Returning from the Immortal World
Chapter 1172 - Deadly Cards

Chapter 1172: Deadly Cards
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After reading the text from Kang Xia, Tang Xiu knew she was facing something important. Given her personality, she wouldn’t have easily contacted him if the issue was something she could handle.
“You’ve been looking for me, Kang Xia?”
“You finally called, Boss! Anyway, I got two things to report.” Kang Xia’s happy voice transmitted from the phone.
“What issue is it?” asked Tang Xiu.
“The first one is about business people from 36 countries all over the world. We got a total of 470 company directors, all of whom have gathered in Star City, hoping to obtain the distribution rights of our products. I’ve assigned some people to analyze the portfolios of their companies and the details should be on my desk in a week, which I’m going to review and decide which company’s directors to contact. You gave me the base rule previously to only pick one distributor for each country. That means only 36 representatives will be selected in the end. However, I’ve estimated that more group companies’ leaders overseas will be coming in the next week. That’s why I’m hoping that you can come back to Star City to preside over the event.”
Tang Xiu gave it a thought for a moment and then seriously said, “This issue is quite important, indeed. I’ll try to head home as soon as possible, but before that, release the press conference that the Magnificent Tang Corp. will announce the list of each country’s distributor next month, whereas the companies who would like to cooperate with our company must submit a letter of intent to our office. Emphasize it that the Magnificent Tang Corp. will ignore any overseas group company who come to visit us directly.”
“When are you coming back, then?” asked Kang Xia.
“Ugh, I may not be able to come back for a while.” Tang Xiu forced a smile and replied, “I’m in Japan now and things I’ve been dealing with are not over yet. But rest assured. I’ll be able to solve it in a month at most, then I’ll return to Star City directly.”
“I see.” Kang Xia replied and continued, “The second matter is about the New Metro in Star City. It’s been progressing smoothly, but we got so many buyers from all over the country that we are unable to meet the demands even if the second phase has been fully developed. Another issue worth noting is about Star City’s second in command. He came to see me and Long Hanwen a few days ago, hoping that we can hoard all the houses there.”
Tang Xiu furrowed his brows and asked, “What’s your take on this one?”
“We still have a lot of properties under our control at the present, so I think we can sell them all,” said Kang Xia. “But our company is still listed at the top priority list due to the advance order of the second phase, which means that we can stock up lots of properties in the second phase even though all the properties of the first phase are all sold out. The same can be said for the third, the fourth, and the subsequent phases in the future. Regardless, we can use the difference in earning and take the median price to earn a lot of revenue.”
“What about Long Hanwen’s opinion?” asked Tang Xiu.
“Similar to mine, more or less,” Kang Xia replied. “But he said he wants to ask your opinion first. If you agree that our company will sell all the properties in the first phase, the Long Group will also follow suit and sell all the real estate they have in stock.”
“If so, then sell them all!” Tang Xiu decided. “What I care about most at this time is how much money can we withdraw in a short time once all the properties are sold. Anyhow, how much funds are available for use now, though?”
“About 60 billion,” answered Kang Xia.
Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and wryly smiled. “That’s… a bit few.”
“What do you need it for, though?” asked Kang Xia.
“I recently discovered that there are so many cultivators in the world. If by chance those major forces continue to expand their strengths in the future, it’s very likely we’ll need to hoard more cultivation resources. That’s why I need a massive number of funds to purchase these resources and snatch them from those major forces all over the world. At the very least, Tang Sect will need to hoard cultivation resources enough for all disciples to consume for 20 years.”
“Didn’t you set up those two islands in the South China Sea for this purpose, though?” asked Kang Xia hurriedly. “The resources from them are not enough?”
“Far from enough.” Tang Xiu wryly smiled and continued, “The number of cultivation resources that can be provided by those two sites is insignificant compared to the number of resources needed by all Tang Sect’s disciples to consume in the future.”
Kang Xia fell into silence for about 2 minutes. Then, she suddenly said, “Well, we can actually get a massive amount of funds in a short time.”
“You can make it happen? How much can you get?” asked Tang Xiu quickly with a slightly shifted expression.
“It’s from the distributor rights for our company’s products. We can demand advance payment for the agency rights. The total sum approximately exceeds 100 billion and we’ll likely earn more if we are to sell each product separately.”
“Distributor rights’ fee and advance payment?” Tang Xiu’s eyes instantly shone. He happily patted his own thigh and said, “Kang Xia, once you’ve sold all the properties of the New Metro we’ve stocked up, immediately transfer 50 billion yuan to my account.”
“Copy that!” Kang Xiu replied with a nod.
