Shoujo Grand Summoning
Chapter 689

Chapter 689
While the seven men are brawling it out, Wu Yan watched with amusement and Asuna sighed with frustration . Suddenly, metallic sounds could be heard coming from some distance away . They stopped and looked at the newcomers . Wu Yan & co frowned .
Armor with an iron-gray tinge, capes that suggested they came from the same faction . This is an organized party . They were wearing helms with visors that covered their expressions and looks .
The organized group marched uniformly . But, the raid group was out of breath which destroyed the feel of a highly-trained group of players .
Wu Yan, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, and the other Fuurinkazan members frowned harder . The cheerful mood died . They were annoyed with the newcomers .
The Aincrad Liberation Force, a . k . a . the Army . Their soldier-like uniformity and appearance gave them away .
Wu Yan, Asuna, and Kirito exchanged a look . Wu Yan is the one who looked like he couldn’t care less who they were . He’s not going to waste his time with the Army . He leaned against the rock behind him as he quickly scanned this raid group .
Klein locked his brows in confusion .
“Why are they here?”
Asuna also had a bewildered look .
“I thought they bowed out after suffering heavy losses on the 25th floor, they should still be solidifying their power back on the 1st floor, what are they doing here?”
Inside SAO, the bosses on the 1st, 25th, 75th, 100th, are generally very tough . They are almost impossible for any other player .
Part of the fault lies with the Army, however, they fought with others and robbed the right to go first without doing due diligence . Then, they got slapped with heavy casualties in the ensuing fight . After that, they had to bow out because they lost a lot of their core members .
It’s also thanks to the Army that players noticed the bosses on the 1st floor and 25th floor were tougher than the rest . If the bosses on the other floors matched the players in level and abilities, the bosses guarding the monumental floors were souped up to become the nightmare of all players .
Because they set a precedent, the raid group that came after them took cautious steps when dealing with the 50th Floor boss . The fight ended with little to no casualties .
The army chose to grind on easier levels to recoup their strength .
The leader of this raid group turned around and he issued an order .
“Everyone, rest up!”
The other members behind him sighed in relief and they all collapsed to the floor . It seems like they marched all the way here .
The Army leader looked at Wu Yan & co . He flinched when he saw Wu Yan but he calmed himself down . Anyone who had sharp eyes knew he was taken by surprise when he saw Wu Yan here .
He stood there in silence . He appeared to be weighing his options . He continued looking at Wu Yan . If others could see past his visor, they would see eyes filled with trepidation .
Anyone who is in the loop knew about the Army and the Divine Alliance ganging up to suppress the Fae Swordsman . In the end, they got routed before anything bad happened . Suffice to say, they are not on terms with each other after that .
The lead soldier introduced himself to Kirito .
“I’m Kobatz, lieutenant colonel of the Aincrad Liberation Force . ”
Asuna, Wu Yan, and the others had to hold back their giggles .
The Army got its name because of how hard they tried to mimic real-world military as perceived by other players . Their actual guild name is Aincrad Liberation Army . They didn’t think they actually adopted military titles and rank .
Kirito replied without making his inner thoughts known .
“Kirito, solo player…”
Kobatz nodded . He took on a more prideful tone .
“Did you guys clear the area ahead yet?”
Kirito shook his head .
“Is that so?”
Kobatz had a questioning tone, something Klein and the other Fuurinkazan members didn’t like .
Asuna hesitated before she spoke up .
“We came earlier and we already charted our way up to the boss’ room…”
Kobatz extended a hand towards Asuna and he asked for the map information like it’s a natural thing to do .
“Please give me the map data . ”
Excluding Wu Yan, the rest of them were shocked by this outrageous request . Klein immediately called the guy out .
“You want them to give you the information for free? Do you know how hard it is to map out uncharted areas of the labyrinth?”
Kobatz yelled back like he’s the person with the moral high ground here .
“We are busting our backs so all players can return as soon as possible . By that extension, your assistance should be a fiduciary duty on your part . ”
The others were instantly pissed off .
Wu Yan’s eyes had a cold glint flashing within them .
In a flash, he appeared in front of Kobatz, he grabbed him by the neck .
Sweat instantly flowed down the side of Kobatz’s head . He finally remembered Wu Yan was nearby .
“Such unsightly behavior in front of me…”
Wu Yan tightened his grip . He continued with a low tone .
“You’ve got huge balls, huh…”
Kobatz trembled . In SAO, players cannot die by strangulation . However, it certainly felt like Death was right behind him, waiting to receive his soul after being severed of his mortal coil .
Asuna quickly grabbed Wu Yan’s hand . She growled at Kobatz .
“I can give you the map data but you guys have to promise me you will get lost without further delays!”
Asuna gave Kobatz the map data they wanted . Wu Yan pursed his lips and he unhanded Kobatz . Kobatz wasted no time in running away with the map data .
What a bunch of clowns…