Talisman Emperor
Chapter 1684 – A Change In The Situation

The violet light seethed while a rain of light and divine radiance poured out from it. At this moment, they intersected together and formed the shape of a place in space.
All the cultivators in the surroundings were stunned, and they were shocked in their hearts. This scene was simply like a divine miracle happening before their very eyes, and it was grand and brilliant to an unimaginable degree.
No one spoke. All of their gazes were focused towards the sky without blinking at all because they were deeply afraid of missing even the slightest detail as it would cause them to have regrets from their entire lives.
After a short moment, under the gazes of everyone present in the surroundings and amidst the blazing divine radiance in the surroundings, that palace formed from the divine radiance and the rain of light had finally taken form!
It lay across 4,000km of the sky, towered into the nine heavens, and was extremely imposing. It was completely seething with dazzling violet divine radiance, and it carried a solemn, vast, and oppressive aura of an imperial sovereign.
It was like the residence of an ancient imperial sovereign, and it possessed a form of completely natural and powerful Karmic Luck that guarded it and looking down proudly onto the world!
For a time, the sounds of Buddhist chanting and reading scriptures drifted through the air, and a rain of light descended while accompanied by a thousand strands of auspicious mist. They suffused the surroundings of this palace in the sky, and it seemed divine to the extreme.
“The Violetsky Dao Palace!”
“This is probably the place of legend where the innate gods born from the Chaos of the Manku period had resided!”
“The Genesis Ancestral Root resided within it, and only such a supreme and profound existence could produce a supremely precious treasure like the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root.”
The hearts of everyone in the crowd surged with excitement while their eyes glowed, and they recalled too many legends and rumors related to this palace and the Genesis Ancestral Root.
Right at this moment, a strand of a unique and indistinct tune of the Dao suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it shook without end. It was like the sound of the morning bell. Every time it shook, it caused the aura in this expanse of the heavens and the earth to be purified a bit more, and the pressure that filled the surrounding space grew slightly stronger.
When this tune of the Dao resounded for an entire nine times, the entire palace rumbled, and then a door opened abruptly. A dense rain of light showered out from it, and it caused others to be unable to see through to the secrets that lay behind the door.
After that, a white jade staircase floated up into appearance before the door, and it lowered level by level to connect to the ground.
At this point, everything returned to deathly silence.
“Charge!” A cultivator was unable to restrain himself since a long time ago. So, when he witnessed such a scene, he couldn’t refrain from charging forward towards the white jade staircase.
It wasn’t just this cultivator alone. At this moment, at least 100 plus cultivators had set out in unison, and all of them yearned to charge into the palace at the first possible moment and search for great fortuitous encounters within it.
However, before they could even approach it, a strand of terrifying violet divine radiance surged out into appearance in the surroundings of the staircase, and it was like an imposing dragon that swept through the surroundings.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
In the next moment, numerous figures was blasted flying like kites that had been cut off from their strings, and they coughed up blood while they crashed to the ground and let out endless shrill cries.
This scene instantly caused the other cultivators who were burning with eagerness to be shocked, and it was like they’d been doused by a pail of icy cold water, causing the excitement in their hearts to reduce greatly.
“What a bunch of ignorant fellows! How could the Genesis Ancestral Root possibly be a place that just anyone can enter? All of you are dreaming of obtaining such a fortuitous encounter with only this little bit of ability? That’s simply laughable to the extreme.” A wave of cold laughter resounded, and it was Di Jun who’d spoken out with ridicule after he witnessed all of this.
The expressions of many changed indeterminately, yet none dared to argue with Di Jun.
However, some refuse to accept this, and they moved carefully towards the staircase. Yet without exception, all of them were blasted away by the terrifying violet divine radiance, coughed up blood as they fell to the ground, and let out shrill cries without end.
Everyone couldn’t help but feel astounded by this. After all, they were top-rate existences in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, yet they weren’t even able to step through a door now, and this was simply impossible to accept to them.
For a time, the atmosphere was slightly dreary. Because they were facing such a great fortuitous encounter yet just happened to be unable to enter the place the fortuitous encounters resided. This was simply torture to them.
Suddenly, Luo Shaonong stood out and said indifferently, “We mistook something before this. Only Spirit God Exalts are able to step foot into a place like the Genesis Ancestral Root.”
As soon as these words were spoken, it was instantly like judgment had been passed, and it made many cultivators in the surroundings to extinguish the last traces of hope in their hearts, causing their expressions to dim down.
Amongst the people present in the surroundings, most of them weren’t Spirit God Exalts, and this meant that most people were unable to fight for this fortuitous encounter!
The impact of such a blow to them was obvious.
“Di Jun, you come with me, and the others will stay behind to receive us when we return.” Luo Shaonong instructed casually before he walked towards the staircase with his hands behind his back.
“Hahaha! That’s fine as well. At least we’ll be able to avoid having too many flies in there because it would be quite troublesome to exterminate them.” Di Jun roared with laughter and spoke with a sharp and feminine voice, and it caused the expressions of many cultivators in the surroundings to change.
When had they ever been humiliated like that? But in the end, they didn’t dare say anything about it even if they were furious. Because it was Di Jun, and existence at the 12th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, and he was a renowned madman in the Imperial Region.
No one would be stupid enough to offend a madman like this who possessed both status and strength.
Not to mention that this madman had Luo Shaonong by his side!
Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
When Luo Shaonong and Di Jun were about to approach the staircase, a wave of spatial fluctuation suddenly arose, and then numerous figures instantly teleported over form the other side.
