Rise of Humanity
Chapter 928 - Seventh Cervical Spine

Chapter 928: Seventh Cervical Spine
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But Zhong Yue didn’t take the huge hammer, instead, he laughed and said, “Seniors, the weapon has not been fully forged still, I dare not intervene. Since it’s a competition, of course the seniors should be given priority over me to forge a weapon.”
The two old men smirked, “Those from the Xian Tian Palace are all boasters, even Mister Yi is no exception. Fine, we will make you lot die with our magnificence!”
Then, one wielded the hammer and the other controlled the bellow as the two old men continued forging.
Fu Li’s face grew paler as he found that the two old men’s ways of forging were filled with many abstrusities, one that appeared highly similar to his own cultivations.
True enough, these abstrusities were like his, but even deeper than Fu Li’s own attainments in the mortal body. Not to mention that the Dao voices of the [Demonic Chant of Reincarnation] coming from the clanking of metals that weren’t even in Fu Li’s area of cultivations!
His cultivations came from the Leizhe Clan, an art known as the [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture]. The [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture] was adopted by the ancient universe’s wild humans long ago and modified to make it more suitable for humans to cultivate.
The [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture] had the power to stimulate the sealed Leizhe blood in the humans, allowing them to awaken the powers of the innate celestial dragons. It was one of the most brutal and overbearing cultivation arts!
However, the [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture] was incomplete, lacking the most important puzzle of the whole art— the part that explained the Six Paths Reincarnations, missing the complete explanation and use of the Six Paths Reincarnations in this art.
Fu Li was already one of the most talented humans in the whole ancient universe and one of the strongest human leaders. Yet, he too was unable to piece the only flaw in the [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture].
Whereas the two old men took a similar cultivation path as his, although not the [Barbaric Divine Dragon Scripture], all types of cultivations were only different means of achieving one same goal. They would eventually end up at the same place; the two old man’s forging skills gave him lots of inspiration about how he should cultivate in the future.
But that wasn’t the reason why he was pallid. The actual reason was he realized the yet-to-complete weapon that the two old men were forging was in fact, forged to tackle him; his cultivation, his mortal body, his Yuan Shen, and his flaws!
That said, once the weapon was forged, it would hold the exact power to take him down in just one strike, a sure-kill attack!
Just how terrifying was it to know that there was such a way of forging exists in this life. That it could forge a divine weapon specifically targeted toward an individual, one that could deliver a sure-kill to the target!
The sounds of metal clanking were shuddering Fu Li’s mortal body and Yuan Shen, even the secret realms and Daos in his body were shuddering as well. It was as if the sounds of metal clanking was reacting to the changes in him, then feeds the reactions back to the hammer so its wielder would better understand his flaws and weaknesses.
Beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead and his scalps were tingling. He knew for sure that once the weapon was completed, he would die, there was just no escape from it anymore by then!
How terrifying.
After a long time, the sounds of metals clanking slowly ceased and the two old men stopped forging. They took down a weapon from the anvil. It was round and long, like a needle!
Fu Li’s eyelids were thumping and his hairs bristled. The feeling of a needle poking into his seventh cervical spine, through his brain, and out of his head!
The seventh cervical spine was located between one’s neck and shoulders. Humans weren’t pure Leizhe dragons, they also had the blood of the Huaxu snakes flowing through their veins.
The Hua Xu Ancient God was the first innate snake. And snakes had a common lethal spot which was the seventh vertebrae down from its skull. When a snake’s lethal spot was struck, it would die.
The same lethal spot was also passed down to the humans. While Fu Li had only awoken the dragon blood in him, he had never cultivated any Huaxu cultivation arts. This made his seventh cervical spine, the equivalent of the snakes’ seventh vertebrae, his weak spot!
When the needle was forged, he felt like it was meant to be in his seventh cervical spine, to pin down his Yuan Shen and pierce through his skull!
“How’s the needle?” The old man who wielded the hammer asked, “King Yi, you can tell the marvelousness of the needle, can’t you?”
