Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess
Chapter 577 - Experience in Relationship

Did she fall asleep? She patted her head and thought that she might have been really tired these days so that she even forgot when she fell asleep.
“Why are you smiling?”
Lin Mengya took a sip of tea and asked, while looking at Xiu, who sat opposite her and showed a wicked smile, with a puzzled look.
“Nothing. I just think that Prince Yu is so considerate to you. It would be great if I could have such a good husband in the future.”
Xiu said enviously. However, as soon as she mentioned it, her smiling face suddenly became gloomy for no reason.
“What’s wrong? Do you have a crush on someone? Who is it? Tell me about it.”
It was a rare opportunity for Lin Mengya to tease Xiu, but Xiu didn’t act very shy. Instead, she looked at Lin Mengya expectantly.
“But he doesn’t like me at all. Sister, how about giving me some advice? If I become a girl like you, he will definitely like me. You don’t know that recently my uncle somehow kept trying to marry me off. If I hadn’t hidden from him in time, I would have been married off now!”
Xiu didn’t feel embarrassed at all.
However, most of the people in Lieyun dared to love and hate like her.
Compared with those bashful young ladies from noble families, Lin Mengya certainly preferred Xiu’s straightforward character.
“I’m not good enough to give you advice. Xiu, remember that no matter who you like, no matter he likes you or not, you are yourself and don’t have to be anyone else. If he really likes you, he will like every side of you. If he doesn’t like you, he won’t like you no matter what kind of girl you become.”
Xiu looked at Lin Mengya with a confused look, but she still nodded.
She was still young, so she might not be able to understand all these words.
In fact, Lin Mengya didn’t have much experience in relationships. She had been busy with studying before, and now she was busy with national affairs.
She and Long Tianyu hadn’t done many things that were common for a normal couple, not to mention to bill and coo.
Uh… she was really not qualified to be a relationship mentor.
“Sister, I’ll listen to you. Anyway, as long as he doesn’t marry anyone else, I still have a chance!”
Lin Mengya didn’t know if this little girl had misunderstood her.
Seeing her become so lively suddenly, Lin Mengya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Well, it’s good for a girl to be brave and active. But you should know how far to go and when to stop. If you cling to him blindly, he will look down on you.”
Lin Mengya involuntarily gave Xiu a few words of advice. This girl was very simple. Sometimes, she was afraid that someone would take advantage of Xiu.
“Of course I won’t. As the daughter of the Dongfang family, I must have my self-esteem. Sister, when the affairs of the Jin State are settled, can you go to Lieyun with me? There are many interesting places and a lot of delicious food in our country. I will definitely take you to travel around the whole Lieyun!”
Looking at Xiu’s cheerful look, Lin Mengya found it hard to refuse.
At the mention of Lieyun, Lin Mengya couldn’t help thinking of Xiaoyu.
Not long ago, this guy asked someone to deliver letters back. But he always said that he lived well and told her not to worry about him.
Later on, after she went to the Nation of Lintian, their correspondence just stopped.
She had asked a lot of people to inquire about him, but all of them came back empty-handed.
They hadn’t seen each other for such a long time. She wondered what that guy had become and whether he was homesick.
“Well, okay. I will definitely go if I got a chance.”
With a sparkle in her eyes, Xiu immediately took off a bracelet from her wrist.
The bracelet, which was woven with leather threads and decorated with several pink gems, was very clear and beautiful.
Xiu took Lin Mengya’s hand and gently tied the bracelet to her wrist.
“This is the token of our Dongfang Family. If you come to Lieyun, you must come to the Dongfang Family to visit me!”
Lin Mengya withdrew her hand and looked at the bracelet on her wrist.
Although it was not so exquisite, it was very natural and beautiful.
“Since you’ve given me the token, how can I go back on my word? It’s just that your uncle dotes on you so much that he won’t force you to marry someone you don’t like. After we handle the business this time and you have enough fun, you should go back to see your uncle, who must be worried about you.”
Dongfang Lie really doted on his niece very much. When they were in Lintian, wherever Xiu asked to go, he immediately did as she said.
Therefore, he probably found Xiu a suitable husband rather than force her to get married.
In the past few days, Dongfang Lie had to return to Lieyun in advance because he had something to do.
Before he left, he asked Master Guo to bring her a gift and a few large notes.
As such a rough man, he cared for his niece so tenderly. Even Lin Mengya thought it rare.
“Well, I know. After such a long time away from home, I miss my cousin and aunt. My father passed away early, and my mother didn’t care about me. I was raised by my uncle and aunt. This time, I must bring them some gifts when I go back. Sister, what do you think should I take back?”
