Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm
Chapter 1658: The Dead Nether Monarch

Tian Qi mocked Auston as the Nether Realm’s Nine Soul Hell slowly flew out of the black hole he had torn open with his power.
At Nether City, Qin Lie was shocked to hear Tian Qi’s explanation.
“Auston had an older brother…”
He subconsciously turned to look at Ming Xiao.
Ming Xiao was staring at Auston and Tian Qi intently. That was why he hadn’t noticed Qin Lie’s gaze.
“Father, is Austin… connected to Nether Realm?”
Qin Hao’s voice suddenly reached Qin Lie. He turned around and noticed that Qin Hao had landed beside him as well.
Even Ling Yushi had flown away from her subordinates and landed by his side.
Qin Hao looked at Qin Shan and asked again, “Is Ming Xiao a descendant of Austin?”
“I’m not sure,” Qin Shan replied.
Qin Lie looked at them both in confusion. “Have you both heard of Austin before?”
“Your mother was the one who told me a little about Austin.” Qin Hao took some time to deliberate his thoughts before continuing, “That Austin was probably the Devil Monarch of Nether Purgatory, and Nether Purgatory came before Nine Hells Purgatory…”
“Nether Purgatory came before Nine Hells Purgatory?” Qin Lie frowned a little before realization abruptly dawned on him.
Just like how his Flaming Sun Abyss was consuming Yellow Springs Purgatory right now, Nine Hells Purgatory had probably consumed Nether Purgatory to become what it was today.
This meant that Austin’s Nether Purgatory had probably fallen apart just like the former Yellow Springs Purgatory.
According to Tian Qi, Auston had joined hands with outsiders to kill his older brother, Austin.
After Austin was gone, Auston’s Nine Hells Purgatory had consumed Nether Purgatory just like how his Flaming Sun Abyss was consuming Grom’s Yellow Springs Purgatory right now.
“Nether Purgatory broke into many pieces after it had fallen apart completely. One of these pieces had entered the chaotic streams of space and somehow landed in Spirit Realm. Over time, it evolved into that so-called Nether Realm.”
Tian Qi was a picture of calm as he made his explanation.
“The native Abyss Devils on that fragment were crushed by the laws of the Abyss.”
“After the fragment had fused with the land on Spirit Realm, the low level races and species of that land came into contact with the bloody remains of Nether Purgatory’s Abyss Devils and gave birth to the races of Nether Realm.”
“Therefore, the Abyss Devils of Nether Purgatory are the source of the Horned Demon, Dark Shadow, and the Ghost Eye Races’ bloodlines.”
“As for the so-called royal race, the Dark Nether Race, they are really Abyss Devils with your older brother’s bloodline in them.”
“The girl’s blood is the reason you accepted her into your fold.”
Tian Qi had easily clarified the source of the Nether Realm races bloodline with a simple explanation.
Ming Xiao finally realized that the source of his bloodline was Auston’s older brother, the former Nether Monarch.
“Nether Purgatory is gone, and everyone thought that Austin was completely after he vanished completely.”
“Not even I thought that your older brother still had some lingering soul fragments.”
“So imagine my shock when I entered Spirit Realm by accident, ventured to Nether Realm, heard of the two unique wonders of the Nether Realm—the Profound Yin Nether Sea and the Nine Soul Hell—and discovered what they really were.”
“Never did I expect that the Nether River, the flesh and blood of Castor, and the Nine Soul Hell, an amalgamation of Austin’s undying soul fragments, would both exist in Nether Realm at the same time!”
“I should’ve known that the former Abyss Master, Castor, and the Abyss Devil whose future was even brighter than Castor’s, Austin, wouldn’t perish that easily.”
“Who knew that a place like Nether Realm would hide such secrets?”
Tian Qi sighed emotionally at the end of his sentence.
“Austin’s undying soul fragment!”
Qin Lie was just as stunned. He couldn’t help but look at the pitch black whirlpool floating in the sky of Nine Hells Purgatory right now.
He found it difficult to imagine that the both of the wonders of Nether Realm were related to the ancient secrets of the Abyss.
The Profound Yin Nether Sea was the resulting flesh and blood of Castor after his destruction.
The Nine Soul Hell was the amalgamation of the Nether Monarch’s undying soul fragments, Austin.
Suddenly, the Nine Soul Hell started shrinking rapidly.
It became as small as a palm in just a few seconds.
At first glance, the Nine Soul Hell looked like a wriggling ball of black light.
Then, the black light rushed toward Nether City without warning.
“Watch out!”
Auston and Ming Xiao yelled and looked at Ling Yushi at the same time.
Ling Yushi’s eyes were filled with sorrow and acceptance. She looked like she had accepted her fate.
“You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for him!” Auston shouted angrily at her.
“He’s my ancestor and my master, I…” Ling Yushi muttered to herself.
No one knew that her bloodline was intricately tied to the Nine Soul Hell, and that her strange soul arts had all originated from it as well.
From the beginning, she had a feeling that the Nine Soul Hell had a mind of its own.
Before she had stepped into Nine Hells Purgatory or the Frost Desolation Abyss, she had cultivated long and hard beside the Nine Soul Hell of Nether Realm. It was why she became dependent on the Nine Soul Hell for a time.
After Tian Qi had explained everything, she finally understood the true identity of the Nine Soul Hell and confirmed that it did have a mind of its own.
She knew what the black light rushing toward her meant.
But for some reason, she just couldn’t muster any thoughts of resistance against it.
No one knew that she had confessed her feelings and thoughts to the Nine Soul Hell during her loneliest and most helpless moment, and was rewarded with a set of soul secret arts in return. Those techniques had brought her infinite hope and confidence back then.
That was why she harbored a special feeling toward the Nine Soul Hell.
“Get out of my sight!”
Qin Lie flew into a rage as the Soul Tree appeared in his pupils.
The Dark Soul Beast avatar immediately fired soul beams from its forehead straight at the black light.
However, the soul beams disappeared immediately after they struck the black light.
A sense of weakness immediately rose up from the depths of his soul.
“Stop him!”
Nine Hells Monarch Auston shouted as he flew toward Nether City.
“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”
A connected string of mysterious purple rings flew out of Auston’s eyes and placed a restrictive power on all souls inside Nether City.
Auston was trying to prevent the black light from entering Ling Yushi’s mind with his secret art.
“Soul secret art…”
Qin Hao’s mind was incredibly tenacious, but he didn’t know much about the soul secret arts.
He tried to stop the black light falling toward Ling Yushi with his nine-level Soul Altar, but the Nine Soul Hell had easily penetrated it without trouble.
Knowing that the situation was critical, Qin Shan took out his Heavenly Lightning Pool without hesitation and attacked the black light immediately.
The sky of Nine Hells Purgatory instantly became filled with lightning.
The purple rings that had flown out of Auston’s eyes exploded without warning due to the Heavenly Lightning Pool.
But the black light flying towards Ling Yushi finally moved to dodge the rampaging thunder storm.
Apparently, not even the black light was immune to the terrifying power of the Heavenly Lightning Pool. It had no choice but to fly away and avoid the area where the bolts of heavenly lightning were concentrated.