Zhong Yue nodded in admiration, “Seniors forged a divine weapon dedicated to Fu Li. With just the rumbling Dao voice, seniors are able to forge a treasure that can ensure a top Creator’s death, I can’t help but admire. But there are four of us here, seniors only forged one, do you think we will concede so easily?”
The two old men exchanged a look and laughed together, “King Yi asks for a willing death! Fine, we’ll forge another three!”
The sounds of metal clankings could be heard resounding over the space for a long time. The second divine weapon forged was a scissors, and Hundun Yu suddenly said while staring closely at it, “I can feel my life reaped by this scissors, this terrifies me. Fortunately, I have the divine tree with me, it can’t cut my branches, else, I’d be scared to death already.”
The old men heard him and quickly glanced over only to notice the Fu Sang Divine Tree on Hundun Yu’s elbow. Their hearts skipped a beat as shock filled into it, they exchanged a look and the other old man sneered coldly, “The Hundan Clan has even sent out its monarch weapon, are the Hunduns ready to step in now?”
They turned around and continued to forge the next divine weapon. This time, it was for Yin Fanxuan.
To Zhong Yue, the Innate Saint Spirit Body literally had no weakness. If the two old men were to forge a weapon aiming for her weakness, they wouldn’t even able to forge anything.
But to his surprise, with the sounds of metals clanking, a divine weapon was slowly forming on the anvil!
As time passed, Yin Fanxuan’s countenance grew more serious. This time, the forging was much slower, but the Dao voices were still shuddering her mortal body and Yuan Shen, pulsing waves and waves of death on her face.
Time flowed unknowingly as the weapon’s shape turned clearer to them. Its structure was complex. From the outside, the weapon appeared like a bell with nine status of dragons on the sides. The dragons’ heads were facing down, their mouths gnawed on a dragonball each and their tails connected at the top of the bell.
Between the dragons were nets joined together. In between the net holes were contained various different Dao totems that were incredibly complex!
Yin Fanxuan sighed, the divine weapon was no doubt forged for her specifically.
The Innate Saint Spirit Body had no weaknesses, its strong and high affinity to the Daos allowed the Innate Saint Spirit Body to wield every Daos in the universe. Every skill to the Innate Saint Spirit Body was as good as the skills’ ultimate form.
This was what made the Innate Saint Spirit Body so vaunted, but that too, was its only flaw.
The dragon bell was exactly forged at her weakness. When the bell trapped her in it, it would form an inner world of its own, a pocket world where the world’s Daos were the Daos weaved in the netholes. That way, she wouldn’t be able to make use of the Daos of the actual world. Instead, the Daos that she would try to call upon would only be absorbed by the bell and further boost the bell’s power.
In the end, the Innate Saint Spirit Body would be killed in the bell by the powers she called from the Daos of the world.
“Nice weapon,” Yin Fanxuan praised bitterly.
The two old men smirked. Then, the old man wielding the hammer took out a piece of hot iron, slamming on it as he proceeds in forging the next weapon.
A thought suddenly came into Zhong Yue’s mind and he hid his Dao of Space and Dao of Time into the Space Secret Realms and Time Secret Realms, leaving only the Six Paths visible to them.
A long time later, the fourth and final divine weapon was finished forging and took down from the anvil by the two old men.
This weapon was a strange-looking one. In the center was a huge ball, transparent like a bubble while six halos were circling with the ball as the core.
“What do you think of using this armillary sphere to kill you?” The old man who handled the bellow squinted his eyes and smiled as he asked.
Zhong Yue inspected the armillary sphere carefully. The six circling halos were for his six Daos. However, he had suppressed his Yi Dao before, and thus, the armillary sphere was only aimed at his five Daos of Yin, Yang, Celestial, Demon, and Lightning.
The Yi Dao resembled endless change, the armillary sphere’s six halos of Dao wouldn’t even able to suppress it.
However, the huge ball in the center gave Zhong Yue the most ominous feeling. It was forged to counter his mortal body and Yuan Shen. The two old men had taken a deep look into his innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen. Thus, they filled the center huge ball with the power of Six Paths so it could strip Zhong Yue’s innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen back to the mortal state!
