Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess
Chapter 576 - Make the Inn Their Substitute

After getting used to being hunted, they had a period of leisurely life. Even Lin Mengya involuntarily thought life a little bit boring.
Those spies were very strange. Even if the spies didn’t dare to confront them directly, the spies should have thought of taking revenge on them after being tricked by them several times.
Even if the spies didn’t want to take revenge, the spies should send someone to find out why they acted so abnormally.
Unfortunately, no matter how they showed their slips on purpose, none of the spies behind them was tricked.
Could it be that the spies had changed their minds?
Sitting in the carriage, Lin Mengya lifted the curtain and looked back from time to time. It was so boring. Even if she just wanted to hit a fly, she didn’t find any.
“What are you looking at?”
Long Tianyu, who was on the horse beside her, asked.
Meanwhile, he looked curiously at Lin Mengya with his dark eyes.
“I’m looking— Do you think these people a little strange?”
In fact, even if Lin Mengya didn’t mention it, Long Tianyu had the same thought.
“Probably they are afraid of getting killed.”
This place was different from the Nation of Lintian as Long Tianyu’s home field.
As long as he gave the order, those people would certainly get killed.
It was better for those people to follow him from a distance so that they could pin him down and keep an eye on him.
“That’s right. It’s all your fault to act too fiercely. By the way, we’re going to meet up with the teacher and the others, right? I’ve had enough of such a life of ease and leisure.”
Lin Mengya said, rested her chin on her hands, and blinked her watery eyes.
They had made an appointment to meet in the town at the beginning.
However, Long Tianyu thought that an appointment could be leaked out easily, so he changed the location of their meeting at the last minute.
Things went well. Baishao and the others acted very cautiously, and nothing about the teacher had been leaked out.
In this case, she could rest assured.
“You will soon be busy. There is news from the Yun State that there is a miracle-working doctor proficient in curing the plague. Plenty of people have recovered after accepting his diagnosis and treatment.”
Troubled times made heroes.
Most of the skilled doctors couldn’t bear to sit idly by and watch such a tragedy.
If there was such a talent, she and her teacher could pay a visit and give assistance.
“That’s good. Curing the plague could bring benefits to people. This person, who is willing to help people in times of crisis, must be extraordinary.”
Seeing that Lin Mengya admired the doctor very much, Long Tianyu nodded.
However, he was more thoughtful. Someone stepping forward at this moment was not necessarily a hero.
No one would miss such a good opportunity to buy popular support.
They spent another day on the way. It was not until evening that they found an inn for lodging.
Lin Mengya went back to her room early to sleep. She was the only one traveling in the carriage, while the others traveled on horses. She felt puzzled why she seemed to be the most tired person.
However, she didn’t have her dinner, which made Long Tianyu a little worried.
Travelling was the most tiring thing. He wondered if she could get through it.
Lying on the warm and comfortable bed, Lin Mengya couldn’t fall asleep at the moment.
She tossed and turned on the bed. Although she had been exhausted to the extreme, her mind was filled with excitement.
She was just about to get up to see what Long Tianyu was doing.
All of a sudden, there was a faint strange fragrance in the room.
Lin Mengya took a deep breath, and her heart skipped a beat.
Did it turn out to be the knockout incense?
It was weird. How could anyone use it in such a small town?
Before she reacted, the Shen Nung system automatically alerted her. This knockout incense was not complicated, or could even be considered tacky.
Since the formula was so simple, it should not come from those spies.
However, eighty percent of the knockout incense around the world had no influence on her.
Moreover, Long Tianyu and the others were so alert. They wouldn’t be tricked, right?
Now that Lin Mengya didn’t hear anything at the moment, she remained in bed and acted like a dead person willfully.
“Has she been knocked out?”
As she expected, there suddenly came a low voice from outside.
Lin Mengya listened carefully and found the voice a little familiar. In the blink of an eye, the door of the room was pushed open from the outside.
She narrowed her eyes and looked out through the bed curtain. The voice seemed to come from the waiter of this inn.
Lin Mengya immediately figured out the situation she was in at the moment.
Unexpectedly, they put up at a gangster inn!
Lin Mengya wanted to laugh, but she was going to be cooperative.
They definitely could not fool Long Tianyu with such a clumsy trick. The reason why he didn’t take any action at the moment was probably that he had his plan.
The waiter held a dim lantern and looked inside the room by the light.
Perhaps because he was confident in his knockout insense or because Lin Mengya did a good job in pretending, the waiter acted boldly anyway.
He walked into the room naturally and seemed to be after something.
Gangsters were usually after money. Although they kept a low profile, such a large group of people traveling together would definitely show some slips.
