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Spirit Realm
Chapter 83: Receiving the Blade!

Chapter 83: Receiving the Blade!
Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong coldly watched the battle inside the valley from atop the Profound Nether Beast.
Tu Ze’s chest was covered in fresh blood that looked like many red drills. After the blood drops had frozen, it actually emanated a strange and demonic kind of beauty, and when complemented with Tu Ze’s slightly pale face, it appeared stranger and stranger.
A bright silvery line of ice wiggled inside the Ice Drake Sword in Yan Ziqian’s hands, and a weak dragonic aura actually emanated from it.
While the Ice Drake Sword slashed across the air, there were many shoots of silver rays emanating from it that were cold and gleaming. Many of these rays of light were aimed at Tu Ze’s neck and heart. Of course, if they hit these vital spots, then Tu Ze most likely would not be able to survive.
It was obvious that Yan Ziqian did not feel the slightest bit of mercy when he acted against Tu Ze. He was planning to kill Tu Ze on the spot!
Feng Kai was also the same; his entire posture bespoke that he was going to murder Zhuo Qian with each swing of his blade aiming to take her life!
On top of the Profound Nether Beast, the white dressed Xie Jingxuan frowned slightly as a trace of coldness leaked out of her pair of pure and translucent eyes. “Could it be that the infighting between our subordinate forces have all escalated to this state?”
She knew a little about what was going on inside Dark Asura Hall.
To preserve the energy of their subordinate forces, Dark Asura Hall allowed the vassal forces to compete with each other and tolerated physical conflict between them.
Only through conflict could a person get used to a cruel environment, and only then there would be more outstanding martial practitioners to provide Dark Asura Hall with combat capable fresh blood.
However, the infighting between vassal forces had reached a point where the only way to resolve the conflict was for one side to die out. Is this really what Dark Asura Hall wishes to see?
“Miss, not all battles between vassal forces are this fierce. Most of the vassal forces are still at a controllable state, and they would not engage in life-or-death battles.” Liang Zhong could see that she was unhappy and hurriedly explained, “Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion are a bit special…”
He explained to her the reason.
Xie Jingxuan’s eyes bespoke of surprise, “If what you say is true, then the great animosity between Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion has always existed. Then, why didn’t the hall send anyone to resolve it?”
Liang Zhong gave a bitter laugh, “... Shattered Ice Manor is closer to the First Hall Master, whereas Tu Mo’s father, Tu Shixiong, is a commander under the Second Hall Master. As you know, the relationship between First Hall Master and Second Hall Master… isn’t too friendly.”
“I see.” Xie Jingxuan looked surprised, then let out a quiet sigh. “Sigh, so conflict does exist no matter where you go.”
“Miss, should we interfere?” asked Liang Zhong, asking for instructions while watching the battle..
“Let’s take a look first.”
“Brother Tu! Sister Qian!”
Irritation and madness filled Qin Lie’s face. Blue lightning entwined both his arms as he rushed over with a roar while holding the wooden sculpture in his hand.
“Qin Lie!”
“Qin Lie’s here!”
“Why are you here kid?”
“Everyone in the battle was slightly shocked the moment they saw him appear so suddenly, and they all had a different expression of their own.
Yan Ziqian, who had fully gained the upper hand had his eyebrows unconsciously locked together and his gaze turned.
He remembered it clearly. Two years ago in the Arctic Mountain Range, Qin Lie had summoned thunder from the sky and forced him into a most humiliating situation, to the point that he had no choice but to take shelter for a moment.
Feng Kai and Yan Qingsong’s faces too shuddered with an ugly expression.
A few months ago, on top of the stone bridge between Commerce Street and South City, the thick bolt of lightning had struck down from the sky and seriously wounded them. It took them half a month before they finally recovered...
Their memories about Qin Lie were as good as yesterday’s, and just the same, they hated him down to the very bones!
On the other hand, Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, and the others appeared roused. Their fighting spirit seemed to have climbed yet another level. It was as if Qin Lie’s arrival had allowed them to see a chance at hope.
“Qin Lie! Go and help Zhuo Qian take down Feng Kai! I can still, handle this!” Tu Ze yelled.
“Don’t listen to him, go help Tu Ze! He’s almost at his limits!” Zhuo Qian, who had been dodging all this time suddenly yelled loudly.
While she was speaking, Feng Kai’s sword beam had added yet another wound to her arm. Blood spilled out of it.
The sight caused Qin Lie to completely lose his momentary hesitation as he rushed over with grit teeth. “Feng Kai! I’ll skin you alive!”
The electricity in the wooden sculpture suddenly brightened. The blazing electricity sparked and intertwined with each other; the faint blue electric lights were like swimming snakes, and they were even accompanied by thunderous sounds of explosions.
Every hair on the head of Qin Shan’s sculpture was shooting out bolts of electricity!