Xiu had always been so simple. In the twinkling of an eye, she had left her worries behind.
She hoped that such a lovely girl could live joyfully like this forever.
After a night on their way, those confused spies had been left far behind by them.
However, even if the spies caught up, they would not find that Long Tianyu and Lin Mengya had successfully joined Baili Rui and his entourage.
Baili Rui stayed in another carriage. To Lin Mengya’s surprise, Xiao Yixin also came.
Lin Mengya, who just brought Xiu to say hello to Baili Rui, was stunned when she saw Xiao Yixin, who had almost recovered.
“Meng… Princess Yu, nice to meet you.”
As soon as Xiao Yixin blurted out her nickname, he realized that it was somewhat inappropriate for him to call her by her nickname in this situation.
So he greeted her formally.
Watching him who had returned to the gentle young man, Lin Mengya still nodded with a smile.
In fact, there was nothing wrong with Xiao Yixin doing that at that time.
However, he neglected the feelings of others.
He had lost something forever due to a wrong decision made in a moment of weakness.
“Teacher, you must be tired from the journey these days. These are the dishes and wine I prepare for you. It’s been bumpy on the road. It must be hard to endure.”
After coming across Xiao Yixin, Lin Mengya held a mahogany hamper and joked with Baili Rui with a smile.
“Alas, you are so… Forget it. I can still endure it. But you don’t look well. Come here and I’ll feel your pulse.”
Baili Rui said with a frown and looked at his little apprentice, who had a pale face.
With Yunzhu caring for him, Baili Rui was no longer as haggard as before.
Instead, his face was ruddy, and he gradually returned to the graceful man.
Therefore, Baili Rui doted more on this little girl who brought them back together.
He and Yunzhu were unlikely to have their own children.
Besides, he had decided to give up on Baili Wuchen who was a good-for-nothing.
Therefore, this little girl could be considered his only descendant in this world.
Baili Rui had always doted on her as much as he doted on his daughter.
“There’s no need for that. I know about my health condition very well. I just didn’t sleep well during the past few days. By the way, teacher, why did Brother Yixin recover so quickly?”
Although Lin Mengya had been busy in the prince’s mansion these days in the capital city, she had inquired about everything outside the prince’s mansion.
Since Xiao Yixin disappeared, the whole Xiao family had been in a state of disunity.
Uncle Xiao had fallen ill. Meanwhile, a few of the sons of Uncle Xiao’s concubines and the sons of the other branches became restless.
If it went on like this, it was very likely that the Xiao family, such a noble family, would be destroyed in the hands of these people.
As Uncle Xiao’s close friend, her father naturally couldn’t bear to see the Xiao family end up like this.
She had heard her father mention it to her brother many times.
Moreover, she helped the Xiao family with her intention.
“He’s not poisoned seriously and was a healthy man before. In another ten days or half a month, he will return to a handsome young man.”
Baili Rui was still biased against Xiao Yixin. Probably no father would like a man who disliked his daughter.
Therefore, he had been tough on Xiao Yixin these days.
Seeing the fear in Xiao Yixin’s eyes, she knew that he must have suffered a lot.
No matter her father and brother, or her teacher in front of her, or her husband who pretended to be indifferent outside, Lin Mengya found them both funny and annoying.
Their caring for her made her speechless.
“Brother Yixin, do you have a second? I want to have a private talk with you.”
After bribing her teacher with wine and dishes, Lin Mengya turned around and said to Xiao Yixin with a smile.
Her delicate features amazed Xiao Yixin.
Xiao Yixin nodded subconsciously. Looking at Lin Mengya’s back, he felt his heart was still full of bitterness.
Nevertheless, he had always been an open and above-board person. He had done something wrong before, so he took everything he had to suffer now for granted.
The air was very fresh in the early morning. Long Tianhao led his entourage to check around not far away.
Lin Mengya subconsciously searched the man, tilted her head, and gave him a sweet smile.
After that, she turned around and spoke to Xiao Yixin, who was following her.
“Brother Yixin, please don’t blame my teacher and His Highness. They are nice people, but just have a little misunderstanding of you. They mean no harm to you, but just want to vent their anger on you for what you’ve done to me.”
Her words made Xiao Yixin speechless.
He only showed a smile on his haggard face.
He only felt guilty for Mengya at the moment.
At that time, he shouldn’t have hurt this girl, who was like his sister, like that in any case.
Everything he had to suffer now was nothing more than the bitter fruit of his willfulness.
“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame you or hate you. Besides, I cure you because I want you to do me a favor. Each of us can take what we want. Besides, given the friendship between our families for generations, it’s reasonable for me to help you.”