Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
Chapter 431 - It Really is Such a Coincidence. Such a Coincidence

Chapter 431: It Really is Such a Coincidence. Such a Coincidence
“Lady, why are you leaving too? Didn’t I ask you to wait? I will pay you back when I get the money, alright?” The old man had heard the sound of footsteps. He turned his head and said in a surprise when he saw Ling Chuxi.
“Oh, it’s nothing. You don’t have to pay me back.” Ling Chuxi criticized silently in her heart. ‘At your speed, if I had waited till next year, I don’t think that I would even be able to see your shadow. Furthermore I think that you actually do not have the intention to pay me back. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be dilly-dallying like this.’
“How about this. My house is just right in front. You can follow me back home to take the money. The courtyard in my house has one of the best views in the capital. I guarantee that it will be an eye-opener for you.” The old man squinted his eyes faintly and said to Ling Chuxi triumphantly. The more she looked at his appearance, the more obscene it was.
“Forget it. There’s no need.” Ling Chuxi was silently alert as she looked at his perverted expression. ‘This old man should not have any funny hobbies, right? I should have let him get beaten up if I had known earlier.’
“Go on, go on.” The old man persuaded her and his expression turned even more obscene.
“No need. I said there’s no need!” Ling Chuxi subconsciously took two steps behind. What should she do? She had the urge to attack him now. The other party was an old man. Could he endure her beating? This was a big question.
Just as Ling Chuxi was in a tangle, a shadow suddenly scurried out from an alley by her side. Ling Chuxi was startled when she saw the disheveled state of the shadow with shaggy hair and face covered with dirt!
“It’s you!” Both of them exclaimed simultaneously.
It was actually Ye Qianhe right before her eyes. Ling Chuxi would never have thought that they would meet again so soon.
Ye Qianhe was also in a daze when he saw Ling Chuxi. He had been hiding in the forests after he was scared away by Ling Wushang. He was extremely fearful as if his heart and gall bladder had been hung up, and he had hidden till dawn before he dared to come out. He did not know that he would meet Ling Chuxi again once he came out. It was really such a coincidence, such a coincidence. Oh, no. It should be ‘meeting enemies on a narrow road’ instead!
Ye Qianhe looked at the surroundings suspiciously. When he did not discover Ling Wushang’s figure, his mood finally calmed down a bit.
She saw that Ye Qianhe did not fight her immediately. Ling Chuxi of course knew what he was worried about. She was groaning secretly in her heart. ‘I never would have thought that I would meet this old pervert just after separating with Ling Wushang. I’m not even sure if that token can scare him away.’ But she did not take out the token. Would that not just be telling the other party clearly that the base of her own Qi was insufficient?
“Ling Chuxi, where is your elder brother?” Ye Qianhe asked and his words were much clearer.
“My elder brother will arrive soon. If you do not wish to die, old pervert, you should get lost, as far as you can, before it is too late.” Ling Chuxi looked at Ye Qianhe with contempt and said.
“Hmph, little brat. If I guessed correctly, your elder brother is not even here, right?” Ye Qianhe could not figure out what was fake or real. He sneered while probing her.
“Then, you can try and see.” Ling Chuxi did not even bring up her Battle Qi and she put on a fearless appearance as if she had something secure to rely on.
Looking at her expression, Ye Qianhe felt even more uneasy deep down. He could not help but sweep through his surroundings.
“Little brat. I will spare your life this time on account of your brother. I will absolutely not let you off lightly if I see you again next time.” Ye Qianhe gave himself an out and turned his body to head toward the other direction.
Ling Chuxi finally exhaled a long breath. She really did not wish to be chased by this old pervert again. And furthermore, she did not even want to acknowledge him as her master.
“Hmph. Do you think you can just trick me like this?!” It was at this moment that Ye Qianhe suddenly turned around and swooped toward Ling Chuxi.
Not good! Ling Chuxi’s heart sank. She knew that Ye Qianhe had picked up a clue when she had exhaled that long breath earlier on. She did not think that this old pervert would be so cunning. And she was too careless as well.