was cultivating with his eyes closed.
After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes, and they lit up. It was as if there were two balls of fire in his eyes lighting up the cave.
Wang Lin now had a profound understanding of the danger of killing a Void Tribulant cultivator, just like how others found it difficult to kill him. Liu Zhiyuan had many other spells and treasures that he never got to use. Wang Lin’s timing was just too vicious; otherwise, the result could’ve been different.
“10 early stage Void Tribulant, three mid stage Void Tribulant… The task Old Ancestor Green Bull has given me is quite difficult…”Wang Lin silently pondered. In fact, when he had agreed to the three conditions, he already understood the challenge.
The reason he had agreed was because Wang Lin was unwilling to owe them for the three gifts! Just the gift of the water essence was the same as giving him a whole new essence!
If he had relied on himself to comprehend and gather the essence, it would’ve simply been too difficult, as shown with Wang Lin’s fire and thunder essences. Therefore, the weight of the gifts made it impossible for him to refuse.
As for the space stone, although it looked normal, Wang Lin had a vague feeling that it was not as simple as it was on the surface. It had a lot of space inside and was very mysterious.
There was also the final gift, the one use of divination. It would help Wang Lin greatly in a crisis and could even reverse the entire situation!
These three gifts were heavy, and since Wang Lin had accepted then, then he had to repay the sect!
“There are still nine more early stage Void Tribulant cultivators to go… If I can kill one, then I can certainly kill nine more! The most important thing is killing the three mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Even if I explode the 30 million dao soul, it can only kill one… As for the remaining two…”Wang Lin frowned, but he didn’t back down. There was a flash cold light in his eyes.
“Old Ancestor Green Bull gave me these three conditions thinking I won’t be able to complete them in a short period of time. He thinks It will take a long time… However, I don’t want to get too involved in the matter between the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent. I must complete the three conditions as soon as possible and cut my connection with the Great Soul Sect, then leave this place!”Wang Lin looked down at this body that has fused with the darkness in the cave.
Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and looked outside the cave. His gaze seemed to penetrate the cave and look outside. At this moment, the underground palaces were silent and only the sounds of breathing could be heard. There were some light from the moon stones there were placed here.
In the dim light, a woman’s silhouette arrived from the distance like smoke and stood outside Wang Lin’s cave.
She looked at Wang Lin’s cave hesitantly. After silently pondering for a long time, she was about to speak when Wang Lin’s calm voice came from the cave.
“Fellow Cultivator Yan Lu has come to visit me in the depths of the night. Why hesitate outside? Please come in.”
As Wang Lin’s words scattered, the door to the cave silently opened, revealing a gap. The gap was completely dark and it was impossible to see anything inside.
From Yan Lu’s location, the gap in the door was a mouth that would devour one’s heart, waiting for her to enter.
After pondering a bit more, Yan Lu clenched her teeth. She had doubts in her heart, and if it didn’t get cleared up, she wouldn’t be able to calm her heart down. She turned into smoke and entered through the gap in the door.
The moment she entered, the door to the cave closed, leaving not a sliver of an opening.
When the door of the cave closed, Yan Lu immediately stopped moving. She looked ahead. Unless one had used their cultivation on their eyes, it would still be dark in here.
She could vaguely see Wang Lin’s figure sitting in the distance, and it gave her a lot of pressure. The root of this pressure came from the two bets she had made in the Soul Scripture Pavilion.
Looking ahead, Yan Lu noticed a hint of killing intent. This killing intent was very light and not targeted at her. This was a natural aura released because the other person present had just returned after killing.
Only cultivators could faintly notice this aura.
Yan Lu didn’t know why, but the moment she felt the killing intent, the figure of Liu Zhiyuan appeared in her mind. His death and various things played in her eyes like a fantasy.
She seemed to have seen Wang Lin kill Liu Zhiyuan in a short period of time.
“Fellow Cultivator Yan Lu, it is late into the night and you’re just standing in my cave not saying a word. Do you plan on standing there all night?” Wang Lin said in a calm voice.
Yan Lu pondered a bit and then her voice slowly echoed inside the cave. “Did you kill the early stage Void Tribulant cultivator from the Green Devil Continent?”
“It must’ve been you. In this cave palace, aside from Elder Lu Wenran, no one else could’ve done it in such a short period of time. If there is anyone, it must be you!
“Other doesn’t know how powerful you are, but I’m well aware,” Yan Lu said softly as she looked at Wang Lin, who was hiding in the shadows.
“Wang Lin, was it you!”
Wang Lin pondered a bit and calmly replied, “No comment!” There wasn’t the slightest fluctuation, as if everything was normal.
After hearing what Wang Lin said, Yan Lu smiled. She moved the few strands of her hand behind her ears with her jade-like hand. She looked at Wang Lin and spoke softly.
“I don’t know why you won’t admit it. Your aura is unstable and you obviously paid the price. After all, a Void Tribulant cultivator won’t die so easily...
“If you need help, I can provide it… The premise is that once we kill a Void Tribulant cultivator, we split the benefits in half! Sorry to disturb you, I hope Elder Wang doesn’t mind. This is my show of sincerity and good will!” This was the real reason Yan Lu had come. She took out a pill and placed it on the ground before bowing to Wang Lin. A gentle gust of wind blew by the entrance of the cave and she disappeared.
In the end, Wang Lin’s response to Yan Lu’s constant questions contained only two simple words to. After Yan Lu left, Wang Lin opened his eyes and two fire-like lights shined in the dark cave.
He looked at the door to the cave, at Yan Lu’s back, and he pondered. He waved his right hand and the pill flew toward him. He carefully examined the pill. This pill gave off bursts of fragrance. It was clearly an extraordinary pill used for healing. Wang Lin slowly revealed a smile.
Time slowly passed. Soon, two days went by. The Green Devil Continent cultivators at the edge of the Extreme Sky Prairie were very quiet and didn’t start a second battle. They seemed to be waiting for something and continued to send dozens of people to observe the prairie.
Cultivators were also sent out from the underground palace to patrol outside. There were some conflicts, but no large scale battles.
The cultivators that were sent out were the three old men. The old man named Zhou was the person in charge of this. Aside from the Void Tribulant cultivators, all the remaining cultivators were sent out to patrol.
The cultivators that hadn’t gone out to patrol were all immersed in cultivation to keep themselves at their peak for the next battle. All the Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators understood that the Green Devil Continent wouldn’t give up so easily.
Ordinary cultivators could ignore this matter, but as the person with the highest cultivation level here, Lu Wenran looked up with a flash of worry in his eyes.
From his view, this matter was strange. The cultivators from the Green Devil Continent were likely waiting for reinforcements. If that were the case, there would be big changes here.
The matter of who had killed the enemy’s Void Tribulant cultivator was still lingering in his heart. He ruled out candidates one by one until he returned to his earliest speculation of Wang Lin.
Although he didn’t believe Wang Lin had the ability, this was a matter of great importance. He summoned one of the three old men, Zhou. After giving some orders, the old man named Zhou walked out of the cave.
During these two days of time, Wang Lin had recovered a lot. On the dusk of the second day, another guest after Yan Lu arrived outside his cave. It was another uninvited guest!
“Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin from the Great Soul Sect. I ask Fellow Cultivator to stop cultivating and patrol for the night!” The person who spoke was the old man named Zhou who had listened to the order from Lu Wenran.
At this moment, he was outside Wang Lin’s cave. He looked calm and he spoke coldly like he couldn’t be questioned.