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Super Gene
Chapter 2521 - Armored Beast

Chapter 2521: Armored Beast
Han Sen still wanted to ask Wan’er about a few things, but it really did appear that she had just fallen asleep again. She looked exhausted, but happiness still glowed from her face. She lay against Han Sen’s chest, curled up in a merry little ball. She was like a helpless kitten.
Han Sen tried to wake her up, but there was no reaction. She must have been a very deep sleeper.
Han Sen continued to hold Wan’er, though. He didn’t set her down on the bed. If Han Sen put her down somewhere and then went too far away from her, she would return to her gold hair mode. It would damage her body even further if that happened.
Han Sen hesitated to do it, but he placed her back inside Destiny’s Tower. She could sleep freely there.
“I’m going to have to wait until she wakes up before I can question her again.” Now Han Sen had some time to check out the Gold Robot General beast soul.
Deified Gold Robot General beast soul: Armor-type
Han Sen didn’t immediately react. He knew this armor-type beast soul would be different from other armor-type beast souls.
Han Sen summoned the Gold Robot General, wanting to see exactly what kind of beast soul it was.
The Gold Robot General beast soul instantly flew out into the air in front of Han Sen, and his heart leaped. It floated right before Han Sen. It had a golden body and held a gold greatsword, just as it had when it was alive. The red-colored cape was striking.
But the beast soul had a shadowy element to it. It wasn’t solid and it didn’t look real.
As a second passed, though, the Gold Robot General beast soul quickly solidified. It was like the Gold Robot General had been brought back to life. It floated in front of Han Sen without moving.
While Han Sen was still in shock, Gold Robot General’s gold body suddenly disassembled. It became pieces of metallic machinery, all of which flew right at Han Sen. It began to reassemble itself around Han Sen, encasing him within. It soon reformed the shape of the Gold Armor General around him.
Han Sen was inside the Gold Robot General now. He felt as if his thoughts were symbiotic with those of the machine. Oddly, it felt like he could now control a second body.
Han Sen quickly realized what the Gold Armor General. The revelation made him grin. “This is like one of the warframes of the Alliance, but the controls of this machine are far more sophisticated than the warframes were. The pilot uses their own mind to guide this thing, and I’m the one who is now controlling the Gold Robot General. I have the Gold Robot General’s attack power now, but even so, it is different from shapeshifting beast souls. While I’m controlling the Gold Robot General, I can only make use of its power. I cannot send my own power through this body.”
But having the Gold Robot General’s power made him practically deified. Han Sen didn’t even have to use his own power.
“I wonder if the Gold Robot General can be used in the core area? If that is possible, then I’ll become unimaginably rich. I’ll be able to wipe out anything in the core area.” Han Sen was exhilarated by the prospect. He couldn’t wait to go to the core area to try it out.
This time, Han Sen didn’t use his Dongxuan Sutra’s cogwheel to enter the core area. There must have been many people waiting where he last departed. It would be troublesome for him to show up there again.
So, Han Sen used his Jadeskin’s self-cogwheel to enter the core area. Under the power of Jadeskin, he appeared elsewhere inside the core area.
Han Sen found a quiet place without anyone around, and then, he quickly summoned the Gold Robot General. He discovered he could use it. Beast souls were not restricted in that realm, which meant that the Gold Robot General wasn’t the only beast soul that he could use; even the Peacock King’s garments could be donned in the core area.
“Haha! God is on my side. My time to shine has finally come. Fighting those old deified elites in the outside world will be difficult, but mopping up across the core area should be an okay task.” Han Sen wanted to shout to the sky to release some of his excitement.
Han Sen didn’t immediately head out to kill xenogeneics, though. The core area extended into infinity in all directions, and he wasn’t very familiar with the place. He didn’t even know where to find deified xenogeneics there.
Plus, he already had one thousand King xenogeneic genes to make use of. That was too many for him to eat in a short period of time anyway. He could only eat two or three King xenogeneic genes per day. And that was only possible because he could use Consume. One thousand xenogeneic genes would take a long time to process.
“I wonder if there are any other geno arts that can help me to digest King xenogeneic genes faster,” Han Sen thought to himself. He didn’t have an answer, though.
“Maybe the Thousand Treasures might know a thing or two about this. I should ask Fang Qing Yu.” Han Sen put away the beast souls and returned to the white whale. He went to tell Fang Qing Yu what he was wondering about.
Of course, he didn’t say he was eating King xenogeneic genes. He asked Fang Qing Yu if there was a geno art similar to Consume but even better.
Fang Qing Yu thought for a moment, then said, “The Consuming Ant’s Consume is the best geno art of its kind. A geno art that is better than Consume might be difficult to find. But there is a very famous geno art that most people would be unable to practice.”
“What geno art would that be?” Han Sen quickly asked.
“Big Destroyed,” Fang Qing Yu said.
“Big Destroyed? Isn’t that a very destructive geno art?” Han Sen had heard about this geno art before, and he had heard that it utilized powerful destructive forces. Even amongst the Destroyed, not many could use Big Destroyed.
Even elites like Barr weren’t capable of practicing Big Destroyed. Dia Robber was said to have talent with it, but Han Sen had never seen him make use of it.
“Big Destroyed is an overbearingly destructive geno art,” Fang Qing Yu said. “The Thousand Treasures Alliance has researched Big Destroyed before, and we discovered that it is a geno art that breaks down substances and returns them to a base state. Any substances that are struck by Big Destroyed will be shattered and returned to their most primitive and practical form. If you eat those practical results, things might be easier for you to digest.”
After saying all this, Fang Qing Yu laughed and said, “But I have to tell you: aside from that, I don’t think there is any geno art greater that Consume for this task. Consume is the best in its field of geno arts. There are a few that are similar, but they are basically all the same.”
Han Sen considered his options and decided that Big Destroyed might work out for him. He asked Fang Qing Yu, “Where can I get Big Destroyed? Can I buy it from the Thousand Treasures Alliance?”
“It’s a secret geno art of the Destroyed. You would need the body of a Destroyed to learn it. The Thousand Treasures Alliance has never had that skill,” Fang Qing Yu said as he shook his head.
“It looks like I will have to start with the Destroyed,” Han Sen thought. “Dia Robber does want to hire me to hunt another deified xenogeneic, but I don’t know if he would be willing to give out the secrets of Big Destroyed in exchange for the help.”
Han Sen didn’t plan to go looking for Dia Robber. That would give Dia Robber too much advantage. Instead, Han Sen planned on waiting a few days before returning to the core area. That way, Dia Robber would likely approach him.