Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting
Chapter 284 - Ice Phoenix Dance

Chapter 284 – Ice Phoenix Dance
Heavenly Snow Woman, third soul ability, Descent of The Snow Woman.
The descending Snow Woman opened her arms and turned into a white silhouette flying towards the Jade Phoenix in the air. On her way, the white light released from her began to condense around her and turned into a huge white ball of light.
The ball of light reached the flying Jade Phoenix and fusioned with it. The Jade Phoenix’s whole body was then covered with a layer of icy blue, its volume grew more than one-third larger than before. It spread its huge wings, and wherever it went, everything would freeze with frost trails behind it.
Heavenly Snow Woman and Jade Phoenix, self Martial Soul Fusion technique : Ice Phoenix Dance.
The huge ice phoenix cut through the sky, its loud and majestic cry resounding. Within a few hundred meters of the surrounding area, everything instantly transformed into a world of ice and snow. Even the two-headed ape king in a crazy state had to give up chasing Lan Xuanyu at this moment, looking up at the holy figure flying towards it.
The enraged two-headed ape king spread open its arms and its wings, in the sky, at the same time the purple sun and the blue sun began to shine brightly.
If they were at their peak, Lan Xuanyu and Dong Qianqiu would immediately join hands to interrupt it. But now, everyone’s strength was almost used up. Especially those of them who could not fight anymore. How could they prevent it ?
The body of the two-headed ape floated on the spot, and its wings spread out behind it slowly flapped. The blue sun and the purple sun in the sky shot down two rays of light at the same time. Gradually, the spaces on both sides of the double-headed ape king turned blue and purple respectively.
It screamed ferociously, and the huge energy gathered on it burst out, turning into a huge two-colored vortex beam of light heading straight to the Ice Phoenix.
“Boom–” In an instant, snowflakes splashed and countless snow and ice exploded in the air. At the moment the ice phoenix exploded, thousands of ice cones turned into countless sharp bursts, covering the body of the two-headed ape king from all directions.
But the two-color tornado light beam continued to pierce through ice phoenix, and went straight towards Lan Mengqin.
Lan Mengqin had just performed her self Martial Soul Fusion technique, her pretty face was pale, and she couldn’t even try to dodge. A look of despair appeared in her beautiful eyes. She never imagined that the two-headed ape king was so powerful, that even her Ice Phoenix could not stop the opponent’s attack.
At this moment, a huge pillar of lightning light flashed violently. It was made of the purest light of lightning, and violently bombarded the huge two-colored vortex light pillar.
“Boom–” The two-colored vortex beam stopped, colliding against the pillar of light.
A fiery red beam of light burst out and joined it to resist against the two-colored vortex beam. That was Lin Donghui, who managed to recover somewhat enough to launch an attack.
“Come out, hurry! If you don’t, you are gonna die.” Qian Lei desperately urged his second soul ring to release his ability Replicate, but it was still on cooldown. However he didn’t care anymore, desperately squeezing his spiritual power, trying to make his second soul ring bloom once again.
A silver-patterned blue silver grass wrapped around Lan Mengqin’s waist accurately, not only her, but also Dong Qianqiu beside her. Lan Xuanyu picked up the two girls with one hand each, and hugged them both.
Just as Lan Mengqin was about to express her dissatisfaction, she felt Lan Xuanyu’s body violently shake. As she was in physical contact with him, she clearly felt that his whole body had become burning hot. Strong bloodline waves rippled out, making her body warm. Then the three of them were blasted forward under the impact of the violent shock wave coming from behind. Faint golden light flickered on Lan Xuanyu’s body, but he still spurted out a mouthful of blood. Although he tried to prevent it, there were still dots of blood that landed on her and Dong Qianqiu.
The huge energy explosion lasted for a few seconds, Lin Donghui groaned, his whole person blasted away by the shock wave. It was unknown whether he was still alive or not.
Yuan En Huihui, who was originally on the mountainside, fell from the sky.
Lan Xuanyu gritted his teeth, quickly put down Dong Qianqiu and Lan Mengqin, and rushed in the direction of Yuan En Huihui. A gold-patterned blue silver grass threw out, entwining him in the air. Just before he landed, he strongly pulled him horizontally to kill the momentum and put him on the ground.
The current Yuan En Huihui was in a terrible shape, his chest violently moving up and down. With his eyes closed tightly, he was in a coma.
At this moment, this battle could only be described as disastrous.
Liu Feng was in a coma, Dong Qianqiu was in a coma, Yutian was in a coma, Yuan En Huihui was seriously injured and in a coma, Lan Mengqin exhausted, Bing Tianliang exhausted, Qian Lei’s soul abilities were all used up, and Lin Donghui was seriously injured.
Currently, the only one with some combat power left was Lan Xuanyu himself.
This two-headed ape king was really too strong, and it appeared only after everyone had gone through a battle and depleted a huge amount of energy.
Lan Xuanyu turned around abruptly and looked at it. At the moment he turned around, he was already praying in his heart.
What kind of injuries Lan Mengqin and Yuan En Huihui’s strongest blow inflicted to that guy would decide whether all of them could survive or not.
After the two-headed ape king erupted with the help of the blue and purple suns, its huge body fell from the sky and landed to the ground violently. The wings behind it were riddled with holes. Ice Phoenix Dance, as a self Martial Soul fusion technique that combined two peak Martial Souls, was not so easy to resist.
Regarding the total amount of soul power, relying on her multiple ten-thousand-year soul rings and twin Martial Souls, Lan Mengqin was actually not far from Yuan En Huihui, or even stronger. This attack from her all-out efforts inflicted serious injuries to the two-headed ape king on top of the many injuries it sustained and its rather weak defense.
In addition to the pierced wings, the ice cones also left a lot of wounds on its body. After each ice cone hit its body, it would first pierce, and then suddenly explode. Now, the two-headed ape king was covered with purple and blue blood. Except for the huge two-colored crystal still shining on its chest, not a single place on its body was intact. The left arm that it had lifted to protect its eyes was completely shattered, and other places were full of wounds.
The Thunder Spirit War Drums barely contained its full-strength attack. Currently, after it landed on the ground, the two-headed ape king was kneeling on its knees, barely supporting its body with its remaining right arm, breathing heavily. A lot of blood was dripping from its body, dying a large area around it in a mix of blue and purple color.
However, even though it looked severely injured, Lan Xuanyu’s face was still solemn. Because he could still clearly feel the two-headed ape’s ruthless aura. That fierce feeling had not diminished despite its serious injuries.
Lan Xuanyu retracted his two blue silver grass entangled around his friends, and walked forward slowly. Currently, his only comrade-in-arms on the battlefield was the Thousand-Year Earth Bear that was getting up from the ground after resisting with difficulty the shock wave.
The Earth Bear shook its head, looked at Lan Xuanyu, looked at Qian Lei, and then looked at the two-headed ape king which was bleeding but still fierce. It suddenly turned around and ran, heading straight for the summoning gate.
Qian Lei’s eyes widened, “No, no, you can’t go. I summoned you, and I want you to help me kill the enemy.” Tears burst out. How unwilling was he to let Lan Xuanyu fight alone! He spread his arms with his trembling body, blocking the front of the summoning gate. He clenched his teeth, he could not let the Earth Bear go. With it, their chances of survival would at least improve.
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