Strongest Abandoned Son
Chapter 1569 - Terrifying Freedom King

Chapter 1569: Terrifying Freedom King

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“It’s you?” Ye Mo saw that it was the icy cold female cultivator Bing Yu and put away Zi Xu.
The female cultivator glanced coldly at Ye Mo and asked, “You don’t want to live?”
“What do you mean?” Ye Mo raised a brow and questioned coldly. He almost released Zi Xu again, did this woman think she was powerful just because she was an abstruse immortal? She was a mere abstruse immortal primary stage.
“That’s Gong Hua Heaven’s Freedom King’s chariot. You don’t move aside and instead you charge up. If you want to die you might as well kill yourself without draggin our Extreme Sword Sect into it,” Bing Yu said emotionlessly.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to speak, he heard Bing Yu sneer. “Shut up!”
Then she stood on her flying magic artifact and looked down, saying nothing.
Ye Mo suddenly felt a powerful force sweep over. He uncontrollably shivered. There was an icy spirit sense that shivered even his soul. It was as though the next moment his soul would run out of his body and even his Golden Page World would seep out.
Ye Mo was shook and just when he wanted to use the Three Birth Chant, he suddenly realized he must not use Three Birth Chant here no matter what. If he did, everything was exposed.
Sweat dripped from his forehead, his entire body became drenched. Just when Ye Mo didn’t know what to do, the spirit sense swept past his body.
It was just a few seconds but Ye Mo felt like it had been a few centuries. There was such a powerful immortal in the world, just who was this Freedom King?
The immortal sound left and Ye Mo didn’t even have the courage to chase up and scan with his spirit sense. He was certain that if he did, he would die.
When the immortal music completely disappeared, Bing Yu still stood there not moving. Ye Mo didn’t move seeing this. Five minutes later, Bing Yu glanced coldly at Ye Mo and was about to fly forward on her flying magic artifact.
Ye Mo just realized that this woman just saved his life. Otherwise, if he charged up recklessly, he would’ve been killed by a beam of spirit sense already. Even if he wasn’t killed, all his secrets would be exposed for sure.
“Martial sister Bing Yu, thanks for saving my life.” Ye Mo was truly thankful to her.
Bing Yu looked plainly at Ye Mo and didn’t answer. She was prepared to leave.
Ye Mo quickly asked again, “Martial sister Bing Yu, who is this Freedom King, what is his power?”
Bing Yu frowned and said, “The Freedom King is called Fang Bichen, he’s an immortal king. Even the heaven lord of Gong Hua Heaven has to move aside when seeing him.”
Immortal king power? Immortal king was this powerful? Ye Mo thought of that blue dressed female cultivator, wasn’t she a status immortal too? Why wasn’t she that powerful? Was she not an immortal king?
Seeing Ye Mo daze on the side, Bing Yu ignored him and was prepared to keep going when another dashing light came.
“Martial sister Bing Yu, you went so fast. When I went to find you martial uncle said you had left already. I finally caught up to you now!” a joyful voice sounded.
Ye Mo woke up and realized that he knew this cultivator, it was that male cultivator he met at the gates of Extreme Sword Sect, the abstruse immortal primary stage. He seemed to be some martial brother Wu.
“So you came out with pill master Ye, that’s good. If it wasn’t that pill master Ye’s flying magic artifact is a little weaker, I really wouldn’t be able to catch up to you.” The male cultivator saw Ye Mo and smiled.
Ye Mo suddenly really disliked this martial brother Wu, there was clearly a sliver of jealousy in his eyes but he acted really happy. He said his flying magic artifact was bad but his was only a middle grade flying immortal artifact.
“Martial brother Wu.” Bing Yu was surprised. She didn’t expect this guy to still catch up when she left early.
Ye Mo wanted to laugh, this martial brother Wu stuck to Bing Yu everywhere. Ye Mo was thinking, what was anything good about this icy cold woman? Although she was the number one prettiest woman in the immortal realm he had seen so far, she was too lacking in facial expression.
Ye Mo didn’t talk, he couldn’t be bothered. He was an immortal forgery master, when he reached immortal forgery great master he could upgrade his flying magic artifact to middle grade at anytime.
Martial brother Wu was happy seeing Ye Mo didn’t answer him. “Pill master Ye will perhaps be our Extreme Sword Sect’s member, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m Hai Chunwu, the great disciple of Green Fall Peak. Martial sister Nianmei is a bright jewel of our sect, congratulations.”
How could Ye Mo not know what he meant, he thought he came out with Bing Yu. Ye Mo casually saluted with his fists. “Haha.”
Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t seem to welcome him much, Hai Chuanwu thought that Ye Mo was annoyed he stopped the private time between him and Bing Yu so he said again, “Pill master Ye’s luck is really good, winning with a middle grade immortal pill. Everyone in the sect is amazed at pill master Ye’s luck, if I had pill master Ye’s luck, sigh…”
Ye Mo didn’t offend this guy, but because he liked Bing Yu he berated him in front of her. Ye Mo disliked this guy more and more. Comparatively, Gongsun Zhiyu was much better.
He then said calmly, “Don’t even think about my luck, you will never have it in your entire life. Didn’t your master teach you, luck is a type of power?”
Hai Chuanwu didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so straightforward. He frowned, but thinking about what Ye Mo acted like at the competition, he immediately categorized Ye Mo as vulgar.
Bing Yu was shook. She thought of her master’s analysis, was this pill master Ye really keeping a low profile? Was his luck really as he said, a part of his power?
Hai Chuanwu wasn’t annoyed however, he was happy. Ye Mo was immature like the qian beis in the sects said. He was like a little kid, there was no way Bing Yu would like such a person.
Thinking about this he said calmly, “That’s true, I rely on hard work, I don’t have pill master Ye’s luck power.”
He then said, “Where does pill master Ye want to go? If you need my help, just say it.”
“No need martial brother Wu, go where you please. I can solve my own things.” Ye Mo rejected without hesitation.
He thought Ye Mo was with Zhen Bingyu, how could he agree to go? He quickly said, “How can that do? Nianmei is the daughter of our sect leader and you’re the one she chose – I must help. After helping you, I’ll leave with martial sister Bingyu.”
Ye Mo frowned, he was going to Chaos Star Realm for trial, why did this Hai Chuanwu pester him?
“I’m going to take a shit martial brother Wu, do you still want to help?” Ye Mo was annoyed.
“You…” Hai Chuanwu’s face went green. He didn’t expect Ye Mo would say such words in front of Bingyu, this was too insulting.
Bingyu heard this and still had a calm face, but she didn’t want to stay here anymore. She said to Hai Chuanwu, “Martial brother Wu, you guys talk. I’ll be going.”
Then she flew off and sighed, he didn’t deserve martial sister Nianmei. She even began to disregard her master’s suspicions.
At this moment, Hai Chuanwu realized that Ye Mo wasn’t with Bingyu. He glared at Ye Mo and chased up.
Only then did Ye Mo realise why Hai Chuanwu had to follow him. This kid thought Bingyu must be on the same journey with him.