Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess
Chapter 639 - Empress’s Decree to Pray for Jin State

The purpose was just to pray for peace and prosperity. If this was the case, it wouldn’t be easy for the Empress to harm her. After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya comforted Long Tianyu softly, “I’m afraid it would be inappropriate if I am absent. Your mother is now the Imperial Noble Consort. When the Empress goes out, she must stay in the palace to take charge of the harem affairs. If I plead illness for my absence, I am afraid the reputation of you and your mother will be damaged. Besides, the Empress has always disliked me and may not ask me to attend.”
This kind of thing was simple to do and could bring honor. Almost everyone who participated would feel proud. The Empress was not a fool. How could she give her such a big favor? Long Tianyu wanted to convince her, but before he could speak, he heard the sound of her long and even breathing.
He chuckled softly and gently hugged Lin Mengya. It seemed that his intemperance last night had exhausted her. Inside the bed curtain, they had spent a wonderful night together. Lin Mengya had thought that the ceremony this time had nothing to do with her, but things did not turn out the way she had wanted it.
In the evening of the next day, Long Tianyu returned to the Prince’s Mansion with the Empress’s decree, emitting a vibe of coldness. “You go back first.” Lin Mengya was teasing Lin Moyan while watching Long Yinghua writing. Seeing her husband’s cold face, she guessed what had happened.
She then sent the children out, personally made a cup of tea, which was sending out fragrance, and placed it in front of Long Tianyu. “The Empress requires you to join them to the Huguo Temple to pray for the country after five days. And you must take Long Yinghua with you.” Long Tianyu was in a bad mood. He had been annoyed.
Lin Mengya also froze for a moment. It was OK for her to go, but Long Yinghua… “Is this Concubine Xian’s idea?” If Concubine Xian missed her son too much, Lin Mengya could understand. After all, she could only meet her son once a month, and it was torturous for a mother.
But Long Tianyu shook his head with a gloomy expression, and his handsome eyebrows frowned tightly. It seemed that he had asked this question before. “No, it is the Empress’s idea. Concubine Xian got ill. The Empress said since Long Yinghua is Concubine Xian’s son, he should pray for her in the temple.” No wonder Long Tianyu was so angry. Lin Mengya couldn’t help but sneer after hearing this nonsense.
Long Yinghua was just a six-year-old child. Even if he were an adult, he should have taken care of his ill mother filially in front of her bed rather than going to the temple to pray. The Empress’s words were puzzling. “Did the Emperor agree?”
Lin Mengya did not believe that the Emperor was unable to see through the Empress’s thoughts. But when she mentioned the Emperor, Long Tianyu’s complexion became even uglier. He clenched his fists tightly as if he had exhausted all his strength. “I argued a little bit with the Empress, but in the end, my father agreed.”
Lin Mengya looked at Long Tianyu in a daze. What? The Emperor has agreed to the Empress’s nonsense? Why? Didn’t he know that once his little son fell into the hands of the Empress, he might die? Or…
“Father asked me to focus on the big picture and not to be distracted by trifles!” Lin Mengya clenched her teeth when she heard Long Tianyu’s words. The royal family was so ruthless. She hadn’t expected the Emperor would ignore the safety of his son for the so-called power.
Lin Mengya could feel that Long Tianyu’s love for his father was extremely deep. In his heart, the Emperor was not only his father but also his monarch and idol. Unexpectedly, his idol turned out to be such a cold-blooded and ruthless person. Long Tianyu could not accept this for the time being.
“This is not necessarily a bad thing.” For an instant, Lin Mengya felt sorry for Long Tianyu. This man looked cold and ruthless, but in fact, he had a soft and warm heart.
She gently grabbed his hand with both hands. Her starry eyes were twinkling with gentleness and love, and she looked into Long Tianyu’s eyes quietly and frankly. “I think that since the Emperor agreed with the Empress, he will arrange people to protect Long Yinghua. You like this younger brother, and he also loves this son, right?” If the Emperor failed to protect Long Yinghua, she would also do her best to prevent him from getting hurt.
“You… Fool. Why bother comforting me like this?” He knew her very well. Long Tianyu grabbed her slender waist and buried his head in her warm chest. How could he not know that even if no one was sent to protect Long Yinghua, this stupid girl would protect him quietly for his sake?