Seeing the waiter approaching her, Lin Mengya slowed down her breathing and pretended to be asleep.
After lifting the rough curtain, the waiter specially moved the lantern above Lin Mengya to see her face.
There were delicate features on her face as smooth as lard. In such a sparsely populated place, it was rare to see such beauty.
The waiter immediately showed a greedy look and stretched out his sinful hand to touch her little snow-white face.
Just as his fingers were about to touch Lin Mengya’s skin, he suddenly passed out.
Then he fell heavily to the ground.
In the dim light, Long Tianyu’s cold eyes were exceptionally clear.
Lin Mengya suddenly opened her eyes and gave Long Tianyu a sweet smile.
“I knew you wouldn’t fall for this trick. I thought I could save you once after all.”
Lin Mengya pouted and pretended to say in displeasure.
Seeing her sweet smile, Long Tianyu became joyful.
The murderous intent in his eyes gradually faded away. Only when she was fine could he spare those people.
“Okay, I’ll give you a chance to save me next time.”
Lin Mengya was not very satisfied with the answer. She did not know when she would have the chance.
She quickly got up from the bed, but Long Tianyu held her in his arms and hoisted her up.
“What’s wrong? Are you afraid that my legs will go weak? I won’t. I’m really not drugged. Don’t worry.”
Lin Mengya said in astonishment at the thought that Long Tianyu might be worried about her.
However, he did not explain, but just held her in his arms and suddenly flew down through the window.
It wasn’t until they landed on the ground that they saw several dark figures rapidly approaching them.
What… what was going on?
“Mr. Baili is here. I’m taking you to meet him.”
Long Tianyu whispered in Lin Mengya’s ear.
But their carriages and horses were all in the inn, weren’t they?
Lin Mengya looked back and found that it was still as peaceful as before in the inn and their horses were still eating grass leisurely at the entrance.
Meanwhile, he hid her under his wide cloak and shuttled back and forth in the forest.
Although she had some doubts, she thought that Long Tianyu always had his own plan.
The wind blew on her face, making her feel a little pain.
Lin Mengya thought for a while and decided to behave herself and shrink her head back.
In his arms, she didn’t know how far they had gone.
Lin Mengya only knew that it was quiet all around. Even their footsteps did not cause much noise.
Finally, Long Tianyu stopped in a small open space.
A few prepared carriages stopped there, followed by a lot of horses, waiting for them.
“Where’s Sister Mengya?”
A delicate and cute young man suddenly jumped out of the largest carriage and asked.
The young man couldn’t wait to see Lin Mengya.
However, Long Tianyu raised his finger as a hint for the young man to keep quiet.
“She’s asleep. Xiu, get in the carriage for a rest with her.”
The cute young man was Xiu, who sneaked out.
Xiu looked at Long Tianyu very obediently with her big round eyes.
However, she suddenly saw a burst of softness in his eyes.
Part of a slim figure was revealed in his arms.
It was Lin Mengya, who had fallen asleep at some point in time.
Putting her in the carriage, Long Tianyu found it both funny and annoying.
He was afraid of hurting her, but he didn’t expect that this girl would fall asleep so easily.
He would never get tired of watching her lovely sleeping face. He gently kissed her on the white and smooth forehead, hoping that she could have a good night’s sleep.
“Move quietly. Don’t disturb the princess.”
Hearing him give the order in a low but commanding voice, the whole team moved forward quietly, as if they were thieves.
The dark night was their best disguise.
Meanwhile, the inn a few miles away under the watchful eye of the spies suddenly caught fire soaring into the sky.
The spies wanted to watch over him? In their dream.
No one knew that Long Tianyu had made this gangster inn, which had been a scourge here for so many years, their substitute and sacrificial lamb.
This could be considered waste utilization.
Lin Mengya had a sweet night of sleep even without a dream until dawn.
She opened her eyes and stretched herself. Only then did she realize that she was in a carriage.
“Sister Mengya, you finally wake up. Have a cup of tea. It’s Prince Yu’s order.”
Xiu looked at her and said with a smile. She, who was dressed as a young master, looked even more delicate.
Lin Mengya looked at Xiu in surprise as Xiu stuffed a cup of warm tea into her hand.
She had indeed told Baishao that Xiu could come with them if Xiu insisted on following them.
However, when did she meet Xiu? Why couldn’t she remember anything about it at all?
Eh… Did they meet when she was asleep?
“Where… are we?”
Lin Mengya rubbed her head and asked. Indeed, it was not a good thing for her to sleep so soundly.
Xiu tilted her head to look at her, covered the smile on her face and said,
“On the way. You slept so soundly that you probably wouldn’t realize anything even if I sold you.”