They all rushed towards Feng Kai!
The moment Feng Kai, who had forced Zhuo Qian into a tight spot, saw bolts of electricity shooting towards him, his expression abruptly changed. He had no choice but to cope with it, causing the pressure on Zhuo Qian to drop immensely.
“Eh, who is that stupid looking kid who suddenly charged over? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a person in Nebula Pavilion?”
“Yan Ziqian, Feng Kai, and Yan Qingsong… All three of them seemed to be somewhat afraid of him. What is going on?”
“Sister Na Nuo, do you know of this Qin Lie fellow?”
The girls from Water Moon Sect focused on the newly arrived Qin Lie when they saw the situation changed. They could not help but discuss among themselves in an attempt to understand Qin Lie’s background.
“I don’t know him.” Na Nuo leaned against a stone pillar with the usual expression and shook her head. “He looks like he’s from Nebula Pavilion. But I really haven’t heard anything about him, so he probably isn’t anyone important. Otherwise I would’ve heard something.”
“Mn, if you look at his cultivation, he’s only at the Refinement Realm, so no wonder Sister Na Nuo didn’t know him.”
“That’s right, how can a fellow of the Refinement Realm possibly enter Sister Na Nuo’s eyes?”
The group of girls chat kept chattering.
At this moment, Na Nuo’s gaze had fallen onto Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong on the Profound Nether Beasts not far away.
She examined Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong from head to toe and felt shaken on the inside. Her eyes too leaked a trace of surprise as it seemed she noticed that they were far from ordinary.
She quickly retracted her gaze and no longer spoke, but a trace of seriousness had added itself onto her expression, and she did not continue to laugh and comment about the battle.
“The last time you were saved only because lightning had struck down from the sky. You won’t be this lucky this time!” Feng Kai relaxed a little when he lifted his head and saw the sun shining from above.
Then, light bloomed greatly from his silver sword, and his attacks were as tight as fine rain, landing endlessly around Qin Lie and Zhuo Qian.
In Qin Lie and Zhuo Qian’s eyes, it was as if there was silver drizzle pouring down beside them, and every one of these strands of rain were as sharp as a blade. The slightest bit of carelessness would result in terrible wounds.
Luckily, the wooden sculpture in Qin Lie’s hand had formed a large area of electricity.
The intertwining electricity formed a thick and tight barrier, and the moment a sword beam got in, it was immediately destroyed by a lightning strike.
It was due to this factor that he and Zhuo Qian had not fallen into a disadvantageous position and looked like they were fighting equally against Feng Kai.
But Tu Ze was not that lucky...
The blade of the Ice Drake Sword had taken off a piece of flesh from his left shoulder. If he hadn’t dodged it in time, it would have fallen onto his neck!
And if that was the case, the artery on his neck would’ve been slashed open, and Tu Ze too would die a brutal death on the spot.
While Tu Ze was frightened to the core, a huge hole on the crimson longblade was cut once again by the Ice Drake Sword.
The overwhelmed longblade had finally broken into two, and there was no longer any trace of spirit energy fluctuation to be found.
“Even your spirit artifact has been destroyed. Just how are you going to fight me?” Yan Ziqian’s expression was dark and cold, “The longblade may not be too suitable for you, but at least it was still usable. But what about now?”
While he was speaking, his eyes began to roll about the surroundings to see if there was anyone from Dark Asura Hall.
He did not see anyone from Dark Asura Hall inside the stone forest. Instead, he found Xie Jingxuan, and his eyes obviously lit up for an instant due to surprise at her beauty. But it was only for an instant. He came to his senses, and eyes brimming with murderous intent, he spoke in a low tone, “There is no one from Dark Asura Hall here. Therefore, you will die here today, Tu Ze…”
“I’m right here. Come at me!” Tu Ze’s heart was already filled with the intention to die as he growled and prepared himself to fight like a cornered beast.
“Qin Lie, go and help Tu Ze quickly! He can’t take it anymore!” Zhuo Qian heard their words, and her body shuddered once as her eyes immediately teared up. She screamed out as if she had gone mad, and her voice carried a weeping tone, “Tu Ze, don’t be stupid! You better f*cking stay alive, don’t you dare throw your life away!”
“Sister Na Nuo, this isn’t right! Th-they’re really going to kill them!”
“They have gone completely mad! This is a real fight to the death, not an argument and not a normal conflict!”
“Dark Asura Hall had strictly prohibited this!”
“What do we do? Sister Na Nuo, what do you say we should do?”
Originally, the girls from Water Moon Sect were all smiling on the sidelines and watching a good show. But now their faces had paled, and one by one, they screamed in panic.
At this moment, Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, and the people from Nebula Pavilion were completely covered in blood. In addition, Yan Ziqian and Feng Kai had displayed a clear intention of murder!