Shockingly, it was Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and Zhuanyu Shui!
As soon as they made an appearance, they faintly entered into a confrontational state with Luo Shaonong and Di Jun, and all of them approached the staircase in unison.
This wasn’t the end of it. Right after Le Wuhen’s group appeared, space fluctuated once more, and then Gongye Zhefu, Zhen Liuqing, Yue Ruhuo, and Jin Qingyang charged out from within it.
In an instant, the surroundings seemed to be extremely bustling, and it was filled with a confrontational and tense aura.
All the other cultivators in the surroundings were almost stunned by this scene. These three groups included numerous peerlessly formidable Spirit God Exalts that possessed monstrous might. At this moment, they’d made an appearance in succession and intended to seize the opportunity to be the first to enter Violetsky Dao Palace. Such a scene could absolutely be described as a world shocking scene.
“Haha! How lively.” Luo Shaonong suddenly stood on the spot and glanced at Le Wuhen’s group before he spoke lazily. The spot he stood at right now just happened to be 300m towards the side of the staircase, so once he launched an attack, then no one could dream of passing through safely.
“Brother Shaonong, isn’t it better when it’s a bit livelier?” Le Wuhen roared with hearty laughter, and then he waved his hand before he led his group to stand at the other side of the staircase.
Meanwhile, Gongye Zhefu’s group had stopped as well. So, the situation here had instantly faced into a three-way confrontation.
The atmosphere was tense, and undercurrents were brewing.
No one took any action so as to avoid suffering the surprise attacks of the others.
“I didn’t come here to have fun, so the livelier it is, the more annoying it is to me.” Luo Shaonong teased the fiery red Vermillion Bird on his shoulder as he spoke slowly. “So, I think all of you should step back. So as to avoid a battle from occurring and all of you blaming me, Luo Shaonong, for bullying all of you.”
He paused for a moment before his gaze suddenly descended onto Shentu Yanran, and he revealed a charming and brilliant smile. “Of course, if Young Miss Yanran is willing, then you can still choose to follow by my side now.”
Le Wuhen’s eyes narrowed, and then he smiled lightheartedly. “Since we’ve come, then how could we possibly withdraw? If those old fellows from the Imperial Region found out about this, it would make us seem too cowardly instead. What do you think, Brother Luo?”
As for Luo Shaonong’s invitation to Shentu Yanran, Le Wuhen had directly disregarded it while Shentu Yanran even seemed as if she hadn’t heard it at all, and she didn’t react to it at all.
The slight smile on Luo Shaonong’s lips was restrained when he saw this, and his expression became cold and indifferent. “To put it bluntly, just the four of you are really not enough, and you’re bound to be completely crushed. If it wasn’t out of consideration for the fact that we’re all from the Imperial Region, I wouldn’t waste my breath on all of you at all!”
“That might not necessarily be the case.” Shentu Yanran frowned as she spoke.
“What? You’re still dreaming about that kid, Chen Xi, being able to rush back in time?” Luo Shaonong glanced at her, and then he suddenly sighed. “Unfortunately, an unexpected event occurred in the Godsfall Ruins yesterday, and even I had no choice to but avoid it, whereas, that kid still hasn’t returned until now…. So, he has probably suffered misfortune.”
What? The hearts of Shentu Yanran, Le Wuhen, and the others sank when they heard this.
With Luo Shaonong’s identity, there was entirely no need for him to utilize this to infuriate them on purpose.
Then, it meant that… Chen Xi who hadn’t arrived here until now might have really suffered misfortune?
At this moment, all the other cultivators in the surroundings were extremely shocked as well. Who was Chen Xi? This name wasn’t unfamiliar to them since a long time ago.
He’d defeated the joint forces of Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang by himself, and then he’d blasted such an insane figure like Di Jun back with a single strike. His reputation was so resounding that it even surpassed most Spirit God Exalts, and he seemed like a dazzling new star that was slowly rising into the sky.
Yet now, such a figure might have actually suffered calamity!
How could they dare to believe this?
Gongye Zhefu acutely noticed that Zhen Liuqing’s expression seemed to be slightly dazed and distracted at this moment.
This caused him to be unable to help but frown while a wisp of imperceptible coldness flashed in the depths of his violet pupils. However, he didn’t say anything in the end.
“Whether Chen Xi comes or not seems to be unrelated to the situation before us, right?” Le Wuhen took a deep breath and spoke slowly.
“Of course.” Luo Shaonong smiled, and then he turned around and said to Gongye Zhefu who stood at the side. “Zhefu, it’s already at a time like this, so there’s already no need to continue concealing it.
As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the surroundings was stunned.
After that, they watched with shock as Gongye Zhefu actually led his group to Luo Shaonong’s side, and then they gazed at Le Wuhen’s group in unison.
Obviously, their groups had actually formed an alliance since a long time ago!
All the cultivators in the surroundings erupted into an uproar. This was really an unexpected and shocking change in the situation. Could anyone have imagined that Luo Shaonong and Gongye Zhefu who were ranked in the top 10 of the Domain Enlightened Chart would actually form an alliance?
In an instant, the expressions of everyone in Le Wuhen’s group turned gloomy while they felt extremely shocked in their hearts. Never had they imagined that such an unexpected event would actually occur.
However, no matter what, a sudden change had occurred in the situation before them. Luo Shaonong and Gongye Zhefu’s groups had converged together to join forces against Le Wuhen’s group.
Even if Jia Nan who was still nowhere to be found until now was disregarded, merely this scene before them was extremely disadvantageous to Le Wuhen’s group!