Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm
Chapter 1580: Decapitation!

Chapter 1580: Decapitation!
Qin Lie fell like a meteor and caused a ten meters deep man-shaped hole to appear on the ground.
He couldn’t help but spit out blood this time. Every bone in his body fell like it would fall apart at any moment, and his vision was threatening to blacken on him.
He looked at the sky, and he discovered that Lord of the Abyss Lancelot was roaring angrily at something.
A thick swirl of abyss devil energy mixed with the bloodline power of a rank nine Lord of the Abyss was swimming across Lancelot’s giant body.
“Uuuu! Uuuuuu!”
The millions of dead souls that were chewing on Lancelot’s body like mad suddenly screamed out in pain.
The moment Qin Lie lost his concentration, the strange domain that was covering the battleground seemed to collapse instantly.
The dead souls stopped going frenzy and turned back to normal as well.
Since the domain was no longer amplifying the dead souls’ power, Lancelot was able to free his mind to urge out even more bloodline power.
A series of ear piercing explosions resounded from inside his giant body. Countless dead souls were killed as a result.
“Get away from me!”
Lancelot screamed as he created an even stronger storm with his rank nine bloodline power.
Even more dead souls were crushed by his bloodline power.
Without their master, Qin Lie to control them, the black purple demonic cloud immediately lost its purpose.
Even Afra, Daley, Lawton and their powerful dead souls had become a tad weaker due to the loss of the strange domain.
The leader of the rank nine Abyss Devils, Dabinett, seized the moment of weakness to tear off one of Daley’s giant arm.
The arm made of millions of dead souls instantly turned back into blackish smoke after it was forcibly pulled off the giant Abyss Devil’s body.
Another Lord of the Abyss stabbed its sharp horns into the chest of Afra’s purple flame form.
A huge hole instantly appeared where the Lord of the Abyss had attacked.
Afra let out a dull groan, and the light in her eyes suddenly turned a little dim.
Even Lawton felt a little restricted after Qin Lie’s domain had vanished completely.
“Afra! Keep that guy alive!” Lawton yelled.
“He can enhance our combat power!” Daley also roared.
Their reminder broke Afra out of her trance, and she directed her giant Abyss Devil to continue fighting the Lord of the Abyss in front of her. At the same time, she had extricated herself from her creation and flown toward Qin Lie.
A flash later, she had appeared right in front of Lancelot.
After hitting Qin Lie into the ground, Lancelot was going to end him once and for all. When he saw Afra appearing in front of him all of a sudden, his fury instantly rose to a new level.
“You want to stop me too?!”
A blast of cold energy suddenly exited Lancelot’s body. It was his second bloodline ability.
The cold energy surged towards Afra from every direction.
Afra growled once before nine burning dragons flew out from her chest.
“Nine Purgatories!”
The nine purple dragons let out an ear piercing screech the moment they appeared.
Nine different layers of hell appeared around the abyss devil energy dragons before slamming at Lancelot.
Qin Lie looked up and saw an unbelievable sight: Afra was actually defending him from Lancelot after hearing Lawton and Daley’s reminder.
“There are no eternal enemies.”
He sucked in a deep breath and readied himself. He realized that there was no way he could beat all seven enemy Lords of the Abyss by himself.
But if he joined forces with Lawton, Daley, and Afra, then maybe there was a chance he might survive this.
Lawton had figured this out even sooner than he did. That was why he had ordered Afra to buy time for him.
“Keep up that domain!”
Afra shouted at Qin Lie after unleashing her Nine Hells.
“Ah, so that’s why they need me…”
Her reminder made Qin Lie realize what he was supposed to do. He spent a bit of time to check his wounds, and he discovered that his bones were already mending themselves slowly.
In fact, the torn, bleeding chest had already healed up completely in just a short time.
He could hardly believe how powerful his recuperative ability was after he had fully devilized.
Not wasting any more time, Qin Lie launched himself into the air like a cannon.
He touched the purple crystal in his Soul Altar with his soul consciousness once more, and his eyes filled with ruthlessness and bloodthirst once more.