This fight was now completely different from what they had initially imagined, and it had completely exceeded their imaginations!
“Stop screaming! All of you, stop screaming and do not interfere! Calm down, all of you, and do not make a move!” Na Nuo’s usual smile was gone, and her expression was completely serious as she shouted sternly at her companions to stay where they were and forbade them from interfering.
She knew very well that this was not the time for them to fiddle about, and once they triggered an unnecessary misunderstanding, then even they might be dragged into the fray.
“Big Brother Tu! Don’t lose hope! You mustn’t throw your life away, it is not worth it!”
“Big brother Tu! Endure it, just endure for now; you’re the one who said these words! The next time, when you’ve gotten your spirit artifact the next time, you will definitely be able to exact your revenge!”
“Don’t be hasty!”
Kang Zhi, Chu Peng, Han Feng, and the rest all roared as every one of them struggled like a madman, not even caring for the new wounds on their body as they desperately fought their way towards Tu Ze’s direction.
“Spirit artifact? Spirit artifact! The spirit artifacts that I’ve brought with me!”
Qin Lie, who had blood rushing up his head and was ready to charge towards Tu Ze to fight with his life, suddenly came to his senses and immediately recalled the main reason he had come here in the first place.
—He was here to deliver the spirit artifacts to Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian.
Abruptly, he forced himself to calm down and looked towards Liang Zhong, and with the loudest voice he could muster, he roared, “Uncle Zhong, please throw over the items wrapped inside the oilcloth! Please!”
The distance between him and Liang Zhong was only less than a hundred meters, but Tu Ze’s situation was so critical that he might be killed in the next second.
He had no time to rush back and forth to grab the items.
But he knew that, as long as Liang Zhong was willing, a hundred meters of distance was not a problem at all!
That was why he begged with all his heart!
“What do you think, miss?” Liang Zhong looked baffled. To this day, he did not know what was wrapped inside the oilcloth, so he did not understand Qin Lie’s impatience.
“Give it to him,” Xie Jingxuan said indifferently.
She too did not know what was wrapped inside the oilcloth, and she was equally curious as to why, at this critical juncture, when Tu Ze was about to be killed, Qin Lie still remembered the items inside the oilcloth.
What could they be?
She wanted to see.
Therefore, Liang Zhong obeyed.
Liang Zhong extended his hands and grabbed the oilcloth, and with a casual toss, the cloth became wrapped inside a layer of blue light and crossed the hundred meters of distance in just two seconds. It flew like the wind before landing steadily on top of Qin Lie head.
Right into his hands.
When he tore open the oilcloth, two fine-looking spirit artifacts were abruptly exposed. It was a longblade and the Dragon Bone Whip; they were exactly the “defective products” he had asked for from Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian.
“Sister Qian, take this Dragon Bone Whip. I’ll bring this blade to Big Brother Tu!”
Qin Lie pulled out the Dragon Bone Whip and took the opportunity to wrap the whip around her snake-like waist when she dodged backwards abruptly. Then, he carried the longblade and charged at top speed.
“Qin Lie, it’s no use. That blade is defective! It’s not even a spirit artifact and can’t even compare to that broken blade!” Zhuo Qian shouted.
However, that was all she could shout before she was immediately pressured by Feng Kai to the point of speechlessness - after Qin Lie left, the pressure on her had increased tremendously, and she fell into a completely disadvantageous position.
“Big Brother Tu! I’m giving you a new blade!”
Qin Lie rushed forth and threw the longblade from far, far away at Tu Ze, who was covered in blood droplets.
Those blood droplets were fresh blood frozen in ice, crystalline and demonically strange, and they were but the cruelest representation of his horrific injuries!
“This is the blade Great Master Lu created for you?” when Yan Ziqian saw the longblade flew over, he actually did not go on the offensive to stop Tu Ze from receiving the blade. In fact, he even slowed down his attacks and allowed Tu Ze to grab it. His cold face was full with ridicule. “Only a failed spirit artifact can properly complement your current situation. Die along with that defective weapon of yours.”
The bladeless Tu Ze, with the thought that it’s better to have a weapon in hand than nothing at all, extended his hand and received the blade.
The moment the longblade entered his hands, the feeling that his blood had connected with it suddenly leaped into his heart!
It was as if the blade had become a part of his body, the extension of his arm, a part of his four limbs!
It was the impossible feeling of an artifact, the palm, the arm, and the flesh and blood itself melding together in perfect harmony!
Throughout his life, Tu Ze had played with tens of spirit artifacts of different grades, but never once had he experienced such a sublime feeling!
Under the spell of surprise, he activated the Nebula Art and injected it into the longblade.
The very next moment, Tu Ze’s body abruptly shuddered greatly, and a most breathtaking light exploded out of his eyes!
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