Shadow Hack

Shadow Hack

Shadow Hack
Chapter 829 - Let You All Go?

Chapter 829: Let You All Go?
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Li Yunmu looked at the shadow transformed into Chen Xiu and threw a ball of blood hovering above his hand toward it. The blood entered the shadow, and the presence of Morrow bloodline appeared within the shadow which looked like Chen Xiu.
With power of belief and Chen Xiu’s blood essence within it, Li Yunmu didn’t believe that Asura would be able to sense any differences.
Chen Xiu looked at the body in front of him, which was completely identical to him, and was instantly entranced. After a moment, he snapped back to reality and smiled at Li Yunmu.
“Master, this trick is really miraculous.”
Brunhilda looked at shadow Chen Xiu and warned Li Yunmu, “With the presence of power of belief and blood essence, Asura might not be able to sense it. But Yunmu, you must still be careful, the seven ancient gods of Lanlou are of the same generation as my father. This Asura also concealed his strength in the great war, so it is pretty obvious how scheming he is.”
“If there’s not fighting, Asura won’t be able to sense it. Moreover, by the time he senses, Lanlou’s seven ancient gods will be battling each other. Without enough time to look after himself, he won’t care about us two,” Li Yunmu said with a smile, then turned around and looked at the pale-faced Chen Xiu.
“Chen Xiu, after today, you will stay in my heavenly world and comprehend the cultivation method I’ll give you. If you need something, call my name and I will appear.”
“Yes, master,” Chen Xiu respectfully said.
When he raised his head after that, his surroundings had changed. He stood on a vast land with endless stars in the sky above him. There were three cultivation relaying globes in front of him, Chen Xiu chose one of them and began to comprehend.
Back in the room, Li Yunmu embraced Brunhilda while looking at the lively colosseum underneath. A cold sneer appeared on his lips.
“Apparently, Chen Xiu was being watched when he followed us.”
Brunhilda frowned and released her divine presence to scan the surroundings. Right away, she saw three young masters led by an attendant aggressively walking toward them.
“This group of three young masters continues to bother us. What do you intend to do?”
“What to do? I naturally must teach them a lesson. Whether for good or bad, I am the sixth son of Asura, so by just relying on my status, I can make them kneel on the ground and call me ancestor.”
In the corridor of the four-story building, a group of people was hastily walking forward.
Domingle was in the lead, with Jasmine following behind him and Luo Tian with his enormous arms goin last. Behind the three people, a group of maids was following. The reason why everyone was walking so quickly was to ascertain whether Chen Xiu was alive or not.
After all, he had lied to Ancient God Asura and the city lord by claiming that he had a part of the ancient goddess’s soul. It should have been impossible for him to escape responsibility for such a huge crime and safely walk out.
Moreover, there was also the matter of Ming Xiu’s death. Even if Chen Xiu was unrelated, it was impossible that Jiao Xiu would not punish him. Yet Chen Xiu was still openly watching the fights in the colosseum.
The three people walked through the building with great swagger to confirm whether Chen Xiu was living peacefully or not.
When they reached the correct room, Domingle stopped and the door with his palm. Instantly, the wooden door shattered to powder because of the force and revealed the room.
Straight away, Domingle saw Chen Xiu sitting on a leather chair. An astonished expression appeared on the young master’s face, and he said with a smile, “Sure enough, I hadn’t seen wrong. You all see this.”
Jasmine and Luo Tian looked in front of them and also saw Chen Xiu sitting on the leather chair with two subordinates standing behind him. The two young masters were astonished in their hearts. How did this dog escape the tribulation of Patriarch Jiao Xiu and survive?
Jasmine, who wore a red muslin veil, revealed a hint of a smile. “Little brother, I hadn’t expected that you would really be alive. Truly miraculous.”
Li Yunmu’s shadow turned around and looked at the three young masters who had entered his room and said in a calm tone, “You three rushed into my private room… Aren’t there any rules?”
The smile on Jasmine’s face froze, and a hint of anger appeared on Domingle’s face. Luo Tian’s expression turned even more ugly.
The three young masters hadn’t expected that Chen Xiu would surprisingly say such words. In terms of status, they were the young masters of the four great clans while Chen Xiu was only a branch family descendant and nothing more. Between the four of them, there was an unbridgeable gap.
In the future, they would be the patriarchs of their respective clans and were foreordained to become gods. While a branch family descendant like Chen Xiu could at most become great circle sage flux expert and act as their slave.
Yet a slave surprisingly dared to talk to them with such a tone, asking whether there were any rules or not.
Domingle’s expression grew taut, and after a long time he revealed a hint of smile while his twelve eyes firmly fixed on Chen Xiu. “Things like rules are determined by people sitting at the top. We are the people who determine rules, so why do we have to follow them? But you…”
Before he was finished talking, Luo Tian interrupted him and his figure transformed into a blur, immediately passing over the two people in front of him. His large hand turned into a fist that charged toward Chen Xiu with violent gale.
“What nonsense are you talking with a slave? First beat him and then we’ll talk.”
Jasmine and Domingle did not say anything, just kept their gazes firmly fixed on Chen Xiu. Rahu Clan was the number one clan among the four great clans in terms of strength, but they were unable to become the leaders because they were not good at scheming. Luo Tian as the young master of Rahu Clan was naturally the most powerful among the four young masters.
How could a branch family descendant of Morrow Clan resist Luo Tian’s attack? Even if the two of them had comparable cultivation, there was a difference between heaven and earth between a pure bloodline and an impure bloodline.
Before the punch even landed, the two young masters concluded that Chen Xiu would die in body and soul.
When the enormous punch creating violent gales arrived in front of Li Yunmu, he expressionlessly extended his fist and matched it with Luo Tian’s punch.
The strong young master fell back, landing in front of Jasmine and Domingle. The expressions of the two young masters grew taut when they looked at Luo Tian fallen at their feet. They were speechless for a long time.
What exactly was going on?
Domingle looked up at Chen Xiu who was continued sitting on the leather chair without the slightest injury. Great waves began to rage in his heart. When had the branch disciple become so formidable? Even the most formidable of the young masters could not handle a strike like that.
While full of vigilance, he said with feigned calm, “Hmph, Chen Xiu, you are a branch family descendant and you dared to raise your hand against the young master of Rahu Clan? You are simply courting death. This matter, I will clearly explain it to the patriarch of Rahu Clan. You should just wait for the trial.”
After saying that, Domingle hinted to the flustered maid behind him to help Luo Tian and turned around to leave.
“Wait a minute, did I say that you all can go?”
A carefree voice from behind caused Domingle and Jasmine to stop in their tracks, and a hint of fury appeared on their faces. Even if a slave was formidable, they were still a slave in the end. Whatever was said, Jasmine and Domingle were two young masters, yet a branch family descendant provoked them again and again. After being subjected to such treatment, even if their temperament was good, they would still end up furious.