The 99th Divorce
Chapter 1732 - Li Jinnan’s Wedding

Chapter 1732: Li Jinnan’s Wedding
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“That won’t happen.” Ye Qianqian glanced at her. “I know how to take care of myself.”
When she was with Shen Zhilie, unless he wore a condom, she wouldn’t go all the way with him.
That was her principle.
Furthermore, she had been keeping a close track of her monthly cycle.
The two days preceding and following her flow were strictly off-limits, as was her ovulation period. Therefore, there was absolutely no chance that she would get pregnant.
This was a responsibility to herself and him.
When Fang Tongtong saw the expression on Ye Qianqian’s face, her envy grew. “Damn it! If you’re able to get a man even with your strong personality, why can’t I?”
“Because you’re ugly.”
Fang Tongtong had the urge to jump up and strangle her. “Scram!”
Ye Qianqian burst out laughing. “I’m leaving! I’m going back to Kingstown!”

Ye Youyou’s wedding was quite grand.
The celebration didn’t just belong to Li Jinnan alone. It belonged to the whole Li family.
Many dignitaries turned up in honor of Old Commander Li Xun and his reputation.
As a result, the couple received many presents.
Because most of the guests were elders, Li Jinnan had to stand outside and welcome them personally. As part of the younger generation, this show of respect was obligatory.
Because Ye Youyou was pregnant, Li Jinnan had her go back in after she accompanied him outside for a while.
Li Sicheng and his family were fashionably late.
Li Mosen and Li Jianyue walked in together. While one was steady and quiet like a mini adult, the other was jumping around in a carefree and innocent manner.
Li Jianqian had come back from the Capital for the holidays. He held Su Qianci’s hand as he slowly entered. As he walked, he kept his eye on his mother’s pregnant belly.
Li Sicheng held on to his wife’s arm. When he noticed his son’s action, he brusquely stated, “Watch out. Your sister might kick you.”
When Li Jianyue heard that, she turned around and blinked her eyes before bouncing over giddily. She raised her little foot toward Li Jianqian and said, “I’m going to kick you, Older Brother!”
Li Jianqian held her back and replied, “Father wasn’t talking about you. He was referring to the little sister inside Mother’s belly.”
“Why? How does he know that it’s a little sister?” Li Jianyue’s eyes widened as she leaned over to look. “I don’t see any sister. I only see Mommy’s belly.”
Li Jianqian couldn’t resist smiling and replied, “You can’t tell now. You’ll have to wait until the baby is born.”
“Oh… So, how do you know that it’s going to be a little sister, Older Brother?”
“It’s what Father said.”
“How does Father know?” Li Jianyue turned her curious gaze to Li Sicheng.
The expression on Li Sicheng’s face didn’t change. He shot his daughter a glance and lovingly said, “Because I hope that the baby inside Mommy’s womb is a little girl that is as cute and lovable as you, Ersu.”
Li Ersu nodded her head in understanding and replied, “But Father, won’t we only know after Mommy gives birth? What if it turns out to be a little brother?”
“Does Ersu want a little brother?” Su Qianci bent down and stroked her daughter on her head.
Li Jianyue nodded. “Yes! Yes! I’d like a little brother. I think a little brother will be like Daddy and Uncle in their brotherhood.”
“A brotherhood requires two brothers, not just one.” Li Jinnan walked over and patted the little girl on her head. He looked at Su Qianci’s belly and remarked, “Sister-in-law’s belly is growing at a remarkable rate!”
“Not at all. At least it’s only one now. When I was pregnant with Dasu and Ersu at the same time, my belly at five months was comparable to other women who were eight months pregnant.” Su Qianci chuckled. Motherly love shined brilliantly on her face as she gazed at her swollen belly. “This child is fortunate and healthy. This time around, the previous obstacles are no longer present.”