So What If It's an RPG World
Volume 11 - Chapter 2: Tavern Gathering

It had already turned into evening by the time we got back to the college.
In reality we had already flashed back. Based to our personalities, there’s no way I could go straight to such an interesting thing after a workout.
Having easily resolved a few monsters listed by the mercenary guild, we ended our exercise for the day.
“I’m curious as to what you think about all of these monster missions we are resolving.
Aliyah was unsatisfied after turning in the task’s documents.
“Well, it’s the most capable people that do the most work. And isn’t it keeping us busy?
“That’s true.”
Aliyah gave a bitter smile as she spoke.
“But where have all of the mercenary groups gone?”
I looked around. There really were only a few people in the guild hall. It looked like there were only a few people looking at the mission board in the distance.
“They probably have their own missions. Unlike the others, we are pretty fast. Most of the other mercenary groups have to group together before they can attack the monster. They do all of that out in the wilds, and can’t compare to idle people like us.”
“You could say that too~”
Aliyah said and we left the mercenary guild.
It had already gotten dark by the time we left, so we went straight to the restaurant that Ms. Mari booked.
Right , we never plan on going to Ms. Mari’s more elegant restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to go them. On the contrary, we actually prefer to go to alley pubs that fill with travelers.
Because no matter how bad your table manners are, nobody cares. It’s a foodie’s paradise.
When we had arrived, Ms. Mari was already drinking beer and eating a large piece of barbecue.
“Over here, over here! You sure took your time, I’ve been waiting for a while now.”
“No, we got here right on time, you were the one that arrived early so you could drink.”
“I don’t care about that sort of thing. Come on and sit down. Boss, two more buckets of wine. Meat too!”
Was the reply from the manager that had been busy laughing.
“Hey now, haven’t you already drunk too much? Is this really ok?”
“It’s no problem, don’t worry.”
Although her mouth was saying that, Ms. Mari’s face was extremely flushed right now. The long purple cuffs of her dress were unable to cover up her red neck.
I coughed and didn’t say anything.
“Well, lets talk about it. What is this event?”
After sitting down, we casually ate for a while before I asked.
“Adventure. In other words, a heaven sent treasure has appeared, and we are going to look for it in the name of adventure.”
Just then another voice spoke up, but everyone was already familiar with it. That’s right, it was Bai Yueguang……and Tai Shixi.
“It seems that the situation with your class is even worse.”
Turning towards them, not only was Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli covered in dust, even Tai Shixi’s condition wasn’t too good either.
“What’s the situation? An invasion of monsters?”
Pulling a few chairs close up next to me, the three of them sat down.
“Dale said he had something and is going to come. He know’s what’s going on, it’s just that he’s in class right now.”
“So we basically don’t know right now?”
“Not quite.”
Bai Yueguang took a few sips from his drink and sighed.
“Actually the college has said that an unusual monster has appeared and because of that has decided to go on to do some adventuring.”
“And in reality?”
“In reality……it really is because of a rare monster.”
Bai Yueguang said as he ate and drank.
“It’s a dragon!”
A man in heavy armor turned and said to us.
“Of course it’s a dragon. There wouldn’t be so much secrecy if it were any other monster.”
“What are you talking about! It’s definitely a magical bird!”
A large man next to him said.
“Don’t talk so much nonsense, it’s clearly a golden serpent!”
Well, the already noisy pub became even more heated, but we could talk more clearly using it as a cover.
“Well, I have to say, some of them have really good imaginations.”
Bai Yueguang said, nodding.
“So what they said was right?”
“Almost, especially one of them.”
“Which one?”
“The dragon.”
This time it was Tai Shixi that spoke up.
“I’m getting an impression similar to the Azure Dragon’s atmosphere.”
“A Dragon……”
Finally, were we going to encounter another super strong race after our meeting with the elves?
“Is this a good or bad thing?”
“It depends on what you think.”
Bai Yueguang laughed.
“I get the feeling that the school is putting a lot of people in danger just to fight over the dragon’s stuff. Isn’t it courting death?”
“Let the dragon deal with them. It certainly won’t be ordinary items.”
Tai Shixi said.
“The dragon will have to pay for that.”
“Allright then. In any case, we can’t let such a nice thing pass us by, right? Aliyah, would the dragon store its treasure in a chest?”
“Not normally.”
Aliyah laughed bitterly.
“If a dragon used a lock then there would be no need for it to live. With that sort of lock, anyone could break it open.”
“Well, that is true……”
Giving a laugh, I looked around. At some point Ms. Mari had drunk enough to make her lay over.
“Well, Tai Shixi, take care of Ms. Mari. We still have thing we need to do.”
“What’s up?”
“Going to go see a few old friends”
I laughed.