So Pure, So Flirtatious

So Pure, So Flirtatious

So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1614 - Come Out

Chapter 1614: Come Out
“En, alright.” Chen Mengyan didn’t think much and nodded, “You have your classmates. Then, call me when we reach the hotel and come to hang out at night!”
“Okay…” Zhao Ying responded awkwardly, “Mengyan, our tutor is here. I’ll give her a heads up. You should go back to your own things…”
Zhao Ying hurried away after she finished talking. She did not dare to stay here anymore.
“Oh, then Sister Ying, you go…” Chen Mengyan felt a little confused. Why is Zhao Ying in a hurry today? Is something wrong?
But what could have happened? Chen Mengyao doubtfully frowned at Zhao Ying’s back …
Zhao Ying quickly found her tutor, “Mr. Li, my friend has a car, so I will go with him…”
“Okay, please register first. After our bus starts driving, you should follow behind. The bus’s license number is Song BE1298,” said Mr. Li.
Zhao Ying quickly registered and was about to leave. But when she turned her head, she immediately frowned as she saw Fan Jinzhe walking toward her.
“Zhao Ying, you’re here? I finally found you!” Fan Jinzhe said excitedly when he saw Zhao Ying.
“Why are you looking for me?” Zhao Ying naturally didn’t want to talk to Fan Jinzhe.
“Zhao Ying, are you alone today? You didn’t come with Sun Jie and your so-called online boyfriend?” Fan Jinzhe looked around but couldn’t find Sun Jie.
“Fan Jinzhe, what do you want?” Zhao Ying didn’t want to answer Fan Jinzhe’s question.
“Nothing, I guess you came by yourself. Let’s go and sit in my car. Let’s go together!” Fan Jinzhe invited Zhao Ying with a smile.
“I came with my boyfriend. I don’t need it.” Zhao Ying shook her head, “If there is nothing else, I’ll go first.”
“Ai, wait!” Fan Jinzhe didn’t believe Zhao Ying’s words, “Zhao Ying, why are you so persistent? Think about it. Do you think you can really lie to me by mentioning a fake boyfriend?”
“Fan Jinzhe, it is up to you to believe it or not. I’m leaving!” Zhao Ying turned around and ran towards Yang Ming’s car after she finished speaking.
Although Fan Jinzhe wanted to chase after her, he hadn’t registered yet. He could only let Zhao Ying run away. However, as long as he could see clearly where Zhao Ying had gone, he wasn’t afraid that she could run away.
Fan Jinzhe was a little surprised when he saw Zhao Ying get in a black Audi A8L sedan. Since when does Zhao Ying know such a rich person? That A8L is worth more than one million. It is far more expensive than my Honda Accord!
Fan Jinzhe frowned, and decided to follow to see what was going on with Zhao Ying.
At this time, Chen Mengyan also saw Zhao Ying running towards and getting into a black Audi A8L sedan. She was a little confused. Since when does Zhao Ying have such a high-end car?
Chen Mengyan wanted to see who was sitting in the car, but could not as the car’s windows were tinted. She couldn’t see the driver’s seat nor the backseats.
Moreover, the car was so far away so it was even more difficult to see. She could only vaguely see that the license plate was Song BK9999. The number was quite good.
Zhao Ying got in the car and felt relieved immediately, “Fan Jinzhe is bothering me again!”
“Oh? Does he want to be possessed again?” Yang Ming laughed and said.
“You still mention it! He was scared to death last time, haha…” Zhao Ying remembered that Fan Jinzhe was fooled by Yang Ming last time and didn’t dare to come to university. He even went to a few masters to shoo the spirits away. In the end, the money was spent in vain, and he was toyed with pretty badly…
This Yang Ming is really bad. He fooled people once and still wants to do it again?
“Heh, if he provokes me again, I don’t mind if he is possessed again.” Yang Ming smiled plainly.
Chen Mengyan felt it was a little peculiar how Zhao Ying suddenly ran into a luxury car, but it was not her business. After all, she was just curious. She could not interfere with Zhao Ying’s private affairs.
So she did not continue to pay attention after she could not see the people in the car that Zhao Ying got into.
But Fan Jinzhe continued paying attention to the car that Zhao Ying got into. After quickly registering his name with the instructor, he quickly ran to Zhao Ying’s Audi A8L. What kind of person is in there? Is it Zhao Ying’s so-called boyfriend!
“Fan Jinzhe’s coming over…” Zhao Ying looked at the person running to the car and said to Yang Ming, annoyed.
“I’ll get off and settle it.” Yang Ming didn’t think much of Fan Jinzhe.
“Don’t!” Zhao Ying pulled Yang Ming, “Don’t go down!”
“What’s wrong?” Yang Ming was stunned.
“Chen Mengyan saw me just now, and she should have seen me return to this car. What will happen if Chen Mengyan sees you get out?” asked Zhao Ying.
“This…” Yang Ming didn’t expect Chen Mengyan to notice the car, and smiled bitterly, “Then we won’t get out. We’ll see what he is going to do.”
Zhao Ying nodded. This is the only way.
“Dang dang dang…” Fan Jinzhe ran over and knocked on the window of Audi A8L impatiently. He could not bear it anymore. He had to see who was in the car.
“Brother Yang, do you want me to get out and drive this kid away?” Little Wang had heard Yang Ming and Zhao Ying’s conversation just now. He volunteered knowing that Yang Ming couldn’t get off and had some scruples.
“Okay, drive him away.” Yang Ming had forgotten about Little Wang. This Little Wang used to be a Security Team Captain, so his skill was not bad. He should be more than enough to drive away Fan Jinzhe.
Little Wang opened the door and got out of the car. He then pulled Fan Jinzhe, causing him to stumble, “Is there something wrong with you? Why are you knocking? Do you want a beating?”
“Yang Ming! It’s you!” Fan Jinzhe’s eyesight was good. The moment Little Wang opened the door, he saw Yang Ming sitting in the back row. He was furious, “You come down! I have been looking for you for far too long!”
Fan Jinzhe was fooled by Yang Ming last time and wanted to find Yang Ming to avenge his hatred, but he never found him! He found a few punks to ambush Yang Ming at campus and teach him a lesson. However, after they set up several times, they couldn’t find Yang Ming, so Fan Jinzhe could only give up.
Later, he found out that Yang Ming hadn’t been to campus for months, and was a little frustrated. It seemed that he couldn’t block Yang Ming! Fan Jinzhe could only temporarily give up on this idea.
However, he didn’t expect to see Yang Ming here sitting in a car with Zhao Ying. Is he Zhao Ying’s so-called boyfriend?