The Anarchic Consort
Chapter 1157 - Young Master Bai Was Furious

Chapter 1157: Young Master Bai Was Furious
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Little Gangster Li was right.
He had had such an imposing aura since he was a kid. Other than Master Bai, no one in the courtyard could compare to him.
The adjutant was stunned by the beating. According to his usual temperament, he would have fought back.
Little Gangster Li gritted his teeth. That adjutant must have gotten in here through some inside connection. How dare he fight back against Master Bai? Did he misinterpret military rank?
Unfortunately, Bai Zhun did not bother with his military rank. He gave him a vicious kick!
He was like a warlord young master who had yet to grow up!
The kick sent the adjutant flying as he crashed into dining table.
Bai Zhun was furious. Disregarding even his own coat, he turned around and looked at the Lin family. However, his words were directed at Little Gangster Li. “Hailou, which family is this adjutant from?”
“The Lin family.” This was an obvious question.
“Fight with me.” Bai Zhun chuckled. “Auntie Lin, you’re here too. This adjutant of the Lin family was really a welcomed addition. He thinks he can beat anyone in his sight, right? Uncle Zhang, go and call my grandfather. Tell him that if he gives Lin family’s cousin that position wanted, he would no longer have me as a grandson.”
“This…” Little Gangster Li interjected, “Is this really necessary?”
Bai Zhun ignored him and continued, “By the way, tell my grandfather that in the future, I’ll f*cking beat up members of the Lin Family as soon as they enter my eye sight. They all bully me for not having parents after all. ”
This time, Vice commander Zhang was the one who hesitated: …
Young master, who dares to bully you like this in this courtyard?
This was the last thing the old chief wanted to hear about. You were clearly trying to provoke him.
“Zhun, this, this is all a misunderstanding. How could Auntie bully you?” Mrs. Lin wanted to explain. “I’ll fire this adjutant later. It’s not good to disturb the old master with something so trivial, is it?”
Bai Zhun smiled again. “Auntie Lin, why didn’t you say this was trivial when you were about to kick my sister out? If someone treated Lin Ziwen like you treated Nine today, you definitely wouldn’t say it was just trivial.”
“Zhun, you brought a child back from the mountain. Auntie saw that she was really uncultured and didn’t know how to control her eating, so I just wanted to teach her. Is this really worth your anger?”
Bai Zhun’s eyes darkened. “I called you Auntie because of Uncle Lin. Do you really think that you’re my Auntie? How dare a mistress say that others are uncultured?”
These words exposed a buried pain in Mrs. Lin’s heart. However, due to the influence of the Lin family, no one would mention it in front of her.
In truth, Mrs. Lin did indeed start off as a mistress.
The previous wife of the Lin family was very generous. She simply saw through this relationship and went abroad, leaving behind her failed marriage.
When Mrs.Lin heard these words, her face turned red and then white. “Little Zhun, you’re almost done.”
Bai Zhun’s expression was cold. “Uncle Zhang, go and call Grandpa immediately!”
“Yes.” Vice commander Zhang finally understood. If he didn’t call today, the young master would have definitely destroyed the canteen.
Mrs.Lin anxiously reached out and pulled Vice commander Zhang back. “For the sake of a country bumpkin, you ruined the relationship between the two families. Little Zhun is a just a child, but why doesn’t Vice commander Zhang understand?”
Vice commander Zhang’s mouth opened for a moment. He thought to himself, no wonder young master is so angry. This woman really had a bad mouth.
Mrs. Lin saw that she had secured Vice commander Zhang, so she turned her head and continued taking to Bai Zhun, “Vice Commander Zhang, look at Aunt Lin’s clothing. It’s all messed up because of this little country bumpkin! Did Aunt Lin not tell you? Let’s just forget about this and not disturb the old master.”
“Not disturb my grandfather? Sure.” Bai Zhun walked in front of Vice Commander Zhang. With a bang, he took the pistol hanging from his belt and aimed it directly at Mrs.Lin’s head. “I’ll shoot you once, and this would be considered over.”
His fierce expression gave Vice Commander Zhang a fright. “Young Master!”
“Step aside.” Bai Zhun’s eyes were fixed on Mrs.Lin. “Say it, I’ll shoot you once, is that alright?”
Mrs.Lin had never seen such a scene before. Both of her legs were weak and her entire body was stiff. She did not even dare to move.
How could a child take out a gun just like that? This was not something a child would do.
Little Gangster Li watched from the side without blinking. He sniffed to prevent the snot from coming out. He thought to himself, f * ck, his brother is so cool!
“Since we can’t flip the page after I shoot you, why should you be able to do that after bullying my child?” Bai Zhun asked Lin family. No one dared to stop him at that scene.
Lin family’s voice was trembling, “Xiao Zhun, didn’t Auntie already admit her mistake? Put the gun away and be careful not to misfire. This, this time it’s Auntie’s fault.”
Bai Zhun sneered and returned the gun to Vice Commander Zhang. “Go make the call now. Don’t make me shoot.”
Vice commander Zhang felt that he should indeed make the call. The young master was really angry this time.
How could he not be angry?
Bai Zhun had never thought that he would see such a battered Little Baldy.
When he woke up, Auntie Wang had said that Nine had gone out to buy breakfast for him. The child was reluctant to wake him up and did not bring any money with her.
Bai Zhun was worried, and before he could put his clothes on, he heard the Little Gangster panting as he told him how Little Ajiu was being bullied.
When he arrived at the canteen, he saw that his child was covered in food scraps. The sportswear she wore when she went out was dirty and she was being dragged away. (To be honest though, no one can drag our Little Baldy around.)
However, the current young master Bai could no longer remember that the Little Baldy actually knew martial arts. He felt angry at the fact that his child was being scolded only because she only came out to buy breakfast, and it is because she had lived in the Bai family for a couple days…what kind of f * cked up world was this!
Bai Zhun’s eyes were red with anger. He walked over to Little Baldy and wiped the child’s face with a tissue.
“Little brother, I didn’t hit him.” The first thing the child said when he saw him was this. The second sentence was, “I bought you ten of your favorite tea eggs and placed them on the table. I was thinking that if you still didn’t come, I would spar with them.”
Actually, it was just a different adjective for beating someone. Her hidden meaning was especially obvious.
Bai Zhun heard this and felt both amused and distressed. “In the future, if you want to spar, then spar. You don’t have to worry so much.”
“Huh?” Little Baldy very cutely tilted her big head. Brother had clearly told her not to always beat people up. Why did he change his mind now?
Bai Zhun looked at the redness on the back of the child’s hand and knew that it was scalded by something. His heart was also burning. He asked Little Gangster Li next to him, “What’s going on?”
“Aunt Lin spilled soy milk on her.” Little Gangster Li looked at the frightened Mrs. Lin and said, “This woman is really the most disgusting woman I’ve ever seen. It was clearly her who did it. She just said that it was Little Ajiu. How shameless!”