Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife
Chapter 1148 - The Threat from Yun Bixue

Chapter 1148: The Threat from Yun Bixue
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Yun Bixue believed that Wang Qianjin would come.
Even though he suffered previously, given his temperament, he would definitely come.
Hence, Yun Bixue was not worried. She checked the time on her phone while waiting.
Time passed by slowly. The waitress came over to ask three times, but Yun Bixue only ordered a cup of tea. She waited patiently.
When Wang Qianjin opened the door to the private room, Yun Bixue heard the sound and looked up. When she saw a seductive man with an intoxicating charm, her lips twitched.
There were only two words in her mind—flashy b*stard.
Wang Qianjin stared at the uncomfortable look on Yun Bixue’s face and smiled seductively. He extended his hands and said, “Aren’t you going to welcome me? You invited me here today.”
Yun Bixue stared at Wang Qianjin’s hands that were reaching out for a hug and dodged instantly, closing the door as she did.
Wang Qianjin paused for a moment and said, “Yun Bixue, you’re really shy. You don’t want people to know.”
An icy glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes. She took a big step forward and grabbed the collar of Wang Qianjin’s shirt before saying ruthlessly, “Wang Qianjin, I didn’t invite you here today to spout rubbish. I’m only going to ask you two things!”
A light flashed across Wang Qianjin’s intoxicating eyes. He looked down at his collar and at Yun Bixue’s tightly gripped hands with a dangerous glint. “Yun Bixue, do you really think I won’t do anything to you?”
“Wang Qianjin, I believe you will really do whatever you want to. Even if I die, I want to find out the truth.”
Sensing the viciousness in Yun Bixue’s voice, Wang Qianjin laughed and said, “Oh, what do you want to ask?”
“The first is regarding the situation in Gui County. Is it very dangerous in Gui County now? The villages there are obstructed by snow. How is the actual situation like? Why do they insist on having the Minister of State Affairs staying at the front line? Whose idea is that?”
“Yun Bixue, do you think I have to answer just because you asked?”
Yun Bixue gave a faint smile and replied, “Wang Qianjin, you’re too careless. You shouldn’t underestimate women. Nah, look here.” Yun Bixue gestured with her chin.
Wang Qianjin looked down and saw a few thin and small silver needles clasped between Yun Bixue’s fingers. They were positioned right at the pulse on his neck.
Wang Qianjin was stunned for a moment. A sinister, murderous glint flashed in his eyes, but he was neither afraid nor angry. “Yun Bixue, I know you won’t do anything to me. Just like how you’re so sure that I will come, I am very sure you won’t kill anyone.”
Yun Bixue lightly scoffed and said, “Wang Qianjin, stop with your glib tongue. Let me tell you, these silver needles are laced with poison. Even if I was careless and didn’t manage to kill you, it will be nice if I can make you suffer as well.”
“Yun Bixue, I, Wang Qianjin, have never been threatened by anyone before. You’re the first!”
“Wang Qianjin, do unto others what you want others to do unto you. You threatened other people first. I’m merely returning the favor now.”
Wang Qianjin’s murderous intent slowly dissipated into his current calmness. He realized that the woman before him was unusually smart. She had her ways indeed. Other women could not compare to her as no one had been able to take advantage of him before, not to mention that she had been able to do so multiple times.
He suddenly did not want to kill her anymore.
“Are you going to answer me or not?”
Seeing how determined and anxious Yun Bixue was, a strange and intoxicating glint flashed across his eyes. He casually replied, “The situation in Gui County now is not optimistic. Didn’t you see it for yourself? Aid resources are being flown over constantly. The reason why the Minister of State Affairs was chosen was because it was part of his duties. Furthermore, he offended quite a number of officials right after he was appointed. Who else would they send if not him?”