Skyfire Avenue

Skyfire Avenue

Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 17: Let Me Be Your Antidote

Chapter 17: Let Me Be Your Antidote
The mecha towered twenty three meters, shimmering a brilliant sapphire blue. From shoulder to shoulder it stretched eight meters, with a tall and slender figure. It’s shoulder plates were three affixed layers; the topmost was the largest with spikes which rose skyward, the middle layer was smooth and slightly smaller than the first, and the third layer retracted into the joint.
It’s texture was markedly different from average mechas. It was as though it was carved from a single piece of true sapphire, a work of art. As the armor tapered towards it’s edges the color became a metallic purple. As lightning flashed in the sky above, the light from the blasts reflected magnificently off of the armor. In the instant it’s chest plate closed, it emitted a burst of intense violet light. It grew until it was as a ball of violet lightning rising in to the sky, vanishing in to the forest of arcing bolts above.
“That… that was…”
The golden mecha had already steadied itself where it had been left in the air. The blond-haired, green-eyed woman in the cockpit filled with a shock that was difficult to describe.
“Thor. That was Thor. I actually met Thor. Thor… Zeus? Was that Zeus? I actually… actually told Zeus that the stronger his discipline, the more he’d bow to my mecha? The Zeus who, by virtue of his Discipline alone, bested thirteen top-grade customized mechas!”
The stars shimmered in her eyes, as though she’d already forgotten all about the abduction.
She hovered stupefied for a long while, then again began to mutter to herself. “Why didn’t he take me away?”
Thor had risen with stunning speed, the upper atmosphere rolling past it like water off a duck’s back. In minutes it was floating in the vast, quiet expanse of space.
No radar in operation was capable of locating Thor. The special composition of it’s armor was legendary in the world of Mecha-Pilots.
The cabin within Thor was somewhat larger than average, but was a little cramped accommodating two people.
Zeus withdrew the mask, revealing his long and handsome face. Only in this moment, he found it impossible to retain his traditional calm.
In this moment he wasn’t Zeus. He was Lan Jue.
He hugged his arms tightly around the woman in his embrace, as though afraid she would vanish.
“Jin Yu, we’re finally together again. Why… why didn’t you come looking for me? You’re my Hera!”
“I’m so hot.” Locked in his tight embrace, abducted, this was the first thing Zhou Qianlin thought to say.
“Huh?” Lan Jue paused, lifting a hand to press against her forehead.
Zhou Qianlin’s forehead was burning up, and her eyes had shut. Her brows were furrowed, and her body trembled slightly.
She had a fever?
Lan Jue’s face grew somber, noticing the red flesh of her neck. She was sick, and those people wanted her to suffer through a marriage?
Lifting his head, Lan Jue muttered, “Thor, take us home.”
“Affirmative, returning home.” The gentle, dignified voice reverberated through the cockpit. Thor began to transform, to wings extending from it’s back. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it shot in to the darkness of the universe.
Zeus’ Jewelry Store.
Ke’er was bored to tears, listlessly laying atop the bar.
Xiuxiu sat to the side, idly sipping the cup of warm water in her hands.
The jewelry shop rarely had visitors, a common reality on Skyfire Avenue. But even if there were only one or two customers, it was usually sufficient to keep the shop running.
“Hey Xiuxiu, where’d the boss go? Didn’t see him yesterday, still not here today.” Ke’er cantered her head towards Xiuxiu and whined.
Xiuxiu laughed. “The boss is a very important man. You think he’d just vanish? Don’t be such a nosy little thing!”
Ke’er giggled. “Me? Don’t tell me you aren’t curious what he’s doing. You came so early this morning, without waiting for me to come help. You even cleaned his house!”
Xiuxiu’s face grew red, as though she’d smeared it with rouge, adding even more charm to her classical beauty.
Just then, the earth shook beneath Zeus’ Jewelry Store.
The girls exchanged glances. “Speak of the devil,” Ke’er exclaimed. “The boss must be back, I’ll go check.”
As she said this, she skipped towards the VIP lounge.
As she pushed to open the door, however, she was surprised to find it wouldn’t budge.
“Xiuxiu, Ke’er, I’m a little tired. I’m going to rest for a while,” Lan Jue’s voice crackled through the speaker by the door.
“Eh?” Ke’er stood confused by the door, while Xiuxiu also drew near.
Ke’er turned to look at Xiuxiu. “The boss doesn’t sound quite right. Maybe he snuck a woman in, and is afraid we’d find out…”
Xiuxiu lifted her hand and rapped against Ke’er’s head in agitation. “What are you saying. In three years, have you even once…” She trailed off, a dismal look in her eyes. “I-If he really did bring a woman back, then I’m happy for him.”
Ke’er closed her mouth, and said nothing more.
Lan Jue carefully laid Zhou Qianlin atop his bed. Even in her state, she was still breathtakingly beautiful.
His brows furrowed in thought. Not half an hour since he discovered her illness and her temperature had already risen sharply. He’d used Thor’s onboard diagnostics to run a scan, but discovered no sickness or poison. It was a drug, one that could trigger desire in the victim.
Why? Why today, as a bride, would she need this sort of drug? Judging by the progress of her reaction, it was meant to last until the wedding had concluded.
Those wretches! Was this wedding forced by the Austins? They DARE to force this drug on my Hera.
A thin hand softly rested atop his own, it’s heat and soft touch drawing him from his rage.
Zhou Qianlin’s body had grown red, and her body began to writhe.
It was a fierce, powerful drug.
Leaning down, he gently took her up in his arms. He felt the heat radiating from her, could smell the familiar scent of her body.
Softly he whispered in her ear. “My Hera. In this life, you are destined to be my bride, and mine alone. Let me be your antidote.”