“To kill me, it is more than enough,” Zhong Yue’s face was pale as he said.
The seniors were satisfied. The old man who had the hammer handed it toward Zhong Yue while smiling, “King Yi, now it’s your turn.”
Zhong Yue picked up the hammer and immediately muffled a deep groan. God knows what was the hammer forged from as it was incredibly heavy and had a strong force of Metamagnet Divine Power that nearly pulled his whole body onto the hammer’s surface.
The two old men had smirks on their faces while Zhong Yue inhaled deeply. The powers of his six Yuan Shen secret realms billowed out from his body and the six halos behind him revolved rapidly, growing larger every second and swirling the stars around. The six Innate Daos covered his arms, making them thick and sturdy!
The two old men were really shocked when they saw Zhong Yue slowly lifting up the hammer. Then, Zhong Yue said solemnly, “Seniors, please help me with the bellows!”
The old man who was in charge of the bellow laughed, “Our order is to kill you, given the tremendous disparities over our prowesses, the order is nothing but an act of bullying. It really did make me feel bad already, not to mention that this guilt will soon crawl up our Dao hearts and affect our future cultivation. Thus, the only way to go around it is to let you die willingly, that we kill you in a fair fight. Come, I will handle the bellows and help you in your forgings!”
The other old man also laughed, “This hammer burdens you too much, come, let me make it easier for you.”
Immediately, Zhong Yue could tell the hammer has lightened up and was now easier for him to wield. He then thanked the seniors for their help.
The second old man said, “King Yi is really outstanding, if it’s not because of the orders, we won’t come for you now too. Not while you are still in the level of Heavenly Deity, at least, you have to be an Imperial Emperor first because that’s when we can have a fair fight and kill you. But the orders are given, and we are forced to execute it. If you can forge a weapon that makes us both willing to concede defeat, we will turn and leave without even turning back!”
Zhong Yue nodded. The other old man sucked in a deep breath of air and blew out the Innate Xun Wind, causing the furnace to burn higher. Soon after, the metal in it was burnt into a reddish hot lump and Zhong Yue clamped it out from the furnace, placing it on the anvil and started forging it.
What kind of metal is this? Why is it not melting even after it’s burnt by such strong fire?
Zhong Yue was shocked but maintained his composure quickly as he continued striking the metal piece with the huge hammer!
A soft and rhythmic din sounded out form the metal piece as it slowly deformed under the hammer’s strikes. In the midst of the soft din, faint voices of the Dao could be heard chanting obscurely, as if the gods were praising the creation of the weapon.
Then, Zhong Yue smashed the hammer down again. Sparks of fire flew out from the point of impact, spreading out and formed specters of gods that circled around the anvil.
One strike after another, Zhong Yue’s body underwent enormous stress. His muscles were bulging out and his veins protruding from his skins as if there were dragons lying under his skin.
He had no other thought other than the hammer in his hands and the metal it was striking.
After a long time, when the metal cooled down, he returned it back to the furnace and the old man again burned the metal reddish.
Zhong Yue clamped the metal out and continued striking on it.
The metal was slowly taking shape and in the process, there were also many strange patterns that gradually appeared on the metal’s surface.
And the sparks of fire were also growing in number with more variations. Sometimes, they were turned into a sky of stars; sometimes, a storming sea with raging tides; or they could be the elements of earth, water, wind, and fire; sometimes the mountains and rivers; or a crowd of races, and many other more.
As time passed, the metal piece under Zhong Yue’s hammer was nearing completion. Its shape was a round disc and its surface was filled with even more arcane patterns that looked somewhat look a drawing.
Zhong Yue raised the hammer again, and this time, it was different.
The sky and earth shuddered and the Daos around them shivered. There were rays of different colors seeping out of the void, billowing down like rainbows, striking down onto the round disc!
The disc’s sides were extended out, turning it into a strange container that is round at the bottom and squarish on the top.
He was borrowing the two old man’s divine weapons to forge the treasures of the Heavenly Daos!
This was one of Great Sui’s discoveries, the 25th Drawings of Heavenly Daos — Tian Pan.