The Anarchic Consort
Chapter 589 - The Date In The Magical Realm With The Malevolent Royal Highness

Chapter 589: The Date In The Magical Realm With The Malevolent Royal Highness
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Yes, they went to a recreation center.
To Helian Wei Wei, the ambience there felt like a 21st century Halloween party.
Everyone was dressed in ancient robes and wearing various kinds of masks on their faces. It was hard to distinguish who was behind the masks and costumes.
There was one thing worth mentioning here, and that was that the level of openness here was advanced enough to be described as sensual.
Unlike in the ancient human world, there were not too many restrictions in the magical realm as they were very conscious about enjoying their pleasures. Some of them were sitting together and making out as they like under the dim moonlight.
Baili Jia Jue found a place and sat down with his legs crossed.
Not long after that, a gorgeous-looking woman walked toward them with clear intentions. She was going to place her hand on Baili Jia Jue’s shoulder, but she was stunned after she caught sight of Helian Wei Wei, “A human? Why are the men in the magical realm getting fonder of humans? Could it be that you can just swallow them as a meal after satisfying your wants?”
Helian Wei Wei just looked at her with a smile.
Her calm attitude had caught the woman’s interest. She rolled her amber coloured pupils and looked at Baili Jia Jue, “I don’t mind us three to have some fun together.”
“I do mind.” Baili Jia Jue threw something over.
The woman’s expression changed abruptly after she saw the item,
“I, I didn’t know that it was you. I will leave immediately!’
Helian Wei Wei was curious, “What did you throw over?”
“Qilin’s red fur.” Baili Jia Jue’s tone was light, “Qilin fancies devouring lower standard devils sometimes.”
Helian Wei Wei thought that the idea of impersonating his own mount was a brilliantly heartless idea…
Carefully thinking over, if His Highness used his real identity to enter this kind of place, regardless of how cold he expresses himself, there would still be women approaching him.
Impersonating the four grand mythical beasts might be the best way.
Using Fire Qilin’s name to visit this recreation center was somehow immoral.
After all, Fire Qilin was once claimed to not go out during nighttime, it was the absolute perfect mythical beast, the best choice for a husband.
However… reality is always cruel.
Perhaps she should remind Fire Qilin the reason why it could not find its other half after returning.
Judging by how skillful His Highness was when he threw the red fur over, His Highness must have used this move quite frequently.
Helian Wei Wei reckoned that Fire Qilin was still clueless about how its name was known throughout the whole magical realm for unhealthy nightlife activities.
Sigh… Serving as His Highness’ mount is also quite a pain.
“Achoo!” Fire Qilin who was lowering its head while stitching embroidery had a hard sneeze. It looked at its completed embroidery of animal skin with excitement while thinking that its romantic interest would definitely agree to marry it coyly when it took the embroidering to it tomorrow. After all, a virtuous mythical beast like it could hardly be found anymore!
The revelry in the magical realm did not die down despite the darkening of the shades in the evening.
Helian Wei Wei sat there while she drank some unknown tea from a cup. No one came by anymore after some time. She thought that that was it.
Unexpectedly, a chubby devilish beast walked over, it seemed to be selling something. It looked at her and Baili Jia Jue twice and asked, “Do you guys want to purchase something which is really popular lately? It is handmade by mermaids and it has high ductility.”
“Is it available with you now?” Helian Wei Wei asked as she thought that things made by the mermaids must be really precious. After all, stuff made by mermaids were extremely valuable in the modern days. It was said that the tears of the mermaid could be turned into pearls and they were hard to find.
When Baili Jia Jue who had his head lowered at the time while playing with the teacup in his hand heard what she said, he took a profound glance at her, and a glimmer of a smile was shown deep in his eyes, “Are you interested?”
“Yes, I am quite interested.” If it really was something valuable, she must have a look at it.
Baili Jia Jue curved his thin lips and said to the magical beast malevolently, “Show me everything you have, I’ll pick from those.”
Upon hearing those words, it knew that this would be a big business. It took out 20 more of the items like a conjure.
Somehow, Helian Wei Wei thought that the shape of the item seemed weird.
Baili Jia Jue slender fingers casually caressed the insides, “I don’t think I like these. They’re too thick.”
“This is the thinnest of all.” The magical beast defended, “I’m advising you not to do it too rough or it will be of no use. It will eventually flow into the human’s body and create a creature. You will be troubled when that happens.”
Wait a second, what does that even mean?
Those… Those items are…
Helian Wei Wei’s face was steaming all of a sudden.
Then, she saw Baili Jia Jue wearing a sly expression and propping his chin with one hand while taking one in his other hand, “It’d be no fun if it’s too thick, but let’s just get one since you’re really interested.”
Helian Wei Wei was speechless.
When did she ever said that she wanted to do it!
Stop making it so shady!
She had no idea that these were condoms from the start!
Who would have thought that those from the Underworld would know how to have so much fun! They were even more modern than those from the old times!
They already knew how to take safety measures in such an advanced time!
“Your ears are all red.” Baili Jia Jue curved his thin lips, “Looks like you’re really interested.”
Helian Wei Wei lowered her voice, “How did you even relate the redness of my ears to me being interested?”
“You humans normally say one thing but mean another, only your bodies will react honestly.” Baili Jia Jue got closer to her insouciantly, stuck to her ear and said, “I have never used it before, but I’m willing to use it on you if you insist.”
Helian Wei Wei felt like her heart was being knocked over by something upon hearing his words. The back of her ears were getting numb. What did he mean by if she insists? She was just curious for a moment!
“I’ll take one of each.” Not caring about her reply, Baili Jia Jue paid the magical beast with Golden Leaves and took the few pouches from it.
The magical beast kept the money and muttered to itself right before it left, “I never expected that a woman from the human world can be so fervent.”
Helian Wei Wei: … I am unjustly ridiculed, this is unspeakable! You totally misunderstood! The person who wanted to purchase those was clearly His Highness!
“Which one do you prefer?” Baili Jia Jue clearly did not plan on letting this slip. He got even closer to Helian Wei Wei, “The green one or the blue one? Or the thin one?”
Helian Wei Wei took a deep breath, her tone indifferent, “Neither.” His Highness would surely make fun of her of this incident from time to time if she ever picked one.
He clearly knew that she was clueless about this from the start. He only wanted to make fun of her as this was his guilty pleasure!
“I happen to not like them either.” Baili Jia Jue’s slender finger slid along her arm to her waist and rubbed lightly on it. A good-looking curve was formed on his mouth, “They are too dirty, but it is not if it is for you…”