Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
Chapter 1165 - So What If The World Became His Enemy Because Of Her?

Chapter 1165 - So What If The World Became His Enemy Because Of Her?
"I'll take you to her whenever you want." Mo Shili smiled and then praised the Beggar's Chicken. "Oh, this doesn't taste too bad. Mmm... how fragrant." Mo Shili tore off a piece of roasted Beggar's Chicken. After chewing it a few times, the bitter and salty taste filled his mouth and he almost spat it out. However, he still pretended to eat it as if it was delicious. After swallowing it several times, he continued to eat it in big mouthfuls.
"Save some for me. I would also like to taste it." Mo Qingyi managed to snatch a small piece after great difficulty. But with just one mouthful of it, she spat it out as her eyebrows and nose became scrunched up.
"You're just saying what I want to hear. This tastes disgusting, yet you still say it's delicious," said Mo Qingyi dejectedly as she snatched the Beggar's Chicken from Mo Shili and threw it away.
"Anything you cook is the most delicious in the world," said Mo Shili with a smile as he wrapped his arm around Mo Qingyi's shoulder.
"You're terrible." Mo Qingyi snorted, still very dissatisfied. She then turned around and went to get the water pouch. "Rinse your mouth. If you are poisoned to death one day, wouldn't I be quite a formidable person to be the first to kill someone through cooking? I don't know whether to laugh or cry."
Mo Shili watched as Mo Qingyi mumble to herself as she went to get the water bag, and a gentle smile appeared on his lips. With Qingyi by his side, he was even willing to become enemies with the world.
Huangfu Qingjue was still treating Ding Wenqing at the inn.
Finally, a brilliant light flashed and the True Qi from Qiu Yisha in Ding Wenqing's Qi Ocean had been completely removed. The latter felt every pore in his body open up as vitality vigorously flowed through. Ding Wenqing managed to break through the cultivation bottleneck that he had been stuck in, advancing to the realm of True Essence Advanced Stage in one fell swoop.
"Thank you, sir, for saving my life," said Ding Wenqing gratefully with a deep bow. He knew that this Rebirth Technique had not only healed his injury but also greatly benefited his future cultivation.
Lei Wanshan also thanked him profusely.
"There's no need to be so polite. In the future, I hope you will serve Golden Pill Sect well," said Huangfu Qingjue to the duo with a wave of his hand.
"Please rest assured, sir. We will never let you down," said both Lei Wanshan and Ding Wenqing at the same time.
"Lei Tianbo's crime those years ago was unintentional, right. He shouldn't have received such a heavy punishment. Your seal should have been released already," said Huangfu Qingjue to Lei Wanshan.
"Thank you... thank you, sir!" Lei Wanshan was stunned at first. He was so surprised that his voice was trembling.
Ever since they were kicked out of the clan, the descendants of the Lei family never expected to be able to break the seal one day. This was a completely unexpected surprise.
Huangfu Qingjue's fingers formed a series of mysterious finger gestures that swept across Lei Wanshan's body. A moment later, a light formation of several rings appeared on Lei Wanshan's body. It was the seal that had been suppressing their strength potential. The seal sparkled and glowed before shattering and dissipating, ring after ring.
With the seal broken, even a person standing next to Lei Wanshan could clearly feel the True Qi in his body flowing more rapidly than before. It was constantly improving and accumulating as if it could explode at any moment.
All these years, Lei Wanshan had been cultivating arduously despite the seal. Obviously, he was never truly able to break through. But, the moment the seal was lifted, he suddenly found himself on the verge of one.
Lei Wanshan clenched his teeth tightly as if he could no longer withstand the impact of the sudden increase in True Qi—he had suddenly entered in dangerous territory.