The 99th Divorce
Chapter 1384 - Probably Because The Guy Can’t Perform

Chapter 1384: Probably Because The Guy Can’t Perform
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Furthermore, he hadn’t had much interaction with Ye Youyou lately. Even when she was hospitalized for a month, Li Jinnan had limited the number of his visits to two in order to avoid rousing any suspicions.
That night had been Ye Youyou’s first time, and it had been his as well. Even though he had never experienced a woman before, he felt that that night hadn’t been too bad.
He had originally intended to take responsibility for Ye Youyou. Regardless of whether the incident had been a result of scheming or an accident, it was after all, a marital act that they had engaged in. He was resigned to it. He had never expected to find out that she was already married.
Li Jinnan’s upbringing did not allow him to get romantically involved with a married woman. Unfortunately, perhaps men were created with a bizarre innate trait. Any woman they had slept with, regardless of whether they liked her or not, would invariably leave a deep impression.
Hence, although Li Jinnan did his best to keep his private life distant from her, he couldn’t help but give her a little more care at work.
Could that action of have crossed a certain boundary? Was that what had attracted her husband’s attention and subsequent extreme reaction?
The more he thought about it, the more he became lost in his thoughts.
Mo Yuanchen suddenly called out, “Third Brother?”
“Hm?” Li Jinnan looked at Mo Yuanchen. “You’re done?”
“I’m done. That fellow’s verbal confession is out. He said that you seduced his wife.” Mo Yuanchen looked at the confession and burst out laughing. “This man must be crazy. If he wanted to fabricate a tale, he should have come up with a more believable one. Don’t worry, Third Brother. Just leave this to me. It’s a small matter.”
When Li Jinnan heard that, he grew vexed and stood up. He said, “Sure, I’ll leave it to you. I’m leaving now.”
“Alright. Take care,” Mo Yuanchen said.
Li Jinnan walked out from the police station and returned to the car park at the office building to retrieve his car. No matter what, he couldn’t shake the feeling of unease away.
He lit a cigarette and started to puff away. He looked at the irreparably damaged laptop in his hands and felt the onset of a mild headache. He dialed Luo Zhan’s number and started the car.
When he reached Luo Zhan’s place, Luo Zhan was extremely busy. The smart-door opened. Li Jinnan stepped in only to see Luo Zhan’s fingers flying across his keyboard without stopping.
Luo Zhen turned. When he saw Li Jinnan’s face pasted with bandages, his eyelid twitched. “Oh f*ck! Third Brother, did you get into a fight?”
Li Jinnan was in no mood to make any explanations. He said, “Help me retrieve some documents. I need to use them tomorrow.”
“That’s all?” Luo Zhan was at a loss for words. “Your Second Brother knows how to do that too! Trouble him instead!”
“If I were to go to my Second Brother, how would I explain the state of my face? What if the children see it? If my sister-in-law were to see it, she’s going to report it to Grandpa and my parents!” Li Jinnan complained. “You’re the most reliable one. Even if I were to pop by suddenly, I’ll never have to worry about bumping into a woman.”
Luo Zhan was speechless. But, he was still Luo Zhan at the end of the day. With a roll of his eyes, he produced a USB stick and retrieved all the files inside.
Li Jinnan was troubled. He took out another cigarette and lit it up. He said, “Brother Luo, you’ve had a girlfriend before. What do you think could be the reason for a woman to reject her own husband?”
The question caught Luo Zhan by surprise. He replied after a moment’s hesitation, “I have had a girlfriend before, but the feelings weren’t deep!”
Therefore, he couldn’t answer that question.
“If you were to hazard a guess?” Li Jinnan prodded.
“It’s probably because that guy can’t perform.” Luo Zhan wasn’t really paying attention and just gave a random answer.
When Li Jinnan heard it, everything suddenly clicked into place.
So, that was why! No wonder!
No wonder Ye Youyou was still a virgin. And, no wonder Shen Luo’an was acting like a crazed lunatic. The extended sexual suppression had probably done damage to his brain.