The 99th Divorce
Chapter 1241 - She’s An Orphan

Chapter 1241: She’s An Orphan
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Upon entering, Yu Lili caught sight of Zhen Li. Seated beside him was a middle-aged man who looked to be about the same age as Wen Fenglin.
Yu Lili wondered if she had been mistaken, but she felt the eyes of the middle-aged man on her immediately when she entered. His eyes had carried a combination of inquiry, uncertainty, and yearning.
When Yu Lili looked over, the complex emotions playing in the man’s eyes left her feeling unsettled. Before she had a chance to confirm anything, the middle-aged man looked away quickly.
“Come, let me introduce you.” Wen Fenglin led Yu Lili and Ou Ming to their seats. With a smile, he said, “This is Xiao Jiao’s son. Zhen Li, you’ve probably met him before. He’s called Ou Ming. And, this is Ou Ming’s girlfriend, Yu Lili.”
Zhen Li looked at Yu Lili with a laugh and stuck his hand out for a handshake. “Hello, Miss Yu. I’m Zhen Li.”
Just as Yu Lili was about reach out to return Zhen Li’s handshake, she sensed a menacing aura emanate from beside her. Unfortunately, her hand was already halfway out.
Pulling it back in at that point would have been too obvious. Yu Lili had no choice but to push on and return the handshake. After a quick and gentle shake, she retracted her hand quickly.
She reached out and pinched Ou Ming on his hand. The bright smile on her face lightening a little as she did so.
Ou Ming, on the other hand, had already gotten into character as “the blind man.” Since he wasn’t supposed to be able to see anything, he didn’t bother with any of the etiquette.
Wen Fenglin knew from Ou Ming’s demeanor what was going through his mind, but he paid it no heed either. He proceeded to introduce Yu Lili to the other individual present in the room.
“This gentleman here is Zhen Xianlang, the Chairman of the Art Association in this province,” Wen Fenglin said “He was a good friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other in many years. We just met again this year.”
Zhen Xianlang and Zhen Li resembled each other very much. One look and anyone could tell that they were father and son.
Zhen Xianlang’s facial features made him seem a little more approachable and kindly than Wen Fenglin’s did, and he looked very quick-minded. His eyes were somewhat big, brimming with vigor and capability.
“How do you do,” Zhen Xianlang stuck his hand out to Yu Lili. “Miss Yu is very pretty. Xiao Ou is a very lucky man to be able to have such a pretty girlfriend.”
It was obvious that his comments were a mere pleasantry made with the purpose of turning the focus onto Ou Ming. Everyone knew it. When Ou Ming heard it, his face softened a little to be more amiable.
If they want the focus to be on me, then so be it! It’s a lot better than the alternative of them harassing my woman.
The sides of Ou Ming’s mouth lifted. He nodded in agreement. “My luck isn’t too bad. I’m in this state, and she’s still by my side. I guess you could call it ‘true love.’”
Ou Ming had said it teasingly, but, actually, the statement was made as a display of ownership.
Zhen Li was an intelligent man. With a chuckle, he replied, “But of course it has to be true love!”
Zhen Xianlang laughed in spite of himself. Changing the topic, he engaged in small talk with Ou Ming for a while.
The food came quickly. The order had probably been placed earlier.
Zhen Xianlang and Zhen Li engaged in conversation with Ou Ming every now and then while Yu Lili sat at his side, occasionally helping him to peel a prawn or debone his fish without interrupting the conversation.
They didn’t partake of any wine. Toward the end of the conversation, the topic suddenly turned to Yu Lili.
“What is Yu Lili’s family like?”
Yu Lili was in the midst of drinking some tea when she heard the question. She quickly put her cup down. Before she could reply, Ou Ming answered for her, “She doesn’t have any family. She’s an orphan.”