Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
Chapter 512 - His Thoughtfulness

Chapter 512: His Thoughtfulness
When Ling Chuxi saw them, she was slightly stunned. She already knew that these people were the subordinates of Huangfu Qingjue and that they were secretly protecting her. But why were they waiting for her here now?
“Miss Chuxi,” greeted the four men in black robes as they approached Ling Chuxi and bowed respectfully.
“Errr, well, thank you all for your assistance that night. I didn’t manage to thank all of you then,” expressed Ling Chuxi with a smile.
“It was within the scope of what we were assigned to do,” respectfully answered the black-robed man who was leading the rest as he lowered his head. After that, he dug out a jade box and presented it to Ling Chuxi, “This is what our Lord intends to give to Miss Chuxi.”
Ling Chuxi was stunned upon seeing the jade box being handed to her. This was from Huangfu Qingjue?
Ling Yichen could also recognize that these men were the same ones who had appeared to assist Ling Chuxi that night. It was just that Ling Yichen had not known their identities and allegiance then, nor had he asked Ling Chuxi about it. Now, that he could vaguely guess who had sent them, a sense of bitterness appeared in his heart. ‘That man, although he is not by Chuxi’s side, he is still quietly protecting her…’
Ling Chuxi accepted the jade box offered to her and opened it to immediately see that it contained a jade pendant shaped like a little white fox that was so refined in detail that it appeared lifelike! There was a slightly cool feeling to it when she held it in her hands. Seeing the luster and the color of the jade pendent, she knew that it was no ordinary item.
“This was personally carved by our Lord. He asked me to hand it over safely into Miss Chuxi’s hands,” the black-robed man said softly. “Now that it is safely in Miss Chuxi’s hands, we shall bid you farewell.”
“Many thanks,” said Ling Chuxi as she raised her head and smiled at them.
The four black-robed men nodded and bowed to Ling Chuxi before taking a few steps backwards and disappearing into the forest.
Ling Chuxi lowered her head to look at the jade pendant in her hands and the corners of her lips curled up into a gentle smile. Was this personally carved by Qingjue? This jade pendant did indeed seem to be a little different. Ling Chuxi put it against her neck and once the jade pendant touched her skin, she knew what was different about it. This jade was top-grade jade that would be cool during summer and warm during winter. There were many who claimed their jade was of this quality, able to keep cool during summer and warm during winter but they were merely bragging. This kind of jade was few and far between in the world. This jade on Ling Chuxi’s neck emitted a cooling feeling that very quickly spread across her entire body, allowing her to not feel the least bit of heat even on this hot summer day. The gentle smile that hung at the corners of Ling Chuxi’s lips slowly widened into a grin. Qingjue, Qingjue…
Ling Yichen observed silently by the side. After a while, he lightly let out a breath and lowered his head. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

At this moment, on another mountain peak outside Rejuvenation Valley, Qing Lingyan took of her veil, revealing a murderous expression on her face.
“Talk about angering me to death! That death-deserving despicable person actually dared to ruin such an important matter for Cold Moon Palace,” ranted Qing Lingyan as she slashed at the air ruthlessly with the sword in her hand. Her gaze was full of violent cruelty, as if she were entirely a different person from before.
Her handmaidens stood to the side trembling in fear. They were so scared that they did not even dare utter a word. They all knew that Qing Lingyan’s mind had already fallen into chaotic violence and that her mind was unstable. Even if she were to kill them with a single move, they deserved it for being unlucky.
“Young Master, please calm down. Taking care of your body is more important,” said Ghost Hand as he knelt on the ground, fatigue clouding his empty eyes.
“You still dare say such a thing to me? You useless piece of trash! And to think that you were supposed to be some talent that the Cold Moon Palace sees only once in a hundred years? You couldn’t even deal with such a small and despicable person. Is it because you thought her pretty that you purposely lost to her?”
If Ghost Hand had remained silent, perhaps things would still have been fine, but the moment he spoke, Qing Lingyan went into a rampage, ruthlessly piercing her sword at him.