Superstars of Tomorrow

Superstars of Tomorrow

Superstars of Tomorrow
Chapter 487 - It’s Finally Here

Chapter 487: It’s Finally Here
Everyone was astonished from the sudden public service announcement and Fang Zhao’s appearance.
They really weren’t accustomed to seeing Fang Zhao’s righteous face on a cinema screen.
“Did something big happen recently? Was there another Internet cleansing?”
“Not necessarily. But, from the official stamp, it definitely means something is happening. I’m not interested in any of that though. I just want to know why Fang Zhao was chosen for this publicity campaign.”
“He has widespread global popularity. Of course, perhaps the rumors that Fang Zhao has some mysterious backer is true.”
A certain critic posted, “I feel that selecting Fang Zhao to endorse this sort of publicity campaign is a very wise choice given his current reputation, clean slate and firm political background. I reckon they have a fancy for Fang Zhao’s unique temperament. When he doesn’t smile, he has the solemn look of an old veteran. When he does, elders love his adorable look.”
“…Is this praise or mocking? Doesn’t this describe him as old?”
“That’s right! Fang Zhao is a fresh face on the scene, but that doesn’t fully capture his worth!”
“It’s a pity that that face isn’t super good-looking!”
“Rubbish! Fang Zhao might not be as handsome as other idols, but he isn’t bad-looking! He has an affinity with audiences, and his role in ‘Founding Era’ is still fondly remembered by everyone. Isn’t this way stronger than those good-looking but forgettable people? My mom just loves that righteous and cultured face of his!”
“Fine, Fang Zhao belongs to a different sort of attractiveness index. Let’s analyze a little. Fang Zhao has only acted in one role… Wait, is Fang Zhao still acting now?”
“It doesn’t seem like he acts. He specializes in music.”
“Wait a minute, didn’t he make his name in esports?”