“I… Since Concubine Xian has entrusted him to me, no matter what, I have to keep my promise. Don’t worry. Since we’re going to pray for the country, then it will be difficult for the Express to deal with me in front of so many people. As long as Long Yinghua and I keep vigilant, we will be safe.” Lin Mengya stroked Long Tianyu’s head comfortingly, hoping to use her gentleness to soothe the anxiety and wounds in his heart.
But soon, the comforting behavior suddenly changed. Lin Mengya let out a coquettish groan, and the interaction between the two people became eager and passionate…
Long Tianyu had left the warm bed quietly, feeling relaxed. Lin Mengya had pretended to be sleeping in the blanket. After Long Tianyu left, she quietly opened her watery eyes. Her hair was a mess, and she felt quite languid. However, Lin Mengya’s heart was filled with a sense of crisis that she couldn’t ignore.
She knew very well that this sense of crisis did not come from the Empress. She didn’t dare to take the Empress’s method lightly, but she believed she wouldn’t be defeated by that woman. However, the strange emotion made her feel flustered and even fearful. But she did not know why.
She felt that the Empress had set up a trap for her in the Huguo Temple this time. And she had thought of all the possible methods she might take, but she still felt that she had overlooked something. Shaking her head, Lin Mengya got up. She did not call anyone in but quickly changed the clothes hidden in the closet.
Long Tianyu had said that he still had to deal with official affairs, and it would take at least four hours. She could make use of this time to go to Sanjue Hall to meet with Qinghu. After changing into lightweight and easy-to-move clothes, Lin Mengya went out of the back door of the Prince’s Mansion without being noticed by anyone under the cover of Baiji.
At this moment, Yunzhu, her trusted confidant in Sanjue Hall, personally came to pick her up. Under the cover of dusk, Lin Mengya successfully avoided all the watchers. In the uneasy silence, the carriage was running on a cranked route and finally came to the headquarter of Sanjue Hall. Sanjue Hall had developed into a big organization like a tiger that was about to wake up.
Its headquarter was guarded like an iron bastion. There were no blind spots at all. And the secret passage they were walking through was filled with deadly machine-operated traps designed by the mechanism masters of the time.
It could be said that no one could survive when walking through this passage except Yunzhu and Qinghu. Although the space of the courtyard had been doubled, there were no flaws in the appearance. Yunzhu was very smart. She had secretly occupied the small villages around the capital. In this way, let alone outsiders, even Lin Mengya sometimes couldn’t tell the real villagers from the elites of Sanjue Hall.
She thought this was very good. At least, in appearance, it wouldn’t attract the attention of people. Following Yunzhu cautiously all the way, Lin Mengya finally returned to the inner courtyard that she had personally participated in the design. Here had become the holy place of the entire Sanjue Hall.
Every internal elite was eager to be summoned here by the God-like Hall Master. The two Deputy Hall Masters had rarely shown up, and the Hall Master had never appeared in public. But no one dared to be disrespectful to the Hall Master.
After all, everything here was designed by Hall Master, and the strict rules were merciless. So, Lin Mengya, the hands-off boss, turned out to be the most prestigious in everyone’s heart. If Lin Mengya knew this now, she would find it very strange.
However, she was not in the mood to study her image in the eyes of others. Because when she had first arrived in this courtyard, her heart had throbbed violently.
Suddenly, her pretty face turned pale, and her eyes dulled. She staggered and almost fell on the cobblestone path. Fortunately, a pair of slender and powerful hands grabbed her arms in time. Qinghu took her into his arms, calling her name softly but eagerly.
“Girl! Lin Mengya? Yunzhu, go get the doctor!” Qinghu looked at the pretty woman with a pale face in his arms, and his worries gradually turned into anxiety.
Yunzhu nodded immediately, intending to invite the best doctor in the hall. But as soon as she turned around, Lin Mengya, who was still a little weak, stopped her. “No need. I’m fine. Maybe I have eaten too little recently, and my blood sugar level dropped. Don’t worry. Just give me something sweet to eat.”
Lin Mengya slumped and nestled in Qinghu’s arms. She rubbed her temples, but the astonishment in her heart was stronger than anyone else.
Just now, she seemed to have felt that her soul was about to break free from the body. She couldn’t tell why she felt this way.
But when she had had the blackout, she had felt that her body become lighter. The feeling was somewhat similar to that she had had when she was dying.