The conversation went on for a long while before Tang Xiu hung up. He didn’t stuff his cell phone to the interspatial ring this time but put it in his pocket. He previously asked Miao Wentang to get in touch with the Buddhist Sect’s people, and the said people may have already on the way here and they would definitely call him when they came to Japan.
“Huh? I miss something.”
He suddenly realized something and immediately took out his cell phone and dialed Miao Wentang’s number. A huge incident just happened in Japan and the whole country was very likely in turmoil. Those people from China’s Buddhist Sect would definitely be standing out when they arrived in Japan and thus, would be noticed by the Joyous Palace and the authority of this country in a short time.
Should it happen at that time, although he was there to help them, he would have a hard time shaking off the tracking of any interested party. It would prove very difficult for either he or those Buddhist Sect’s people to take any actions.
“Yo, what’s up, Brother Tang?” Miao Wentang’s voice came out of the phone.
“Have you met with those Buddhist Sect’s people, Brother Miao?” asked Tang Xiu directly.
“Yeah, I have met them and they have set off already. They spent some money to join a tour group and left by a boat,” said Miao Wetang smilingly.
“You mean… those Buddhist Sect’s people are already on the sea to Japan?” asked Tang Xiu hurriedly.
“Yeah.” Miao Wentang replied.
“Hurry up and give the contact number of those Buddhist monks!” asked Tang Xiu. “Japan is quite chaotic at the present and some peculiar changes will definitely happen when they come here. That’s why I have to get in touch with them fast.”
Miao Wentang was stunned and wryly smiled. “You should’ve told me that earlier, Brother Tang! I don’t have the cell number of any of them, but I did give them yours. I also told them to contact you once they arrive in Japan.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a while and then said, “Do you know the name of the tour group they are traveling with? Help me find it out and tell me before they arrive in Japan.”
“No prob.” Miao Wentang curtly replied and immediately hang up.
After half an hour passed, Tang Xiu received a text from Miao Wentang. After reading it, he immediately summoned Xue Sha and Hei Xiong, saying, “You both are to head over to the Taiga Port. Be sure to enter a liner before it is docked. Find some Buddhist monks there and be very careful when you escort them here. Can you do it?”
“We can do it.”
Both men exchanged looks and firmly nodded.
As Xue Sha and Hei Xiong left, Tang Xiu silently thought about how to settle these Buddhist monks. The situation in Japan was quite chaotic and now was not the best time for the Buddhist Sect to actively hit the Joyous Palace and destroy it completely. The reason being was due to General Fukuda, who absolutely wouldn’t stay idly by.
Soon after, Kuwako came back after gathering intel from the outside. Tang Xiu fell into silence when she reported the result of the battle between the Joyous Palace and Japan’s authority.
The Joyous Palace had lost.
He had already guessed it, yet he still felt a pity somehow. It was because the Joyous Palace Master was likely to choose to immediately stay low after such a heavy blow. He may also opt to move the Joyous Palace to some other safe location.
“Gong Wan’er!”
Tang Xiu slowly raised his head and transmitted his voice to Gong Wan’er’s ear on the first floor.
Shortly after, Gong Wan’er appeared before him and respectfully said, “Do you have any instructions for me, Boss?”
“I just received news that the Joyous Palace has been defeated in that battle,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “Certainly, the failure itself is a given considering this place is General Fukuda’s turf. The defeat of the Joyous Palace, however, is only the force it has in the capital. That’s why I called you here.”
Expression turning dark, Gong Wan’er inquired. “What would you like me to say?”
“You’ve been in the Joyous Palace for so long, so you should know it inside out. Do you think they will hide like a turtle due to this fiasco?”
“Absolutely not!” replied Gong Wan’er categorically.
“Why so sure?” Tang Xiu raised his brows and asked in surprise.
“You don’t know him, nor do you know his power and horror. Be it those Mistresses or the 72 Chess Pieces, they are just part of the force revealed to the outside world. Unlike outsiders who may not be aware of it, I know that he has other deadly cards at hand.”
“For instance?” asked Tang Xiu curiously.
The woman hesitated for a while and finally said slowly, “For instance, the four Vajra Guardian Deities, 18 Arhats, or the Buddha Shadows squad.”
“I understand the Four Vajra Guardian Deities and 18 Arhats, but what is this Buddha Shadows squad?” asked Tang Xiu with knitted brows.
“It’s the name of his personal guard he has trained to help him assassinate all his enemies,” answered Gong Wan’er. “But there’s no need to ask me anything else about them as I know not the specific details, either.”
“I’ll ask no further since what you know is also limited.” Tang Xiu stood up and said, “But my guess is, he has been guarding against the Buddhist Sect in China all these years, so those experts he has trained in secret should be his preparation to deal with the Buddhist Sect. Anyway, let’s head off and meet some people.”