While the Internet was abuzz with discussions about whether Fang Zhao was returning to acting, at Yanzhou Airport…
People were queuing up to pass through a security check. Some were chatting with their companions, while others were engrossed in their personal terminals, either surfing the Internet or messaging friends and family. Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise from ahead. “Woah! Fang Zhao!”
Those going through security checks dropped whatever they were doing and craned their heads, looking in all directions. It was said that celebrity encounters were quite a frequent occurrence in airports. Could they finally be encountering one for the first time?
After that, everyone’s gazes fell onto the numerous large screens at the side. The safety protocol and informative video had been replaced.
Right now, the screens showed a safety informational video Fang Zhao had shot for the Public Safety Bureau.
Fang Zhao talked about prohibited items on aircraft and spacecraft, the safety screening, and the boarding procedures.
There was also a segment on spaceport security screening, starring Curly Hair. A Curly Hair decked in a “Spaceport Inspection” uniform appeared on screen.
Since the Inter-planetary Fund already knew of Curly Hair’s identity, there wasn’t any need for him to be hidden as tightly as in the past. Therefore, in the filming, instead of a dog tag around his neck, Curly Hair wore a meritorious service medal!
However, most people didn’t notice the medal around Curly Hair’s neck. Instead, their attention was all on Fang Zhao.
“The heck! What’s this??”
“It’s not a merchandise endorsement but a continent wide airport publicity campaign?”
“Sick sh*t, totally awesome man!”
At the same time, a safety briefing video was being shown on aircraft and spacecraft that were set for take off. This video would tell passengers things to take note of, safety rules that needed to be complied to as well as emergency measures to take in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
It would still take a while before actual take-off, and the safety briefing video for spacecrafts was longer than the one in aircrafts. Thus, other than first time passengers, most passengers were doing their own thing.
Of course, this didn’t mean that everyone remembered all the information in the video. Most people were just impatiently waiting for the video to end.
Passenger: How dull, I ain’t listening to that!
Flight crew: “Please pay close attention to…”
Passenger: Too long, ain’t watching!
Flight crew: “And let Fang Zhao show…”
Passenger: ?!!
Who did you just say it was?
The passengers immediately perked up and looked towards the screens in front of their seats. Those wearing headphones were notified by their companions.
On the screen, Fang Zhao was currently demonstrating how to use a life vest.
Many passengers stared at the screen with their eyes wide open, refusing to blink.
“Hey, it really is Fang Zhao!”
“This can also be done?”
At this very time, similar events were happening all over Yanzhou. Regardless of land, sea, air, or space travel, all public safety and informational videos starred Fang Zhao.
Curly Hair didn’t just appear in the spaceport segment. After making a guest appearance as an inspection dog, he made guest appearances as a guide dog, search-and-rescue dog and other roles, in coordination with Fang Zhao’s public safety videos.
In just a short while, topics regarding Fang Zhao erupted both online and in real life.
Of course, for Fang Zhao’s haters, this was simply torture.
On public transport, Fang Zhao was there.
On ships, Fang Zhao was there too.
On flights, Fang Zhao was still there.
Even self-driving navigation featured Fang Zhao’s voice in a traffic safety broadcast!
“Arghhh! My eyes are going blind soon! Why is it him everywhere?!”
“I just had an argument with his fans not too long. It’s like I’m being slapped in the face repeatedly. I feel something big is about to happen.”
“Without the slightest bit of warning, we are suddenly suffering an all-out counterattack from him.”
“Either he’s gathering the strength of everyone in Yanzhou, or something big indeed is about to happen.”
“The possibility of the former isn’t high. It is most likely the latter. Everyone, let’s first calm down and cease our arguments. We need a better understanding of the overall picture. Is there any insider news? Has anyone leaked anything?”
While everyone was making all sorts of guesses, Fang Zhao had returned home to rest. He was currently assigning duties to Nanfeng and the others.
Nanfeng took this rest period to give Fang Zhao a suggestion. “Boss, a few reputable collectors just made contact requesting a collaboration. However, I feel that matters pertaining to the fossil should be handled cautiously. With your current fame, you don’t have to accommodate them at all. The Poseidonsaur fossil is very precious. If it is moved around all the time, what would we do if someone steals or swaps out a bone? Boss, it is time to open a private collection hall. I have compiled a list of the suitable locations. Do you want to take a look?”
Fang Zhao glanced over and shook his head. “Let’s wait a while more.”
“Understood, boss.”
Nanfeng felt like it was currently a good time to buy. Land was growing ever more scarce and quickly becoming difficult or impossible to purchase. Already, only a few stories could be bought or rented. Nanfeng had taken a fancy to a few floors he had checked out. These floors could even experience at least five hours of sunlight a day. Black streets were everywhere now. Being able to have five hours of direct sunlight was already very rare. It was expensive, but such good spots would be taken if they continued waiting.
However, since the boss had said to wait, Nanfeng could only comply.
Nanfeng was sighing to himself when he heard Fang Zhao say, “These locations are all too small. There isn’t enough space.”
Nanfeng: ???
Too small?
It isn’t small!
The spaces are big enough to fit a Poisedonsaur fossil exhibit. It’s definitely enough!
Unless Boss really plans to purchase land and build from scratch?
Hehe, that’s impossible.
No one sells land anymore. Those with land would rather construct apartments rather than private collection halls. We can’t compare with those museums that were built four to five hundred years ago.
Fang Zhao knew what Nanfeng was thinking, but he didn’t explain his thoughts. There were some things that weren’t convenient for him to say. However, Nanfeng wouldn’t have long to wait.
The success of the new generation of warp engines would greatly shorten the costs and durations of spaceflight between planets. After the final tests were successful, it would truly be an era of planetary immigration and the beginning of a new epoch. Over on Earth, there would be changes regarding the regulations of land.
Some days later, Fang Zhao received an encrypted text from the Inter-planetary Fund’s authoritative figure.
The new epoch is starting.
The new generation of warp engines were already being manufactured, tested, and installed. Numerous spacecraft equipped with the new generation warp engines would soon be commissioned by the military. This news would be announced tomorrow.