Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting
Chapter 268 - The valiant Yuenen Huihui

Chapter 268: The valiant Yuenen Huihui
Just looking at Yuenen Huihui, everyone knew that he would get into Shrek Academy for sure. If they were able to enroll as well, they would be classmates with Yuenen Huihui as well as competitors. It was obviously the best choice to take the opportunity and observe him.
Right at this time, Yuenen Huihui seemed to become anxious from the chase. As he flew forward, a light flickered in his eyes as the soul rings on his body started to change.
The second soul ring flickered and a dark green aura appeared on the Purple Star Spirit Bow in his hand. He occasionally turned back and shot while sprinting; the latest arrow that he unleashed actually turning dark green.
As though the arrow had eyes, it accurately struck a blue leopard behind him. The blue leopard hissed after being shot but did not seem to be severely injured, just a layer of dark green mist appearing around its body.
Lan Xuanyu scrutinized it and discovered that after being infected by the dark green mist, it started spreading it to the other blue leopards. That dark green mist was actually able to infect others.
The first blue leopard’s speed slowed down dramatically, no longer capable of leading the chase for Yuenen Huihui. All of the blue leopards that were infected started to slow down too until they fell.
It was only an arrow but seven to eight blue leopards were killed in a short span of time.
“His second soul skill contains poison that can infect others,” Lan Xuanyu muttered to himself.
The death of the blue leopards greatly decreased the pressure on Yuenen Huihui. As he ran, he shot out multiple poison arrows towards the weird beasts that pursued him. Under the influence of the poison mist, more and more weird beasts started to fall.
The group on the slope was greatly impressed by the fighting tactic. If it continued on like that, who knew if Yuenen Huihui could kill all the 100 odd weird beasts! After all, it was only his second soul skill. He had five rings worth of cultivation and soul power to sustain his soul skill.
Aside from being surprised at Yuenen Huihui’s strength, they all became slightly anxious. At present, they had only obtained 10 crystal cores. That meant each person only had one or two, while Yuenen Huihui alone had at least 10. He might even earn over a 100! The disparity was just too great.
As though he sensed the anxiety in his comrades, Lan Xuanyu turned to look at them and whispered, “Don’t be impatient.”
He was waiting, and what he was waiting for did not take too long.
After seeing more than half the weird beasts fall due to Yuenen Huihui’s poison arrows, a loud shriek suddenly came from afar. From their position, the group was able to see a blue figure resembling a lightning bolt sweeping down.
t was so fast that even Lan Xuanyu and the group were unable to identify its actual figure, even when it was near the slope they were on.
Lan Xuanyu immediately gestured for the group to remain silent.
The weird beasts that had surrounded Yuenen Huihui suddenly stopped. They encircled him but did not charge at him.
Right at that instant, the blue figure arrived.
Yuenen Huihui was extremely fast, but the blue figure was faster. In just a few moments, it was about to catch him.
Yuenen Huihui immediately sensed the danger. His first and second soul rings lit up and he unleashed a poisonous arrow, accurately flying towards the blue figure.
The blue figure suddenly dodged to the side, but the arrow chased after it as though it had eyes growing on it. Yuenen Huihui had undoubtedly given the arrow a locking effect.
The blue figure shot out a burst of blue light and disintegrated the poisonous arrow. In the next moment, another blue light arrived before Yuenen Huihui.
The blue figure paused for a moment in that instant, allowing everyone to see its real form.
It was related to the blue leopards that were previously the fastest but it was much bigger, with a body length of over four meters. There was a flickering light effect on its body, as though it was transparent. It was also extremely fast.
The blue light was shot from the horn on its head and was as fast as lightning. Matched with its speed, it was practically impossible to defend against it.
Yuenen Huihui obviously knew that he had encountered trouble. After unleashing the arrow, he increased his speed. At the same time, the third soul ring on his body lit up. The bow opened up once again, but this time, the arrow turned scarlet red.
His footsteps suddenly became illusory. Although the blue light behind him was fast, he was able to dodge it with his footwork.
Lan Xuanyu was taken aback seeing his footwork because he found that Yuenen Huihui’s footwork was extremely similar to the footwork that Teacher Nana had taught him.
The bowstring hummed as the red light exploded.
Another blue light shot out of the lightning blue leopard’s horn in an attempt to block the attack. The collision of the red and blue light caused a loud boom as flames erupted in the sky and immediately charged towards the incoming lightning blue leopard.
“Is that his third soul skill, an explosive arrow?” Lan Xuanyu whispered to himself. “The temperature is extremely high.”
After shooting the arrow, Yuenen Huihui quickly sped away. Behind the flames, the blue light flickered out. The lightning blue leopard now had patches of charred skin on its body as it roared in anger. Multiple blue light rays shot out from the horn on its head towards Yuenen Huihui.
Yuenen Huihui once again performed the same footwork, avoiding the rays and unleashing arrow after arrow. Although the lightning blue leopard was fast, it was incapable of approaching Yuenen Huihui due to his explosive arrows.
However, the other weird beasts had surrounded him. While suppressing the lightning blue leopard, Yuenen Huihui was no longer capable of attacking the other weird beasts.
Their encirclement soon formed.
Yuenen Huihui’s body moved deftly and did not reveal the slightest bit of panic at his predicament.
A hiss came out from Yuenen Huihui’s mouth. Despite the distance, Lan Xuanyu and the group were able to hear his voice.
Yuenen Huihui suddenly shouted, “Scattering spirit rain.” The Purple Star Spirit Bow in his had blossomed with a light aura around it and turned silver. He looked upwards and shot a silver arrow into the sky.
Upon unleashing the arrow, the bow in Yuenen Huihui’s hand quickly dimmed down, while his speed dropped when compared to before. He was narrowly struck by a beam of blue light, while the lightning blue leopard closed in on him.
Yuenen Huihui held the bow with both hands and blocked the leopard’s attack, the bow bending slightly. At the next moment, Yuenen Huihui that was flung out over 20 meters. He landed lightly on the floor without any injuries.
At this moment, the silver arrow that he had shot into the sky exploded, silver hairs descending from the sky like rain and covering the area.
Yuenen Huihui’s first soul skill lit up. Lan Xuanyu remembered that Yuenen Huihui had once shouted out the name of the soul skill, the God Attention.
The silver hairs that descended from the sky seemed to be influenced and guided by God Attention and struck all the weird beasts accurately. Almost all the weird beasts that had surrounded him were struck.
Following a series of ‘plop’ sounds, the majority of the weird beasts were shot and killed.
The lightning blue leopard was under the attack of the silver hairs as well, but blue light blossomed from its body and dispelled the silver hairs. It continued to chase after Yuenen Huihui.
“So powerful,” Bing Tianliang frowned and said gravely.