Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss
Chapter 652 - The Price of Curiosity is Very Terrible

Chapter 652: The Price of Curiosity is Very Terrible
“Don’t come over!” Zhen Ye yelled in surprise.
Alas, it was already too late. In their panic, Big Black Face and Xiao Rou had thrown their awareness of the traps right out of their minds and in just two steps, their feet felt light, and they fell right down into the traps.
The very next moment, Xiao Rou’s small face turned a faint green, Big Black Face’s head swelled up to become the size of a pig’s head and Zhen Ye’s face twisted and contorted due to the itch he felt all over his body. The three of them were currently bound by the torture they were undergoing together.
“Argh, I am about to die! I am about to die! Young Master, before I die, there is something I must tell you,” said Xiao Rou. His expression went from being full of misery to full of tenderness as he prepared to declare his final words to Zhen Ye.
“Don’t! Don’t speak anymore. I still want to live a little longer. If you want to die, just die on your own first. Don’t curse us by acting like we are all going to die,” said Big Black Face as he waved his hands about in fear.
“You’re dead meat once I get my hands on you. What do you mean curse? I haven’t even said anything so how would you know my words will be a curse?! I just wanted to tell Young Master that I am considered a man. A true man,” cried Xiao Rou shrilly, catching hold of Big Black Face and slapping him as he scolded him. “How dare you say I will curse us to death?! This old broad will fight it out with you!”
“Well, if you had really talked about other things, you may have ended up cursing us to death,” justified Big Black Face as he held onto his head defensively.
“Shut up, both of you. This much poison won’t take our lives. Don’t forget that we have demon emperor and demon king bloodlines. How could we be so easily poisoned to death?” rebuked Zhen Ye angrily. He was annoyed and irritated by the two of them.
“But I really do feel like I am living wishing I were dead!” whined Big Black Face bitterly. “Why don’t we go and beg her for the antidote? First let’s get rid of the poison before we have any further discussions. At most we call it a truce and then no longer interfere with one another.”
Xiao Rou glanced at him in disdain. Just now he was all talk about avenging Young Master, but now he was actually being a turncoat and surrendering to the opposing side.
“Be quiet, you! As dignified monster beasts, how can we yield so easily! Get up. We will go and look for some spiritual herbs. With our constitution as monster beasts, we should be all right very soon,” said Zhen Ye as he ruthlessly glared at Big Black Face before taking the lead to walk ahead. As he walked, he twisted his arms and rubbed them due to the itchiness he felt all over his body.
Xiao Rou and Big Black Face had bitter expressions on their faces as they followed behind him dejectedly.
“Sigh. Curiosity really does kill the cat,” Xiao Rou and Big Black Face lamented as they trudged.
“Sigh. It’s hard to guard against such traps,” Zhen Ye also lamented.
At this moment, Ling Chuxi was rushing over to Nan Xia Country while feeling a little bit of regret, totally unaware that the traps she had set with such high hopes did come to good use in the end. Furthermore, she did not know that the poor fellows who had accidentally fallen for it were now sadly walking into the depths of the mountain range in great grief.
Ling Chuxi continued rushing over to Nan Xia Country, her heart so anxious that it felt like it was on fire.
Chang Qing Town was a small town by the borders of Nan Xia Country. Located in the depths of the mountains, it’s residents had always been strong folks. Since the path to Chang Qing Town was difficult and dangerous to pass through, it had always been place that had been ignored.
However, it was a place that Ling Chuxi definitely had to pass through in order to return to Nan Xia Country. She had to pass Chang Qing Town, then an important border town known as Gu Yang City. After that she would pass vast wide plains before eventually reaching Shi Qu Town.
What Ling Chuxi was most worried about was the safety of the Ling family. Once Chu Fengyun attacked Nan Xia, he would definitely not let the Ling family off the hook. And with their cultivation level, they would not have the power to protect themselves against his attacks.
After rushing ceaselessly for half a month, Ling Chuxi finally arrived at Chang Qing Town. Although it was midwinter and commonly ignored by regular folks, this small town deep in the mountains remained bustling and lively as treasure hunters from all over the mainland streamed endlessly through it.
Silver Ancient Mountain Range was a huge treasure trove with an endless supply of herbs and foreign beasts. Legends had it that there were even hidden cultivation manuals by reclusive cultivator experts available, bringing in droves of those up to no good who dreamt of getting rich overnight.