The 99th Divorce
Chapter 30: I Wish You Will Suffer

Chapter 30: I Wish You Will Suffer
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"Isn't it what you're going for?" Su Qianci clearly saw Mrs. Su's change of expression, guessed something, pretended she did not notice, and smiled. "I can divorce Li Sicheng. You can let my cousin marry him, claim she is my mother's biological daughter, use her to find out the secret about the Li family, and then take over the properties of the Li family. Isn't that the perfect plan?"
The more Su Zhengguo listened to her, the more feasible he found the plan to be. However, he also felt something was wrong. Turning his head, he saw his wife was making a look at him. Feeling ominous, Su Zhengguo looked up and suddenly hit the table, "What are you talking about? How is that even possible?"
As he cried out loud, Su Zhengguo suddenly became pale, his eyes fixed on a figure behind Su Qianci.
Su Qianci turned back and pretended to be startled. She quickly bowed her head as if she was caught red-handed. However, she had known Li Sicheng was behind her a while ago and deliberately said all that.
Weren't they planning to do it anyway? She was just bringing that up earlier.
After all, Su Qianci was probably saving the Su family's ass. In her previous lifetime, they had ended up in bankruptcy and being homeless in the end. However, the Su family had no idea about that, and hated Su Qianci at this point.
Su Zhengguo was complaining inwardly. As he was about to explain, the servant walked over and said, "Sir, Madam, the food is ready to be served."
Hearing that, Su Zhengguo quickly said, "Finally. Let's go and have lunch."
Lunch? He thought he could stomach any food? Su Qianci suddenly felt amused. Her uncle was so hypocritical. Li Sicheng noticed how delighted Su Qianci was and suddenly understood something. Without pointing it out, he walked to the dining table coldly.
During lunch, except for Su Qianci and Li Sicheng, everyone was trembling. Trying to be a good host, Su Zhengguo was feeling extremely nervous. He had no idea how much of the conversation Li Sicheng had heard. If he had only heard Su Qianci's words, that was fine. Su Zhengguo could argue that it was only her speculation. However, if he had heard what the whole family said, then it was really up to Li Sicheng.
Feeling worried, Su Zhengguo felt like the lunch lasted a century. After more than half an hour, Li Sicheng finally put down his chopsticks. Feeling relieved, Su Zhengguo also put the chopsticks down, ready to say goodbye.
However, someone was not playing along. Holding her chopsticks and eating slowly, Su Qianci was so carefree that she did not fit into the atmosphere.
Scolding his niece inwardly, Su Zhengguo wondered if she had any idea what she had done. However, they had no idea that Su Qianci wanted them to suffer.
Su Shanna could not stand it and urged, "Have you finished or not? Mr. Li has finished already. You are just procrastinating!"
Su Qianci glanced at her, looking sullen, and whispered, "But I have not had enough." Su Qianci looked like an abused child that had not been fed for a long time.