Sword Among Us

Sword Among Us

Sword Among Us
Chapter 710 - The Accident of Being Dressed the Same!

Chapter 710: The Accident of Being Dressed the Same!
The order from the Murong Clan’s great grandmasters made Happy feel incredibly gloomy, but he was not an easy character either. A thought appeared in his mind. “But I’m still someone famous in the world of martial artists. If I show up and publicly snatch the items from Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse, won’t the imperial court realize that the Murong Clan is conspiring against the state?”
When he finished speaking, a cold snort came from the chamber.
“And the lass has always praised you for being smart? You’re about as smart as a donkey! Don’t you know how to change your appearance, cover up your face, and do whatever you need to do?”
“Cover my face?”
“That’s right. Also, you’re not allowed to use the Murong Clan’s martial arts such as Shifting Stars and Joined Finger.”
Happy was silent. He rolled his eyes while feeling a strong urge to slap his own mouth.
“Go quickly. When you go, bring at least sixteen treasure chests back, or else, when you come back, you will receive your punishment honestly.”
The grand elder’s words caused Happy to suspect that he was the old bastard Murong Bo.
The system notification came.
“Received clan quest. Put on a disguise and head to the port to steal from the fleet escorted by the marshall’s elite cavaliers. You will bring the intercepted resources to your ship and sink it near Western Prison Island.
“During the period of the quest, you are not allowed to use any of the Murong Clan’s martial arts! No one you fight will receive any information about your identity.
“You will need to obtain at least sixteen treasure chests to complete the quest! One boat can only contain sixteen treasure chests.
“If you fail the quest, one of your Murong Clan’s ultimate techniques will be destroyed.”
‘What the heck?!’
For the first time ever, Happy felt that it was a huge mistake for him to join the Murong Clan. The old monsters did not respect themselves once they became old and always thought about illogical things. Sooner or later, they would commit a great crime that will result in nine generations of the Murong Clan being punished.
Right then, Happy only wished that the Murong Clan would not throw at him a quest that would ask him to destroy the imperial court and seize the throne. Such a thing would be really troublesome.
‘I have to proceed with caution now.’
Once the grand elders left, Happy sighed. His gaze landed on the noisy and chaotic port in the distance. “They actually managed to destroy the heavy-armored cavaliers’ killing formation? Looks like it’s the doings of a famous player on the ranks.
“If I only take one-fifth of the resources, it should not be too much, right?”
Happy looked away while he disguised himself.
However, when the boat he was on sailed near the port, he saw the disorderly and complicated scene, and his eyes, which were exposed to the world, showed dumbfoundedness. He could not help it.
‘So many familiar people!’
Dream Clouds, Blood Robes, Monk with Thick Eyebrows, Evil Wolf, Musical Note, Clear Music, Vast Heaven, Grim Green, Shangguan Lian, Hai Dongqing… There were also more than ten Class One Hall and Towering Palace’s other elites standing at the port.
But what caused Happy the most surprise was that there was a man in black standing as well.
He was dressed the same way as Happy—in a black shirt and pants, and also had a veil over his face. He currently had his head turned toward him and was staring at him with a strange gaze.
‘We’re dressed in the same way.’
That was Happy’s first thought. He coughed in a slightly awkward manner and swiftly looked away. His gaze then landed on Grim Green and Vast Heaven, who looked rather pathetic.
A rather intense battle seemed to have happened at the port. More than ten empty carts were covered in sword gashes, and the ground was filled with holes. There were also gashes on the ground left behind by sword qi.
Even the man in black had a few gashes on his body.
Dream Clouds and the others stared at the man in black with solemn gazes. The atmosphere was unprecedentedly serious.
Dream Clouds only cast a glance at the second man in black who approached them with a boat based on the mysterious man in black’s reaction.
She could tell that the two men in black were not from the same party.
Since they were not together, then the second man in black was just a nobody who rented a boat from somewhere and came over. Because of that, he did not attract much of Dream Clouds’ attention.
“My friend, Class One Hall has spent quite a lot of time and energy to get this treasure from Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse. We also sacrificed quite a lot of our hall members to get this far. If you say that you want to take everything with just one sentence, it doesn’t quite make sense, does it?”
She stopped for a moment, then suggested, “How about this? We’ll split the items into three portions. You can take thirty of them, and Towering Palace as well as Class One Hall will take a total of fifty.”
Happy said nothing. Even though he did not understand the situation, based on everyone’s positions, postures, and Dream Clouds’ words, he quickly got an idea of what had transpired.
Dream Clouds seemed to be negotiating with the man in black to split up the eighty treasure chests from Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse.
‘Urk! My ears aren’t deceiving me, are they?’
Happy blinked in shock.
Dream Clouds was a woman who cared a lot about profit and loss, yet she actually suggested that the man in black get the majority of the treasure chests? She even suggested that Class One Hall and Towering Palace split up the remaining fifty treasure chests?
Happy sucked in a deep breath and threw away his previous idea of playing the fool and acting wildly. His gaze turned slightly solemn, and he sized up the man in black, who had now looked away.
He knew very clearly just what sort of person Dream Clouds was.
Perhaps the local lord, Towering Palace, would be able to make Dream Clouds give in to this point, but the man in black had popped out of nowhere, so it was not easy for him to be able to do this with his strength alone!
The man in black spoke, and when Happy heard his hoarse voice, he frowned slightly. “I already told you that if you have the ability to win against me, I’ll leave and not take a single chest.”
“Sir, are you that confident that you can take all the treasure chests yourself?”
Musical Note was finally unable to hold herself back from speaking.
At that moment, there was no longer anyone who paid attention to the second man in black who rowed his boat to the port.
Even though they were curious about him, the man in black who had not spoken a single word or done anything was no different than a weed by the road.
“I’m not saying I’ll take all of them. I just want to see whether the elites of the so-called top four sects in the game are really strong, or whether you’re all just boasting all the time.”
The first man in black stopped talking for a moment and chuckled softly while ignoring the slightly angry expressions from the crowd before him.
“Reality has proven that those who rank among the top of Dragon Rank are nothing. You can’t even fight against me, who joined the game less than three months ago. Haha! If you monopolize most of the resources in the game with this kind of ability, then very soon, the power structure in the Chinese server will experience change.”
His last sentence made the expressions of Dream Clouds, Musical Note, and the others change.
“What do you mean?”
The amusement in the man in black’s eyes did not diminish. As he spoke, his words became even wilder and more arrogant. “There’s no meaning to it. I just believe that only the strong have the right to decide what happens in the world. This world of martial artists is wasted in your hands. Heh, today, I’ll use the resources from Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse and set up a sect to have fun.”
Silence fell among them.
Dream Clouds and Musical Note’s expressions changed drastically once more.
If the black-robed man really built a sect and fought for power in the Chinese server, the situation of the four sects who stood tall in China might truly change!
“What are you doing?!”
Just when everyone’s attention was gathered on the man in black, he suddenly frowned and glared behind himself!
The others were stunned, and it was only at that moment that they found that the person who was dressed in the same way as the man in black was calmly untying the hawser at the port.