This time though, a bit of reason had stayed with him.
“Soul Race secret art—Soul Burial!”
He started losing soul energy rapidly after executing the Soul Race secret art.
An invisible whirlpool of soul suddenly appeared above his head.
“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”
The purple black demonic cloud was instantly sucked into the whirlpool of soul after it was formed.
The terrible wails of billions of wraiths resounded harshly from inside the whirlpool of souls. It even drew the dead souls inside the Nether River as they pounced towards it in a hurry.
At the same time, the deathly, desolate aura around Qin Lie had formed a new domain once more.
The moment the domain appeared, Daley, Lawton, Afra, and their dead souls were instantly injected with a new boost of strength.
The invisible whirlpool of souls carrying the Soul Race’s secret art, “Soul Burial” flew towards Lancelot like a hurricane.
“Come out!”
The Thunderblitz wood slabs suddenly flew out of his spatial ring before floating right above his head, rotating.
“Profound Thunder Heart!”
It took a bit of effort, but he somehow managed to form a heart imprint with his devilized body’s claws.
The power of the lightning pool flushed out of his pores as a gigantic thunder ball appeared at the center of his palms.
The giant thunder lightning ball was deadlier than it had ever been in the past. The thunderous might it contained terrified even himself.
“Thump! Thump thump!”
The giant thunder lightning ball started beating powerfully like an actual heart. His Soul Altar was sparkling a little with lightning as well.
The Thunder Emperor’s truth of power had manifested itself in the Abyss Purgatory for the first time through Qin Lie’s hands, Soul Altar, and will.
The violent energy of the Profound Thunder Heart slammed into Lancelot’s chest disregarding space and distance.
It was as if a million thunderous blasts had exploded on Lancelot’s chest all at once. Countless lightning bolts crawled into Lancelot’s flesh and blood like earthworms.
Qin Lie’s claw hadn’t been able to penetrate the natural armor on Lancelot’s chest, but the terrific explosion of the Profound Thunder Heart had instantly turned it into messy patches of flesh.
Even more lightning slipped through the opening in his chest, traveled through Lancelot’s kilometer long body and was swiftly obliterating his lifeforce.
Lancelot’s eyes, ears and mouth were crawling with lightning as well.
The rank nine Lancelot let out an earthshaking roar. He was clearly in terrible pain.
At the same time, Afra’s Nine Purgatories suddenly transformed into nine ghastly Abyss Devils that seemed capable of suppressing both heaven and hell.
A strange bloodline power that was capable of dragging one’s soul into a marshland of death appeared from the nine ghastly Abyss Devils before they transformed into smoke and crawled into Lancelot’s mouth.
Lancelot’s cry of pain suddenly came to a stop.
The Lord of the Abyss immediately clamped a hand around his mouth and tried to regurgitate the nine ghastly Abyss Devils.
“Devil Blade of Impossible Land!”
A huge blade instantly flew out of Afra’s sleeves.
The huge blade was engraved with exquisite devil patterns and evil-looking eyeballs. The moment it appeared, cracks suddenly appeared all around the space Lancelot was in.
She abruptly slashed her blade at Lancelot’s neck while he was still struggling.
The gigantic Lord of the Abyss was decapitated just like that as his head soared through the air.
However, contrary to her expectations, Lancelot’s decapitated neck wasn’t bleeding at all. In fact, his eyes were clearly looked as spirited as ever.
Afra gritted her teeth after seeing that Lancelot’s aura hadn’t diminished at all despite the decapitation.
This time, she sent her blade flying straight towards Lancelot’s heart.
She knew that the Abyss Devil’s heart was the true weak point of a rank nine Lord of the Abyss, of course. However, she had hoped to refine and devour Lancelot’s heart while it was intact.
If she had crushed Lancelot’s heart with her blade, the truths and tremendous power the heart contained would diminish significantly.
However, Lancelot was so powerful that he hadn’t lost a single drop of blood even after he was decapitated. She knew then that she had to kill him without any reservation.
“Let me!”
It was at this moment Qin Lie suddenly shouted at Afra from beneath the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.