Tempest of the Stellar War
Chapter 1245 - The Significance of Battle

Chapter 1245: The Significance of Battle
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Lie Xin’s opponent was Papilsag, Rune Warrior!
It was obvious that there were obvious differences between a Rune Warrior and Aslan’s Holy Light series. The Holy Light series was still a mech from mankind. It had merely captured some of Atlantis’ excellent features, but it did not advance too far with the Atlanteans.
To the Atlanteans, a Rune Warrior was the epitome of infinite possibilities. They did not require a mech, but rather a tool that would allow them to achieve infinite possibilities.
This was the core reason why Atlantis’ civilization was higher than human civilization.
Lie Xin looked at her opponent. Her spiritual power burst. Their difference in strength was obvious, yet she could still safely stand here to attempt an impossible victory.
Wang Zheng was such a fraud. He simply had such charm. Lie Xin could not describe her feelings. She liked him very much, but it was not simply an attraction between a man and a woman. Maybe she was not an ordinary woman to begin with.
This SIG could be the last chance for them to battle together. In fact, this could be the last battle. All things must come to an end. Lie Xin was not a sentimental person, but she felt somewhat emotional thinking about this. What else was left in life?
Perhaps only memories. This battle would be memories she would leave for everyone. She had come this far, so she would not leave any regrets.
Lie Xin’s spiritual power exploded. Flames shot to the sky. The Fire Rhythmic Technique was unleashed completely. There was no need to hold back, no need to think about anything else. This was her glorious battle. Her friends had helped her a lot throughout her journey to get here, especially when she was feeling down and thinking of death. Lie Xin herself was rather surprised that she was still alive today. Initially, she had thought that she might have gone mad if she had not died. However, she was actually living happily now.
Lie Xin was content. Wang Zheng was a strange b*stard. However, if all he wanted was a victory, she would do her utmost and help him achieve this.
“Lie Xin is the weakest in Saruman Snake. This should be a give-away match,” said Jondi Lilick with no regards to the pride of the team. However, his analysis was honest and impartial.
“My intel said that Lie Xin has advanced to Earth-rank. There might still be a fight,” said Si Jiali.
Jondi Lilick smiled a little. “I have to admit that the fighting spirit of Saruman Snake is indeed the strongest in the SIG. They have exceptional desire to win. However, a warrior who has just advanced to Earth-rank stands absolutely no chance against an Atlantean warrior with above B-level spiritual power.”
“Mu Zhen has let us recognise a Tita warrior again. Unfortunately, it was still a little short,” said Si Jiali with a little regret.
Jondi Lilick shook his head. “Absolute luck does not exist in an actual battle. Just like the battle between Wang Zheng and me. I believe that given another chance, I would stand a chance. In reality, the outcome would still remain the same. It may seem accidental, but in fact, it is inevitable. The strengths of Sea Queen are overbearing. Regardless of how exciting the battle may be, the outcome will still be the same.”
This was Jondi Lilick’s realization as a bystander. He had felt that Wang Zheng being able to decipher his moves was accidental. However, in actual fact, this accident was a natural result of strength. It was a matter of whether the loser was willing to face it or not.
A Runic Matrix appeared at the feet of Papilsag’s runic mech. He could feel his opponent’s immaturity. Her spiritual power was not very strong. Although it had reached Earth-rank, her ability to communicate with the external world was clearly not mature enough.
She must have just advanced to Earth-rank. Fighting this sort of spiritual power was like child’s play to an Atlantean.
Saruman Snake had depleted too fast.
There was no shortage of masters present in the arena. One look at Lie Xin’s power level and they knew that she was not that capable yet. It was not merely a difference in level, but rather a difference of at least two levels of control ability. This was going to be a one-sided affair.
The further they advanced, the more apparent the difference in the strength and power of the Atlantean.
The highlights of Wang Zheng before the match were like poisonous milk. Or maybe it was creating an excuse for the losers. The Atlanteans had come with the conviction that they must win. This was why they had put forth such a line-up – to ensure that there would be no surprises.
Kashawen smiled slightly. “Your Highness, the Sea Queen Battle Team is really strong. It looks like you are aiming for the championship. Looks like the pressure is on for Sword Shield Rose.”
Hao Lin gave a little smile too. “Actually, we came for this battle.”
Kashawen was somewhat surprised. What did this mean?
The Atlanteans were not concerned about the championship, nor did they want to win the championship, yet they had still put up such a line-up?
Hao Lin did not have to explain much. The Atlanteans did not need to explain themselves in this world. Such was their status.
The Atlanteans had formed the Sea Queen Battle Team not to win the championship, but only for this battle.
He had appeared in person also because of this. However, judging from the current situation, it appeared that there was no more hope.
Of course, Lie Xin knew that such powers were not enough. However, no one realized a problem.
Achilles and Lear had grown stronger. Why had the leader of the Lie family, one of the three top talents of the Solar System of the yesteryears, still remain so weak?
Especially since she had completed the Lie’s family Fire Tripod Sorcery.
The power of Lie Guang was in her heart. But Lie Xin had sealed up this power. Just like Lie Guang was still living inside her heart, what Lie Xin had displayed was only the Fire Tripod Sorcery’s radiation effect. The Fire Rhythmic Technique was different from other rhythmic techniques. While others valued their Ability X and their rhythmic techniques were used to enhance their Ability X, the Fire Rhythmic Technique was about strengthening oneself with oneself as the center and Ability X as the supplement. Hence, her fire Ability X seemed rather normal when used in the SIG.
Today, right here, she wanted to use her brother’s life power. She was willing to accept that power to battle!
Papilsag’s expression suddenly became very cold. The runic mech drifted in an instant and pulled away a little.
The Flaming Frenzy Sword mech’s flames suddenly showed a burst-like pattern. It was like it had been shot by lasers and was spreading outwards.
The Lie Flame Technique was turning wildly. Two forces were merging. This was the most basic Yin and Yang merging as one. She was not resisting. She needed the power. This was not just for herself.
That ridiculous reason was something that she would have sneered at previously, or even ridiculed. But today, she had done it too.
For the team. For Zhang Shan, who was still in a coma. For Achilles, who was still lying in bed. For Saruman Snake and for that b*stard Wang Zheng.
She was actually filled with happiness and satisfaction.
She wanted to become strong, even stronger still. This was her reason for being alive.
The flames exhibited a radiation explosion-like pattern. This was totally different from Ability X. Lie Xin was absorbing power from the external world and channeling it through her body and breaking out. This was a completely reverse process.
This WAS the Lie Flame Technique!