Shoujo Grand Summoning
Chapter 790: Wait, why is it like I am talking to the father-in-law?

Chapter 790: Wait, why is it like I am talking to the father-in-law?
Larl and Fei Fei were looking intently at the descending airship. Larl is sizing the airship up while Fei Fei is overjoyed. They already know who the owner is.
"Yan's Airship!"
Fei Fei raised a hand to block the gale brushing against her eyes.
Larl looked upon the Fraxinus and he was struck by awe.
"So this is the special airship I heard about?"
Fraxinus was only used once in this world, when Wu Yan used it to quash the monster stampede threatening to overrun the town's defense. Since then, most of the major factions already heard about this or has seen it in action.
A machine of war that killed tens of thousands of demonic beasts in an instant. Not just that, among the monsters killed were tier 5 and above monsters.
If it was a peasant who saw it, this airship would still spread like a wildfire among the populace due to its grandeur and destructive capability. As the number one noble family of Ailu Empire, the Lori family already knew about this airship.
There can only be a single suspect for all this commotion.
"That's Yan's Airship?!..."
Lulu's eyes turned into stars.
"That's way too cool, Oh my gosh!"
Larl examined the Fraxinus with a smile.
Fraxinus descended until it was 10 meters away from the ground. The winds stopped as if Fraxinus' engine abruptly halted. It floated there in midair like that without swaying.
A pillar of light appeared beneath Fraxinus. Figures started emerging from within the light. The culprits behind this small commotion finally showed themselves.
Naturally, it was Wu Yan & co who were here for the ball.
Fei Fei and Lulu called out to them. Lulu, meanwhile, charged straight for them without minding her manners.
Wu Yan turned around. He waved at Lulu with a wide smile on his face.
"Yo, long time no see, Lulu!"
Lulu, unknown to the concept of personal space, grabbed Wu Yan by his arm and she frantically pointed at the airship in the sky. She stuttered from excitement...
"Yan Yan Yan! Th-that..."
"Calm down..."
Wu Yan bitterly laughed. Lulu also somewhat recovered from her ecstaticism.
"Is that yours?..."
Wu Yan nonchalantly nodded. Lulu's eyes brightened up with hope and glee.
"Yan! I wanna ride that! Let me ride that!"
Hinagiku shook her head. She helplessly pulled Lulu's hand away.
"That's not a toy, what are you planning on doing once you're in there?"
"Need I say it?"
Lulu continued without hesitation.
"Of course, I want to go for a ride!"
Her words sapped everyone's strength.
"I mean, where are you going to fly to?"
Wu Yan shot back at her.
"We are already at our destination..."
Lulu grumbled.
"But I want to ride that thing..."
Someone knocked Lulu on the head.
"Don't be selfish!"
Fei Fei scolded her. She then smiled at Wu Yan & co, greeting them properly.
"Yan, Hinagiku, nice to see you guys here..."
"Sister Fei Fei, it's been a long time!"
Wu Yan chortled as he greeted her.
"We weren't late, right?"
"Sure, you aren't late..."
Fei Fei glanced at him with a judging gaze.
"Yan, you got some explaining to do. It was hard looking around for you, it's like you disappeared or something..."
Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. He shrugged like he couldn't help it.
"No choice, I am a busy man..."
"Yeah, right, don't listen to him."
Hinagiku leered at Wu Yan briefly.
"This guy just went somewhere else to stir up trouble, that's all!"
Wu Yan pursed his lips. Not being sure how to retort, he decided to pretend he didn't hear anything. A portal as large as Fraxinus opened up. Then, the airship went into the portal, driven by an invisible force. After being swallowed up by the portal, the airship and the portal disappeared.
His nonchalant actions will probably spread further after the two native girls spread this gossip in their social circles. After all, the scene is just that impactful.
Lulu appeared to be dejected.
"Ah~ It's gone..."
"I just stored it away, it still exists..."
Wu Yan came up with another idea.
"Right, if you want to ride it that badly, how about riding the ship with me when we return?"
"Ohhh~ You're right..."
Lulu's eyes brightened up.
"Alright, I am in. No take backs!"
"Yeah yeah, Ojou-san..."
Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her. The others giggled when they saw this scene.
Wu Yan felt a heavy pressure of someone scrutinizing him. He looked back at the gazer only to see a middle-aged guy staring at him. Wu Yan used the System's scan on him.
Larl Lori: Level 79
Wu Yan couldn't help but gasp silently. He isn't surprised by his level which one only one level away from tier 9. He was taken aback by his family name.
The girls noticed the two guys looking at each other. Fei Fei introduced them.
"Yan, meet the current patriarch of the Lori family, Patriarch Larl, he's my teacher and Lulu's father!"
Wu Yan expected this answer. He started examining Larl instead of judging him.
Lulu's father, Fei Fei's mentor, and Lei Wang's son, huh?
Wu Yan approached Larl.
"Dad! Dad!"
Lulu pushed Wu Yan towards Larl as she introduced him.
"This guy is Yan~"
That simple and slightly rude introduction made Wu Yan and Larl feel helpless. Lulu is the only noble lady here who introduced people like she's buddy buddy with everyone.
"Patriarch Larl, pleased to meet you!"
Wu Yan wasn't going down Lulu's path of rudeness. He properly greeted Larl.
"Please, don't be so stiff with me."
He treated Wu Yan like the guards who welcomed them. Instead of sounding like he's just being curt, his tone sounded like he's very curious.
"Your reputation precedes you, I've been waiting for the day we would meet. Finally, the person himself is in front of me..."
Larl chortled.
"The strongest student in Silvaria World Institute, yeah, my senses aren't fooling me, you seem like someone who is just as strong as me..."
"Nah, my title is without due credit. People just exaggerated my achievements..."
Wu Yan shrugged.
"I hope that didn't disappoint your expectations."
"Not bad, you're young, powerful, and, most importantly, you aren't plagued by pride. I see now why Elder Father valued you so highly."
Larl grinned.
"Since you're here, let's go into the imperial palace together!"
Wu Yan naturally didn't turn Larl's invitation down, he nodded.