The 99th Divorce
Chapter 2234 - Li Mosen was Angry

Chapter 2234: Li Mosen was Angry
Li Mosen walked briskly down the stairs. He reached the bottom long before Zhongie and Lu Yuanyang could catch up with him.
Li Mosen abruptly stopped as he watched the young girl dash in front of him.
The two of them were running towards the Year One classroom.
Quan Jingyi and Li Jianyue were classmates for starters!
They were only rushing off to class. What on earth was he thinking?
Given how Li Jianyue’s mind worked, it was improbable that dating would even cross her mind while she was still in Year One. Why was he so worried?
Li Mosen watched as the two of them disappeared around the corner of the building. Li Mosen calmed himself down.
His mood remained volatile, though.
He had been impulsive.
Li Mosen realized that he had been unable to stay calm at all.
Zhongie and Lu Yuanyan finally caught up with Li Mosen. They heaved a sigh of relief when they saw his back.
“You scared me to death! I thought you were going to beat that boy up!” said Lu Yuanyang.
Zhongie patted his chest to calm himself down. “I thought so, too! It’s a good thing that that’s not the case. I think the little princess is old enough. She’s already in Year One. It’s normal for her to be in a relationship. You shouldn’t interfere too much.”
Lu Yuanyang nodded his head in sincere agreement. “All the more so because the little princess is so pretty. The number of her suitors would likely increase. You might be able to stop one now, but you can’t stop all of them. You might as well let her be. She’s in high school anyway. Her relationships won’t be all that serious…”
Before Lu Yuanyang could finish talking, Zhongie gave him a nudge.
Lu Yuanyang grew annoyed as he felt the force of Zhongie’s jab. When he turned around, Zhongie signaled to him with his eyes.
Lu Yuanyang followed Zhongie’s line of sight. Li Mosen’s hostility was written all over his face.
Li Mosen looked like a Eurasian. His skin was snow-white. Long and thick eyelashes framed his delicate and fresh-looking azure blue eyes. But, at that moment, his eyes held nothing but fury.
Lu Yuanyang’s became speechless with fright. He didn’t dare make a sound.
Li Mosen didn’t say a word or even spare them a glance. He quietly turned and walked away.
Zhongie and Lu Yuanyang exchanged glances as they followed behind him. Their hearts were still reeling from the shock.
Lu Yuanyang mouthed the question, “What’s wrong?”
Zhongie thought for a moment before hazarding a guess. “He probably got angry because his little sister got into a relationship before he could get a girlfriend.”
Lu Yuanyang giggled in amusement. He knew well that the situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The two of them took a moment to rearrange their thoughts and went along with Li Mosen.
It was time for the Physical Education class. Li Mosen was the sports captain of the class. He was usually authoritative in class on a typical day. He was just as unyielding that day as he gave his instructions.
Everyone looked like tired mutts after they had run ten laps around the school field. Li Mosen dragged Zhongie and Lu Yuanyang after the run for a round of basketball. They were thoroughly exhausted by the end of it.
Li Mosen was the first to leave when school was finally over for the day. Zhongie and Lu Yuanyang knew for sure where Li Mosen was going after class. He would head for the Year One classroom.
As for Li Jianyue…
She had never been late for a class before. By the time she reached the classroom, the teacher had already arrived.
The teacher saw both Quan Jingyi and Li Jianyue running into the classroom together. She took a second look at them before her eyes landed on their clasped hands.
It was only then that Li Jianyue realized her hand was still in Quan Jingyi’s grip.
She quickly flung his hand away in panic and ran over to her seat.
Sun Xiaoyu looked strangely in turn at Quan Jingyi and Li Jianyue. He had a look of contempt on his face.
Yang Zihao was seated right in front of the classroom. His eyes filled up with deep resentment as he glared at Quan Jingyi.