The 99th Divorce
Chapter 1730 - I’m Handing My Daughter Over to You

Chapter 1730: I’m Handing My Daughter Over to You
Ye Youyou immediately woke up, but sleep still clouded her eyes as she looked at Ye Qianqian and asked, “He’s here? Does that mean that I can finally go home to sleep?”
Fang Tongtong snorted and replied, “No, it doesn’t! But your man is indeed here. Come on. Wake up. I’ll get the makeup artist to touch up your makeup for you.”
“OK.” Ye Youyou sat up straight as her grogginess dissipated.
As Ye Qianqian shoved the flower bouquet into Ye Youyou’s hands, her cellphone on the makeup table suddenly rang.
It was Shen Zhilie.
It was barely 8 a.m. Shen Zhilie had most likely just woken up.
“Has the bridal entourage set off yet?”
“Nope. The groom isn’t even here yet.”
“What? When can you come back? You’ve already been gone for three days!” Shen Zhilie whined, “I can only eat takeout all day when you aren’t around. Isn’t that pitiful?”
Fang Tongtong leaned over and asked, “Is that your boyfriend again?”
Ye Qianqian couldn’t contain the huge smile that spread across her face and waved Fang Tongtong away. She retorted, “What do you mean by ‘again?'”
“Oh my god. It’s barely been a couple of days. He calls you more than 10 times a day! You might as well just tie him to your side!” Fang Tongtong’s tone carried a hint of envy in it. She yelled toward the phone speaker, “It doesn’t speak well of you that you’re so clingy to a woman!”
Shen Zhilie cracked a smile when he heard that. “I don’t care. I just care that I’ve got her!”
When Fang Tongtong heard that, envy clawed wildly at her heart. “Oh my god! Ye Qianqian! You’re so lucky!”
Ye Qianqian pushed her away. “Go away. Stop blindly stirring sh*t!”
With that, she took her cellphone and went to a corner to continue her conversation.
Shen Zhilie laughed. “That was your best friend, wasn’t it? She seems like a fun person to be with.”
“Who else could it be? This town is too small, and so is my circle. I just can’t get rid of her!”
“Just bring her to the wedding banquet later. Li Jinnan’s friend are all either well-known in the industry or entertainment artists from his company. Just let her take her pick.”
“Let her take her pick? If only it were that easy! The eligible ones won’t think she’s good enough for them. If they’re any less than that, she won’t think they’re good enough for her. Sigh…”
“Haha! Well, remember to take care of Youyou, especially since she’s pregnant. Oh, right! I have a piece of good news for you.”
“What is it?”
Shen Zhilie laughed sneakily and replied, “I’m not going to tell you now. I’ll tell you when you come home tonight.”
“What is it? Why are you being so secretive about it?”
Ye Qianqian thought it over, but she couldn’t think of anything that would be big enough for him to dangle in front of her this way.
“The groom is here!” Fang Tongtong yelled out.
Ye Qianqian looked out the window. She saw the luxury cars nearing and said, “I’ll talk to you later. The groom is here for the bride.”
“OK. See you later.”
“OK. Bye!”
“I miss you,” Shen Zhilie suddenly whispered.
That last statement caught Ye Qianqian by surprise. Her heart skipped a beat. A smile quickly appeared on her face.
She hung up the phone and hurriedly made her way to rejoin the bride and her bridesmaids.
This was Li Jinnan’s first time as a groom, so he was a little nervous.
Rumor had it that when Yu Lili got married, Ye Qianqian had come up with many horrible challenges for Ou Ming to tackle at the door. Li Jinnan mentally steeled himself.
First and foremost, he prepared a huge red packet, and he was full of pleasantries.
Perhaps it was because Ye Youyou was pregnant, but to his surprise, Ye Qianqian didn’t make anything hard for him and easily released the bride.
Ye Youyou held Ye Zhenhua’s hand as she walked out gracefully. With each step she took, Li Jinnan felt as if she were walking even deeper into his heart.
“I’m handing my daughter over to you, Anan.” Ye Zhenhua held his daughter’s hand tightly. He reached out at the same time for Li Jinnan’s hand. “I trust you will treat Ye Youyou well.”