The 99th Divorce
Chapter 1240 - Is This A Coincidence Or A Coincidence?

Chapter 1240: Is This A Coincidence Or A Coincidence?
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Ou Ming’s voice wasn’t soft, and there were many people around. Upon hearing his statement, everyone around who caught the true meaning looked over at them with a meaningful look in their eyes.
Yu Lili felt her face burn. She quickly covered it and tried to hide. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die in there. How shameless is he to say such words in front of so many strangers!
Fortunately, the looks surrounding them lasted for only a moment and soon began to ebb off.
Ou Ming walked up to her. With a smug look of satisfaction, he took hold of her hand and asked, “Didn’t you say it was dinner time? What would you like to eat?”
“What can you eat? Given the state you hand is in, let’s have something high in protein,” Yu Lili replied.
“Seafood?” Ou Ming asked.
“OK.” Yu Lili agreed.
They checked the time and found that evening was only just beginning. Within the vicinity of the park, restaurants were aplenty. Furthermore, there was a seafood market nearby. Naturally, there were many seafood restaurants around, too.
The two of them made their way leisurely over, side by side. After more than 10 minutes, that arrived at a seafood restaurant.
They requested a private dining room. Just as they were placing their orders, Yu Lili received a call from Wen Fenglin.
“It’s Uncle Wen,” Yu Lili held her phone in front of Ou Ming to show him the caller and proceeded to answer the call. “Hello, Uncle Wen.”
“Hey, Lili. Where are you and Xiao Ou?” Wen Fenglin asked.
“We… we’re just about to have dinner,” Yu Lili said. “Have you eaten?”
“I see. I was actually intending to have you dine with me,” Wen Fenglin said. “Where are you now?”
Yu Lili promptly gave him the name of the restaurant. Unexpectedly, Wen Fenglin exclaimed in surprise, “What a coincidence! We’re here, too! Why don’t you come over and join us? Which room are you in?”
This statement wasn’t exactly good news too Yu Lili. She turned to Ou Ming and said, “Uncle Wen is here, too. He asked us to join him…”
Ou Ming creased his brows and faintly shook his head. If Wen Fenglin were on his own, he wouldn’t have minded joining him. Evidently, Uncle Wen wasn’t alone.
Whenever a big group of people dined together, it was inevitable that drinking and small talk would be expected of the participants. This was not what he was there for.
Yu Lili took one look and knew the answer. She replied, “That’s OK, Uncle Wen. Ou Ming hasn’t fully recovered. We wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.”
“Not at all. There are only two others with me. With you included, we’ll only be a group of five. We’ll leave immediately after dinner. There won’t be any drinking or entertaining required of you. Don’t worry.” Wen Fenglin’s voice carried a hint of teasing. He asked, “Which room are you in? I’ll go and bring you over. You’re an artist, too. Meeting everyone here can’t be anything bad.”
Objectively speaking, Uncle Wen had always treated her very well. Since he had made his offer to such an extent, Yu Lili felt it inappropriate if she continued to reject it. Finally, she relented and told him their room number.
Ou Ming’s expression was a little unpleasant. He reached out and pinched Yu Lili on her face. “Don’t you know that it’s really tiring for me to keep up the act?”
Yu Lili realized her error. With an apologetic smile, she said, “I forgot…”
Ou Ming had to resist the urge to strangle her.
Soon enough, Wen Fenglin appeared in their dining room. His spirits lifted when he saw the young couple. “What a coincidence! Come on, everyone’s waiting for you.”
There were indeed only a few people, but that didn’t make Yu Lili and Ou Ming feel any better. When he saw Zhen Li present, Ou Ming’s face darkened. But, he had to be careful not to allow his expressions to be too obvious. After all, he was still a “blind” man.